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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foreclosure Notices 136
Court Notices 5
Bid Notices 2
Miscellaneous Notices 5
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Tennessee Public Notices

DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewCharles Alexander1474 Kyle Street4/24/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles W Alexander673 West Peebles Road4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles Alexander754 Woodland Avenue4/24/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles W Alexander1380 Snowden Avenue4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles Alexander1576 Hamilton Street4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewBrent Beavers1780 Fareham Cove4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewRichard Bentley3115 Radford Road4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewVickie Branch1490 Dallas Street4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewMahalia Burrow1021 Semmes4/17/20083/26/2008
ViewVirginia A Byrd3623 Lynchburg Street4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewDeshanna Cannon1500 Echles Street4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewScotty L Carmon6626 Amersham Dr.4/29/20083/26/2008
ViewWillie C Chambers3260 Earl Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewBrian Childs72 Clarke Place4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewLonnie B Chilton1566 Latham Street4/17/20083/26/2008
ViewJoseph Clark184 Pretoria Avenue4/17/20083/26/2008
ViewWarren Colazzo7446 Crystal Lake Dr.4/29/20083/26/2008
ViewAndrew Corbin950 Isabelle Street4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewAlex L Davis943 Linwood Road4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewJosie D Fason Wells6580 Ernest Cove4/18/20083/26/2008
View Felix-American Products Company257 E. Georgia Avenue4/17/20083/26/2008
ViewSadie Ford804 Pawnee Avenue4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewGail L Garrett6919 Clearpoint Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewDenise Gatlin2239 Curbertson Street4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewLarry Griffin6834 Stornaway Drive4/17/20083/26/2008
ViewAntonio Hampton5164 Melissa Woods Drive4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewJohn L Harris6843 Fox Den Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewTiffany Harris4763 Mallard Ridge Dr4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewSamuel O Hayes875 Frayser Circle4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewCarol A Herndon2503 Eagleridge Lane4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewPriesley Hoof3616 Tchulahoma Road4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewTanya Jennings8590 Shady Elm Drive4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewDavid Jones1496 Far Drive4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewDoris M Jordan3793 Grandbury Place4/22/20083/26/2008
ViewCharlie Lee3790 McCain Road4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewFelecia Lee7057 Cross Timber Lane4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewKeasha D Leonard-Liggins4098 Delsa Circle4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewRobert E Loyed2717 Green Turtle Trail East4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewYolanda Lunford4724 Northwood Hills4/16/20083/26/2008
View Lynmor Homes, LLC 4/18/20083/26/2008
View Lynmor Homes, LLC5133 E Beagle Lane4/18/20083/26/2008
View Lynmor Homes, LLCDelmonico Cv4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewGregory P Malarik4891 Saratoga Road4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles B Martin3530 Jenny Lane4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewMary F Mitchell4961 Teal Avenue4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewHenry L Nettles7323 Hollorn Lane4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewTimothy N Newbill8720 Cedar Farms Drive4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewEdward Orange3472 Meier Drive4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewAaron L Prewitt6339 Golden Park Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewPhillip Raspberry4146 Old Forest Road4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewKendria D Reid919 North Evergreen Street4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewJesse Rodgers5071 West Laurel Lake Drive4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewWillie J Simpson4659 Addington Place4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewLouise Smith3035 Phyllis Lane4/25/20083/26/2008
ViewFrank Suggs5349 Hillbrook Street4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewMeiangelo Taylor6541 Birchwalk Drive4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewCharles E Truly849 Charles Place4/24/20083/26/2008
ViewTerry Tutor7443 Poplar Pike4/18/20083/26/2008
ViewLeroy Washington0 Shelby Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewYolanda R Wiggins-Smith5565 Bayshore Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewKewaski Williams7934 Tankerston Drive4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewJessica Wilson4675 Suesand Cove4/16/20083/26/2008
ViewPatricia Alexander310 Red Oak Street4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewNatasha R Ashworth7899 North Rushmeade Circle4/17/20083/19/2008
ViewCarolyn Banks4372 Kerwin Drive4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewMichelle F Beckwith4807 Mocon Road4/11/20083/19/2008
ViewDawn M Brown2053 Olive Bark Cove4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewCassandra D Brown5593 Miller Meadow Dr.4/17/20083/19/2008
ViewJohn Cha8430 Aspen Meadow Drive4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewAngela E Davis7645 Newfound Gap Road4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewMamie Fifer4851 Shayne Lane4/17/20083/19/2008
ViewEdward E Gaskin3531 Julia Street4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewEdward E Gaskin3773 Voltaire Avenue4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewGregory Harris4297 Timber Jump Cove4/17/20083/19/2008
ViewTeresa Hatten1751 Sea Isle Road4/9/20083/19/2008
ViewLouis Henderson9812 Woodland Hills Drive4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewHerbert D Higgins4107 Kenosha Road4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewAnthony Host4276 Clarke Road4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewTracey Jackson3158 Signal Street4/9/20083/19/2008
ViewEarnestine Jones1212 Wipporwill Cove4/9/20083/19/2008
ViewBrenda K Kearse3990 Timber Trail4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewLeonard Kimble3461 Sealy Avenue4/11/20083/19/2008
ViewMitchell S Koester2715 Long Shadow Lane4/17/20083/19/2008
ViewNajib Makarem1418 Cordova Road4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewRobert McClain6416 Hayfield Cove4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewWaymon Moody829 Redleaf Lane4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewMary Myricks751 Parkdale Road4/18/20083/19/2008
View Perry Homes, Inc.4858 Mystic Lake4/9/20083/19/2008
ViewJoe A Powers2372 Twain Avenue4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewHenry E Ray3246 Morningview Drive4/11/20083/19/2008
ViewBobby Rose3518 Classic Drive S4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewBrenda Sebring1462 Decatur Street4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewBrenda C Sebring656 Edith Avenue4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewTracey Snowden2853 Dodge Drive4/9/20083/19/2008
ViewBeatrice H Stewart1552 Dottie4/10/20083/19/2008
ViewBonzell Stewart1659 Shadowlawn Blvd4/11/20083/19/2008
ViewQuentin Walker6416 Valleydale Drive4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewJames C Wallace4872 Summerlane Avenue4/18/20083/19/2008
ViewLinda A Alexander5890 Willow Springs Drive4/8/20083/17/2008
ViewWilliam J Mason4628 Crestfield Road4/8/20083/17/2008
ViewDonald Aldridge97 Dover Avenue4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewCharles Alexander5355 Airview Road4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewCharles Alexander2215 Hunter Avenue4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewCharles Alexander1294 Snowden Avenue4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewPatricia Alexander808 Dallas Street4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewCharles Alexander926 Stafford Avenue4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewTimothy S Austin6350 Fairway View Cove4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewIsaac Barclift199 Honduras4/2/20083/12/2008
ViewAngela Brown3625 Hillridge Street4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewCathy Brown2766 Stage Park4/2/20083/12/2008
ViewRegenia K Clever6182 Windy Scape Drive4/4/20083/12/2008
ViewLuther Davis3780 Deer Forest Drive4/3/20083/12/2008
ViewCharles E Eason3466 Grey Bark Drive4/4/20083/12/2008
ViewGwendolyn L Elion3242 Flower Valley Avenue4/4/20083/12/2008
ViewDavid E Greenwood1102 Mirror Lake Lane4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewJames C Hamer585 East Frank Avenue5/15/20083/12/2008
ViewMarti Harrison5676 Newberry Avenue4/3/20083/12/2008
ViewDwight Holmes2616 Arlington4/4/20083/12/2008
ViewLatisha Hooker1207 Saffarans Avenue4/3/20083/12/2008
ViewLatisha Hooker5314 Clinchport Circle4/3/20083/12/2008
ViewTerence Houseton12285 Black Gold Drive4/3/20083/12/2008
ViewAngel Iturralde7788 Meadow Vale Drive4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewBrandall W Kenny6400 Oak Park Drive4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewBettie J Newson4812 Harvest Knoll Cove South4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewDonald Parker5067 Brooksbank Cove4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewLester Phillips6737 Willow Way Lane4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewMary N Sanderson6404 Fawn Hollow Circle North4/9/20083/12/2008
ViewSuzette Scott3080 Whitney Avenue4/11/20083/12/2008
ViewDavid W Sloan1538 Beaver Trail Drive4/2/20083/12/2008
ViewSandra Smith3014 Dearing Road4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewCynthia Smith564 East Gage Avenue4/4/20083/12/2008
ViewTodd Stubbs1622 Harville Street4/7/20083/12/2008
ViewKatherine Thornton3319 South Christine Gardens4/8/20083/12/2008
ViewTemp Tullos4378 Wildwood Road4/10/20083/12/2008
ViewCrystal Walker4963 Craigmont Drive4/8/20083/12/2008
ViewJanice Y Williams4186 Crafton Avenue4/17/20083/12/2008
DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
View ORDER OF PUBLICATION No. CH-08-0537-2 In the Chancery Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.
Psalms, Inc. d/b/a Kirby Pines Estates Plaintiff(s) vs. Mary ... more
Mar. 26, Apr. 2, 9, 16, 2008
View ORDER OF PUBLICATION No. CH-07-1412-2 In the Chancery Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.
In re: Adoption of Tianna Adelheid Herr, D.O.B. 11/13/1993 ... more
Mar. 19, 26, Apr. 2, 9, 2008
View ORDER OF PUBLICATION No. CH-08-0436-1 In the Chancery Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.
Laquita Mosby Plaintiff vs. David Wallace Defendant
It ... more
Mar. 12, 19, 26, Apr. 2, 2008
View ORDER OF PUBLICATION No. CT-003328-07 R.D. In the Circuit Court of Shelby County, Tennessee
Gregory Bohanon VS. Regina D. Bohanon
It ... more
Mar. 12, 19, 26, Apr. 2, 2008
Order Requiring The Defendant(s) To Appear And For Publication In Lieu Of Personal Service On A ... more
Mar. 12, 19, 26, Apr. 2, 2008
DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
View REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The City of Bartlett is accepting Requests For Proposals for the following Professional Services:
Background Screenings
(Pre-employment, Game ... more
Mar. 26, 2008
In order to participate in the bid listed below for Shelby County Government, you must be registered with ... more
Mar. 26, 27, 2008
DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
View NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF ABF CONSULTANTS, LLC,      Notice is hereby given that ABF Consultants, LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company ("ABF Consultants, LLC"), has filed Notice of ... more Mar. 26, 2008
View NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC The following person(s) has asked the City of Memphis Alcohol Commission for permission to sell beer for OFF premise consumption. ... more Mar. 26, 2008
View NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC The following person(s) has asked the City of Memphis Alcohol Commission for permission to sell beer for OFF premise consumption. ... more Mar. 26, 2008
View NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC The following person(s) has asked the City of Memphis Alcohol Commission for permission to sell beer for OFF premise consumption. ... more Mar. 26, 2008
View NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE The following units will be sold at auction due to non-payment of rent to satisfy owner''s lien. The auction will ... more Mar. 26, Apr. 9, 2008