Last Word: Centennial, Rental in Arlington and Monterey 50 Years Later

By Bill Dries

The county leaders whose entities signed onto the 2012 memo with the Justice Department that launched concentrated change at Juvenile Court want U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the memorandum agreement. Word of the June 9 request came this weekend along with the disclosure in the letter that the Justice Department had dropped 17 items in the memo two months ago at the request of county leaders. The three areas left are the most debated of the problems the Justice Department found at Juvenile Court in a study and examination over several years that resulted in the scathing 2012 report and the memorandum that followed, avoiding a Justice Department move to federal court.

The Memphis Branch NAACP marks its centennial this week with today’s reality very much a presence in what otherwise would be a look back. With that in mind for our cover story in The Memphis News this week, we talked with local NAACP leaders about the new blood in the organization that comes with a different outlook on protest than the nation’s oldest civil rights organization has had traditionally. Those new views on protest come with an uptick in protests locally in the last year. We also learned more about what was going on in the background during the July bridge protest.

Other events in the week ahead include the return of Old Dominick and summer by the calendar.

The area behind Arlington High School is the latest hot spot for investors buying single-family homes for rental, our Chandler Reports Neighborhood Profile shows. Chandler Reports is the real estate information company that is part of The Daily News Publishing Co. Inc. By the numbers, about 17 percent of the 374 homes in the Village of Summer Meadows subdivision are rentals at an average of $1,500 a month. Home sales prices in the subdivision were up 17 percent from 2014.

The state’s unemployment rate was 4 percent even in May, the lowest in 17 years.

As the weekend began but before the thunderstorms followed Sunday:

More on the terms of Wunderlich’s move from East Memphis to One Commerce Downtown.

And Ole Miss is buying Baptist-North Mississippi as Baptist builds new elsewhere in Lafayette County.

As the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival was marked this weekend, Jonathan Gold, the author of a new biography of Otis Redding offers an excerpt from the book around Redding’s break-through performance at Monterey on Daily Beast.

The Memphis News Almanac marks the 9th anniversary of the founding of the weekly. Also: Plough buys Coppertone, Memphis Street Railway passenger counts and Mark Twain comes to Memphis before he was Mark Twain.