Raleigh Egypt High Dropped From ASD List

By Bill Dries

Raleigh-Egypt High School won’t be joining the state-run Achievement School District next school year.

Leaders of the Achievement School District made the announcement Thursday, Nov. 20, citing a decision by Green Dot Public Schools, the charter operator that was to operate the high school in the school year that begins this coming August.

“Green Dot is honoring the Raleigh-Egypt community’s request to wait a year and is planning to strengthen its ties with the Memphis community while they focus on their other two schools in Memphis,” reads the statement from Elliot Smalley of the ASD. “If Raleigh-Egypt doesn’t make significant progress this year, it will still be eligible to match with Green Dot in the 2016-17 school year.”

The Achievement School District targets the schools that are in the bottom five percent statewide in terms of student achievement. The same group of schools are also eligible to become Innovation Zone schools within the Shelby County Schools system.

Both sets of schools draw from the same pool of federal funding for additional resources to devote to intervening with failing students. Schools in both also have greater autonomy.

Opposition to the state takeover of Raleigh-Egypt was vocal last month during a public hearing at the school. Among the most vocal opponents was Shelby County Schools board member Stephanie Love and state Rep. Antonio Parkinson.

SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson had also said he and his staff disagreed with the selection of the school by the Achievement School District, citing the recent appointment of a new principal for the high school less than two years ago. He also cited work Shelby County Schools has been doing in the feeder pattern into Raleigh Egypt.