Moore Scratched From May Ballot On Second Look

By Bill Dries

Scratch former Shelby County Commission Edith Ann Moore from the May 6 Democratic primary for commission District 6.

Shelby County Election Commissioners voted 4-0 Wednesday, March 19, to disqualify Moore from the primary because of questions about her residency.

The commission initially certified Moore for the ballot two weeks earlier, but reconsidered after new questions about whether she lives in the district which covers Raleigh, Frayser and North Memphis.

Moore claimed a boarded-up house on Gladstone in Raleigh she owns as her new home address and said she wasn’t able to live their because of a gas leak that was being repaired and other repairs to the home.

But five residents of Gladstone including the person who lives next door to the house took an oath and testified before the commission Wednesday that while they’ve seen Moore at the house as well as some furniture, that she does not stay overnight at the home and they don’t believe she lives there.

The second look by the election commission was ordered by Tennessee Elections Coordinator Mark Goins citing questions raised by the residents and others after Moore’s name was certified for the ballot.

The second look also included an investigation by the District Attorney General’s office that concludes Moore’s primary residence is not on Gladstone in Raleigh but on Mensi in Frayser, which is in commission District 8.

Investigator Sgt. Brad Less cited utility bills for the property owned by Moore on Gladstone that are sent to the address on Mensi as well as talking with neighbors and visiting both houses.

Moore said the house on Mensi belongs to her daughter and her attorneys argued her intent was to live in the Gladstone house and that the election commission wasn’t the proper judge of her intent.

After the decision, Moore said she is weighing her legal options. Any attempt to appeal the commission’s decision would involve Moore filing a lawsuit in Chancery Court.

In other action, the election commission Wednesday approved an early voting period from April 16 to May 1 for the county primaries in advance of the May 6 election day. The early voting period usually opens at Election Commission headquarters Downtown before moving to satellite locations across Shelby County.