Digital Magazine Covering Memphis Launches

By Andy Meek

High Ground News, a new weekly digital magazine and website covering Memphis-area people, places and happenings, has launched, with a team led by Anna Mullins, the venture’s managing editor who’s also executive director of the Cotton Museum.


A small team of writers has been assembled to help the magazine pursue a wide mix of content. In a welcome note posted to the site March 12, Mullins wrote that High Ground News will do everything from covering corporate growth to small neighborhood movements.

Areas of focus include “economic and neighborhood development, healthy communities, entrepreneurship, non-profits, sustainability, leadership, technology and innovation.” Signing up for the venture’s newsletter will mean delivery of a fresh batch of stories by email every Wednesday, in addition to daily updates and news posted to the High Ground News website.

“What’s in a name, anyway? It turns out, a lot,” Mullins wrote in an introductory note to readers. “I wanted a name that would feel entirely local without being recycled, aspirational without being hackneyed. … High Ground is not just our name; it’s our mission statement. We are bringing you alternative news on moving the city forward, emerging solutions to our urban problems, and the bright spots of creativity and development. We’re taking the higher ground in journalism and creating new narratives that document the transformation and growth on the Bluff.”

Features published so far include an interview with Eldra White, executive director of the Memphis City Beautiful Commission. Another feature, “What smart cities can learn from Memphis,” takes a look at creative ways neighborhood revitalization is taking place in Memphis.

“We are not civic cheerleaders throwing out blind praise for anything and everything coming out of the Mid-South,” Mullins writes in her note. “Our narrative isn’t one of an underdog suiting up to come back and win the big game. Memphis is a complex place with unique problems. We don’t ignore obstacles; we report on new solutions, creative ideas and small successes that others can build on.”