Luttrell: Some Changes Coming in Second Term

By Bill Dries

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell says there will likely be some “tweaks” to his team and its efforts as he prepares to begin his second and final term as the county chief executive.


“There will be some changes in the personnel area, which we will address,” Luttrell said Friday, Aug. 8, the day after beating Democratic challenge Deidre Malone to win his second term. “There will be what I call some tweaks in our operation. What we are really going to be focused on is what we’ve been focused on for the last four years. We’re just trying to refine it and get it a little bit more operational.”

Luttrell spoke after dropping by a Friday luncheon with six county commissioners-elect hosted by outgoing County Commission chairman James Harvey.

He told the six new commissioners, “I expect you all to question us hard.”

Luttrell also said the election results in which Republicans retained every countywide office they held in 2010 were a step back from partisanship.

“The Democrats outvoted the Republicans. Yet there were a number of Republicans who were elected,” he said. “I think most voters in off-year elections aren’t as focused on partisanship as they are in presidential elections. I think the public looks more at the candidates.”

Shelby County Democratic Party chairman Bryan Carson acknowledged in the aftermath of the election results that Republican candidates in the county general election obviously benefited from crossover by Democratic voters.

Overall voter participation by the unofficial totals was highest in the races for Shelby County mayor, district attorney general, Juvenile Court clerk and sheriff in that order with turnout from 145,090 to 140,865.