Accused Squatter Wants to be Own Lawyer in Case


MEMPHIS (AP) – A woman charged with squatting at a $3 million Memphis-area home says she wants to represent herself in the case.

Tabitha Gentry told General Sessions Judge Louis J. Montesi that she is refusing an attorney as she fights charges of aggravated burglary, criminal trespassing and theft over $60,000.

Gentry is being held on $2 million bond after police said she illegally moved into a house that was foreclosed on in 2011 and lived in it.

Gentry, who also goes by the name Abka Re Bey, says she is a member of the Moorish American National Republic, a sovereign group that does not recognize federal or state laws.

She has questioned the jurisdiction of the court, and supporters have demanded her release from jail.

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