Chandler Reports Launches Online Storefront

By Amos Maki

A leading provider of real estate news has opened a new online storefront. Chandler Reports, which is owned by The Daily News Publishing Co., launched the store,, because of the high demand for detailed reports on local foreclosures, lending, and residential and commercial sales.

“We launched the online store to provide immediate access to our extensive collection of real estate market trends and analysis reports,” said Wendy Greenlaw, business development manager at Chandler Reports. “Reports are available for Memphis and Shelby County, West Tennessee, Nashville and Middle Tennessee.”

Chandler Reports has been known for breaking new ground. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first online real estate market data services in the country.

“Chandler Reports has been the leading provider of real estate data for Memphis, Shelby County and the surrounding areas for over 45 years,” Greenlaw said. “Our extensive online database and in-depth market analysis offer real estate professionals, government agencies and consumers the most comprehensive real estate information available.”

Chandler has been gathering and reporting real estate data since 1968. The company records the information from original sources, reading deeds filed in the Shelby County Register of Deeds or building reports being issued.

“The reports are updated monthly and immediately available for download,” Greenlaw said. “Customers also have the ability to download historical reports or request custom reports specific to their data requirements.”

Chandler Reports is a division of The Daily News Publishing Co. Inc.