Guardian Relocation Expands Into Memphis

By Amos Maki

Guardian Relocation Inc. is seeking to make a name for itself in the Mid-South by planting its flag in Memphis.

Indianapolis-based Guardian Relocation Inc., which is affiliated with Atlas Van Lines, has established a Mid-South presence by opening a Memphis branch, the company’s first office in Tennessee.

(Guardian Relocation)

The Memphis branch is the first office in Tennessee for Indianapolis-based Guardian, which already operates locations in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Ind., and Columbus, Ohio.

“I felt if we were going to extend ourselves we needed to expand out of the Midwest, and geographically Memphis was easy enough for us to get home in Indianapolis,” said Jay Fuson, owner of Guardian Relocation. “We do a lot of business from the Northeast to Southwest and from a logistics point of view Memphis is right in the middle.”

Guardian has made its name in business by moving things – everything from moving people’s belongings to commercial and industrial equipment and corporate headquarters. The company offers people on the move a day-by-day planner and a customer service representative.

“I’m not just a household good provider,” Fuson said. “We want to be full-service relocation provider. I want to do distribution, logistics, corporate moving, you name it. I want to be a full-service relocation provider in Memphis.”

When it comes to commercial clients, Guardian officials want to make sure they minimize any disruption to customer service. Guardian employees are hard at work while most employees are away from the office.

“Primarily those things are done after hours or on the weekends to minimize the disruption to the office,” Fuson said.

Fuson is passionate about his work. He started working at Guardian in 1978 and now owns the company.

The company has experienced several major changes since 2002. Originally operating as two companies – Guardian Moving and Storage and Home Moving and Storage – the company consolidated all of its services into one new name, Guardian Relocation.

Guardian is affiliated with Atlas Van Lines, one of the country’s leading movers. Guardian will focus on all aspects of the moving and storage industry, including residential interstate moving, storage, commercial relocation, specialized transportation, distribution and logistics.

Guardian is one of at least 400 firms who operate under the Atlas Vans Lines banner.

“I truly believe in this network,” Fuson said.