Signal Flow PR Firm Celebrates Milestone

By Andy Meek

Elizabeth Cawein is getting set to host a party at Minglewood Hall’s 1884 Lounge in two weeks in honor of her public relations firm Signal Flow PR hitting its two-year anniversary.


There will be performances by Myla Smith and Chris Milam, two clients of Cawein’s firm. A disc jockey will be spinning tunes until late in the evening, and Signal Flow is launching a new website shortly before the party.

“I want people to come out to see Myla and Chris and just celebrate with us,” Cawein said. “We’re so happy we’ve been able to make this work for two years.”

Indeed, the party represents a milestone worth celebrating but also comes at a time when the firm’s founder, a hyper-kinetic fan of Memphis music, is thinking about tomorrow, in a manner of speaking.

Signal Flow, for example, is soon taking on its first TV-related client. Teasing a few details now, Cawein said it’s actually a Web series, and she already sees lots of possibilities on the horizon because of it.

“It’s exciting, because we’ve strictly been music before, and that’s definitely where my passion is, but I think this is going to be a cool project with tons of opportunities to do things from a marketing perspective we haven’t gotten to do before and to interact with fans in a new way,” she said. “We’re starting that on July 1, so I’m excited about that.”

Since starting the firm in 2011 after leaving her job at the Memphis Music Foundation when that organization restructured, Signal Flow has added an account manager and will have two interns this summer.

“We’re so happy we’ve been able to make this work for two years.”

Elizabeth Cawein
Signal Flow PR

The firm recently revamped its logo – it’s now in the image of an equipment knob. In the recording industry, signal flow refers to the path a signal follows from a source, like where an instrument is plugged in, all the way to output.

That’s not unlike how Cawein’s young firm operates. Musicians, bands and music businesses all can plug in with her, and she’ll help generate an image and story that complements their sound.

Few things are certain in life, and building a business is one of the tasks especially fraught with uncertainty. So it’s no surprise Cawein doesn’t fail to strike a note of gratitude over longtime clients.

“It’s so great to still be working with a lot of the same clients who’ve been with me from Day 1,” she said. “Actually, I think that’s one of the best things about what I’m doing. We’ve grown those relationships, and we’re still doing a lot together.”

Signal Flow started out of Cawein’s idea of being a publicist. That morphed into what Signal Flow became, and she’s thinking of expanding the firm even more.

“I think I’ll always want us to remain under the umbrella of entertainment,” she said. “For example, I’ve worked on and off with a festival that’s coming up, which, strictly speaking, isn’t music, but it’s definitely entertainment. Music is my No. 1 passion, that’s the majority of what we do and that’s the way I want to keep it. But I think it’s obviously good from a business perspective to diversify. It keeps us on our toes. So we’re looking for new and different ways to do our job, to engage with people interested in a product and connect with fans. It’s a constant challenge, and that’s the best part.”