Memphis Law Firm Now Part of Regional Practice

By Andy Meek

Rebecca Adelman’s new law firm launched Jan. 1 after a group of attorneys left one firm to start a new practice with her.

The new firm is Hagwood Adelman Tipton PC and has regional offices in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. It was born as a result of a group of attorneys leaving the old firm of Wilkins Tipton PA to launch the new practice with Adelman.

Some of the Wilkins Tipton attorneys chose to go with Adelman and others went elsewhere.

Hagwood Adelman has Tennessee offices in Nashville and Memphis. Adelman, shareholder and president, practices out of the Memphis office, as does shareholder Peter Winterburn.

Adelman’s firm had worked with many of the lawyers at Wilkins Tipton for several years. They shared similar service models and interests, and when her firm began mulling expansion possibilities, Adelman started thinking about the practicality of partnering with her peers there in some way.

“So I reached out to my friends there,” Adelman said. “They already had offices in Nashville, Birmingham, in North Carolina, in Jackson, Miss., and Greenville, Miss., but did not yet have a Memphis footprint in their Southeast region. And I suggested we start having conversations.”

One idea at first was a straightforward merger. Eventually, it was decided that some of the Wilkins Tipton attorneys would leave and some would link up with Adelman under a new banner.

“In a way, it’s a merger, but it’s really a new formation,” she explained.

The firm serves clients nationally and has an eye on Arkansas as a market for growth. The firm also is active in all state and federal courts in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

The firm’s specialties include long-term care and aging services and medical malpractice groups. Other specialties are alternative dispute resolution, construction law, local and outside counsel, general and professional liability, rental purchase law, risk management and worker’s compensation.

Adelman has represented large insurance companies and long-term care providers and their insurers in the region. She’s a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed mediator who offers mediation services and training and conflict resolution strategies for businesses and individuals in all areas.

She’s also known for her consulting services focused on formal, comprehensive “expectations management” programs, arbitration training programs, specialized facility admissions protocols, and crisis communication planning.

Adelman’s prior practice enjoyed a run of more than a decade, and recently she opened Resolution Resource Center of the Mid-South, a mediation practice Downtown. Its creation came at a time when mediation and alternative dispute resolution began seeing a big spike in interest in legal circles locally and across the state.

“For us, this new firm really offers an incredible opportunity to offer our model of services in a greater capacity in the Southeast, even though we service clients really all over the country,” Adelman said. “Now, we’ve been able to as a bigger and more effective team reach out to our clients and offer them greater services and more efficient services.

“One of the missions of the firm and one of the things we discussed from the beginning at all of our talks was we wanted to return the idea of value to legal services. And offer really high-quality, gold-standard legal services, consulting services, risk management services – all the things we do, and deliver that with a value to the client. I think that’s really the key.”