August 2-8, 2013: This week in Memphis history

Saturday, August 3, 2013, Vol. 6, No. 32

1993: Shelby County Mayor Bill Morris kicked off his bid for the Democratic nomination for governor in 1994 with a series of press conferences in each of the state’s major cities, starting with Memphis.

1973: On the front page of The Daily News, State Rep. Harold Ford touted a legal opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General’s office on the redrawing of U.S. House district lines by the legislature. Shelby County election commissioners contended they controlled the use of precinct boundaries in setting those lines not the legislature. The legal opinion said the legislature had the power to set the boundaries and a local body could not overrule or change that. Ford would run in the 8th Congressional district election the next year, taking the Democratic primary and claiming the seat in the general election in an upset of Republican incumbent Dan Kuykendall.

1963: The Memphis and Shelby County Bar Association was preparing for a primary to pick its recommendation for the newly created Division 7 of Shelby County Circuit Court. The position was to be filled by appointment of then Governor Frank Clement. Among those seeking the bar’s endorsement were Irving Strauch and Harold C. Ratcliff.

Leader Federal Savings and Loan Association was advertising savings accounts with a 4 1/4 percent interest rate per annum.

1943: Among the new privilege licenses, one for Best Bicycle Co. at 83 S. Second St. and another for Downtown Motors at 276 Union Ave.