Extension Granted in Schools Case Filings For 3-Way Settlement Talks

By Bill Dries

Attorneys for the Shelby County Commission, leaders of the six suburban towns and cities in Shelby County and the countywide school board are negotiating “in good faith,” according to a Friday, Aug. 23, filing in the Memphis Federal Court case on suburban school districts.

In the filing, all sides in the lawsuit in the Western District of Tennessee requested a 60-day extension Friday, Aug. 23, from a filing deadline set by U.S. District Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays.

Mays wanted to hear from all sides in the case by the end of business Friday on what was left in the multi-part court case for him to decide on the issue of municipal school districts.

Mays granted the extension later Friday evening, setting a new due date of Oct. 22 for the filings and Oct. 29 for responses to those filings.

Attorneys for all of the parties in the case sought a two-month delay from Mays in filing their responses because of three-way talks among attorneys for the Shelby County Commission, suburban leaders and the countywide school board “in an attempt to settle the remaining claims” in the suburban school districts part of the case.

“These parties have had at least four productive meetings that have taken place over the last two weeks and at least three more meetings are scheduled to take place during the first two weeks of September,” the Friday filing reads.

The filing does not disclose specific terms that the attorneys are discussing.