A Look at the Bills That Passed, Failed in 2013

The Associated Press

Here is a look at some of the top pieces of legislation that passed or failed during the first session of the 108th Tennessee General Assembly.


– GUNS IN PARKING LOTS. Allows people with handgun carry permits to store firearms in their vehicles no matter where they are parked. SB0142.

– VIRTUAL SCHOOLS. Tightens enrollment requirements at privately run online schools. SB0157.

– WORKERS COMP. Changes the way the state considers injured workers' claims. HB0194.

– MEMPHIS SCHOOLS. Clears the way for cities to begin forming municipal school systems.HB1288.

– SCHOOL SECURITY. Allows school districts to let people with police training to be armed in schools. SB0570.

– COLLEGE-RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Bars public universities and colleges from implementing nondiscrimination policies for student groups. SB0802.

– RETIRED TEACHERS-EDUCATION. Allows retired teachers' children who are under 24 years of age to receive a 25 percent discount at any public higher education institution. SB0543.

– EPINEPHRINE INJECTORS. Authorizes at least two epinephrine auto-injectors be placed in all public and private schools in Tennessee. HB0866.

– HANDGUN CARRY RECORDS. Blocks public access to database of handgun carry permits. SB0108.

– ANIMAL ABUSE VIDEOS. Requires anyone recording or taking photos of livestock abuse to turn images over to law enforcement within 48 hours. SB1248.

– DUI-INTERLOCK. Applies Tennessee's ignition interlock law to more drunken drivers. HB0353.


– SCHOOL VOUCHERS. Bill to create school vouchers in Tennessee. SB0196.

– WINE IN SUPERMAKETS. Bill to allow wine to be sold in Tennessee supermarkets. SB0837.

– CHARTER SCHOOLS: Measure to change the way certain charter schools are authorized. SB0830.

– JUDICIAL REDISTRICTING. Bill to redraw Tennessee's judicial districts for the first time since 1984. HB0636

– HELMET LAW. Proposal to do away with the state's motorcycle helmet law. SB0548.

– HIRING PREFERENCE. Measure to ban basing government hiring preferences on race, gender or ethnicity. SB0114.

– ENDING AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Proposal to eliminate affirmative action initiatives from higher education institutions. SB0008.

– PARENT TRIGGER. Bill to allow parents to decide the fate of a struggling school. HB0077

– WELFARE-EDUCATION. Proposal to dock the welfare payments of parents whose children fail school. SB0132.

– COCK FIGHTING. Bill to make cock fighting a felony. SB0285

– SENATE NOMINATIONS. Bill to give Tennessee lawmakers the power to decide the nominees for the state's U.S. Senate.

– SEAT BELT FINE. Measure to increase the fine for not wearing a seat belt. HB0613.

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