Study Examines First-Year Earnings of Tennessee Grads


NASHVILLE (AP) – A new study examines the average first-year earnings of graduates from two-year and four-year institutions across Tennessee.

The report released Tuesday was a collaboration between the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and College Measures, a nonpartisan organization that provides data and analysis on higher education.

According to the study, graduates with bachelor's degrees in health, business and engineering earn more than graduates with liberal arts degrees.

For instance, graduates in the health professions programs at the University of Tennessee at Martin earned nearly $60,000 in their first year in the work force, while those who graduated from the school in history earned about $25,000 annually.

Mark Schneider is vice president of the American Institute for Research and author of the study. He says the data should make students give more consideration to how much they're willing to spend for a particular degree.

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