Pinnacle Flight Attendants Ratify Contract

By Bill Dries

Union flight attendants for Pinnacle Airlines Inc. have ratified a new contract agreement.

Pinnacle Airlines Corp., a Memphis-based regional carrier and parent company of the wholly owned subsidiary, announced the ratification Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The attendants are represented by the Association of Flight Attendants, which is part of the Communication Workers of America. CWA leaders tentatively accepted the new contract in October, including a wage cut and other concessions that are part of the air carrier’s second reorganization plan.

Pinnacle filed for bankruptcy reorganization in April. The original plan for the way out of bankruptcy was scrambled when Delta Air Lines reached a contract agreement with its pilots in June that allows Delta to move away from the 50-seat jets used by regional carriers like Pinnacle much quicker than originally anticipated.

As part of the new reorganization plan, Pinnacle executives have sought wage and health care insurance concessions from employees and have said if they don’t get the concessions by new contract agreements, they will seek to impose the concessions through litigation in bankruptcy court.