Election Commission Certifies Nov. 6 Vote Results

By Bill Dries

Shelby County Election Commissioners certified the results Monday, Nov. 26, of the Nov. 6 election.

The certification sets in motion the swearing-in of members of the six suburban municipal school boards. And the boards, one for each of the suburban towns and cities in Shelby County, are expected to move quickly on a process for selecting superintendents for each school system by the end of the year.

The moves ahead for the school boards come as all sides in the federal court lawsuit over the municipal school districts are awaiting a ruling from Memphis Federal Court Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays on the state law allowing for the school districts.

The ruling is a pivotal decision in what so far have been dual movements toward a schools merger and the municipal school districts outside the merger unless or until Mays rules otherwise.

So far, organizers of the municipal school districts are set to pick their superintendents before the consolidated school system hires its superintendent in mid-February.

The vote certification was delayed for more than a half hour as Election Commission chairman Robert Meyers conferred privately with Election Commission attorneys John Ryder and Monice Hagler.

After the conference and the certification vote, Meyers announced that plans by the commission to hold a closed meeting “to discuss HR (human resources) concerns” had been cancelled.

The Election Commission met in a similar closed executive session in August and voted to suspend local elections coordinator Richard Holden for three days and put him on probation for six months because of problems with the August elections.

The commission didn’t disclose the action for another three weeks.