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VOL. 127 | NO. 59 | Monday, March 26, 2012

Chris Crouch

Is It All About The Money?

By Chris Crouch

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Some say money makes the world go around. But in reality, how much does money make the business world go around? And how important is money to the people who make the business world go around?

People like to say, “It’s not what happens to you that matters as much as how you respond to what happens to you.” I think it is a good idea to look at money in a similar way. In other words, money doesn’t matter as much as how you respond to money. You can tell a lot about a person by observing how they respond to compliments, and in similar fashion, money.

Suppose I complimented someone on his or her outfit. They can respond in one of three ways. They can discount the compliment and say something like, “Oh, this old shirt (or blouse), it’s not that nice!” Or, they can milk the compliment by saying something like, “Oh yeah – I only buy the best you know! This was very expensive. I buy all my clothes from only the best stores – blah, blah, blah!” Or, they can acknowledge the compliment by simply and sincerely saying “Thank you!” and smoothly moving on to the next topic.

All and all, option three is probably the expected response with someone with, shall we say, a reasonably balanced psyche and sense of self-esteem.

Now let’s think about money in a similar fashion. If you discover that someone was involved in a lucrative transaction and compliment them on it, they might also respond in one of three ways.

Some people try just a little too hard to discount the importance of money. They pontificate that, “It is not about the money, you know! I don’t do anything just for the money!” In general, the stronger and the longer they discount the importance of money, the more it probably is about the money for them. Other people like to milk the importance of money. They might say, “I make a lot of money, you know! I don’t do anything unless I get paid well for it.” Or these people may actually say, “It’s all about the money, you know.” Others receiving the same compliment might simply say, “Thanks, it was a rewarding experience and I enjoying being involved with it” and then smoothly move on to the next topic.

Here’s a potential lesson. Sometimes attracting money is similar to attracting a butterfly. If you make too big a fuss about it, money can become quite illusive. If you settle down and neither discount the importance of money nor place too much emphasis on it, money will be more likely to gently land in your bank account and stick around for a while.

Admittedly, I am getting a bit philosophical this week. But it is March Madness – that time of year when attitude is important. Underdogs with the right attitude often beat their favored opponents. So, what is your attitude regarding the importance of money?

Chris Crouch is CEO of DME Training and Consulting and author of several books on improving productivity. Contact him through www.dmetraining.com.

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