Fly Delta More Airline Consultant Tells Mayors

By Bill Dries

Fly Delta whenever you can especially if you are flying business class on the company and don’t complain publicly or privately about high fares as local leaders work to build more competition for Delta at Memphis International Airport.

That was the advice Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. and more than a dozen other mayors from the Mid-South region got Friday, July 20, from Dr. Brian Campbell, an airline industry consultant.

“The first thing you need to do is support the Delta service you have,” Campbell said after the private session with the mayors. “It will do you no good to complain publicly or privately about Delta Air Lines. It will be self defeating. It’s like getting upset at your neighbor and you feel good after you told them off, but it didn’t advance the relationship very well. I encourage you to continue to support Delta to help them understand this market better … trying to get your corporations to support Delta and every other carrier that is here now or may be here in the future in terms of guaranteed seat purchases. But whatever you do support Delta.”

Campbell’s advice signals the beginning of a city and regional effort to court service from other airlines to fill in the gaps left by Delta service cuts.

Campbell warned against the city losing its Delta hub saying it took more than a decade for the Nashville airport to rebuild itself after it was de-hubbed by another carrier in the 1990s.