Thomas’ Law Practice Moves to New Office

By Andy Meek

Justin Thomas opened his boutique family law firm last year in Clark Tower.

(Photo: Lance Murphey)

Now, he’s moved into a new office at 6263 Poplar Ave. that has more room to hold his ambitions for Thomas Family Law Firm PLC.

The new space he moved into at the beginning of the year fulfills an ambition that Thomas, a 2005 graduate of the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, has for his firm.

“One reason we got this office is I wanted, as my practice continues to develop over time, to get into handling some mediations and become a mediator myself and have mediations take place here,” Thomas said. “I now have a space with separate conference rooms and things to do that. I also have some flex space, and we anticipate sometime in the future we’re either going to have to hire another paralegal or maybe another associate.”

Right now, it’s just Thomas and a paralegal who doubles as an office manager and who Thomas also calls a jack of all trades.

Thomas is licensed in both Tennessee and Mississippi. He’s a member of the Memphis Bar Association family law and litigation sections, the DeSoto County Bar Association and the Mississippi Bar Association family law and litigation sections.

His firm focuses on family law matters in Tennessee and Mississippi.

“We had a really good year last year and keep continuing to get clients and trying to do a good job for them,” he said.

The upcoming year and beyond will see Thomas not only continue to build his practice, but become more established as a resource and expert voice in the area in the niche of family law.

“So we want to get out in the community with professionals, CPAs, psychologists and other referral sources for us and try to speak and give them some insight on whatever topics their particular clients may have,” Thomas said. “For example, Realtors – a lot of times they have clients going through a divorce, and there are some provisions they need to put in the divorce documents. Same thing with CPAs, there’s tax consequences to the way you divide accounts, things like that.

“And then of course psychologists and psychiatrists. We have a lot of clients going through tough times themselves and of course have children involved.”

When he got out of law school, Thomas didn’t intend to focus his efforts on family law. He originally thought there would be too many emotionally fraught situations he didn’t necessarily want to find himself in the middle of.

However, after getting some divorce work passed his way he decided family law gave him an opportunity to help people out in some of their most difficult and trying times.

“Family law means for us a pretty full-service shop,” Thomas said. “We do divorce, any kind of child custody issues, child support, anything in juvenile court – things like that.”

Mediation is enjoying growing prominence in legal circles. Thomas said at least 80 percent of divorce cases are likely settled in mediation.

“I think I have a good skill set to be able to help people work through deals, even in difficult circumstances,” he said. “Especially in family law, mediation is something that’s happening more frequently than not. I think, No. 1, it’s the cost. It’s very expensive to pay attorneys and experts and everything else to have a full trial. Second, mediation is a good process that allows people who are going through a divorce or custody situation or something like that to have some control over the outcome.”