Achievement School District Adds Six Schools

By Bill Dries

The Achievement School District will double in size in Memphis with the 2013-2014 school year.

Leaders of the state-run school district for the bottom 5 percent of schools statewide by student performance announced Friday, Dec. 14, six new Memphis schools for the district.

They are Corry Middle School and Whitney, Georgian Hills, Hanley, Klondike and Shannon elementary schools.

Whitney and Georgian Hills will be run directly by the district.

The remainder will be run by three charter school operators under contract with the ASD and all but one will phase in one or several grades at a time starting with the school year that begins in August.

Hanley Elementary will be run by Aspire Public Schools in a transformation that puts the charter operator in control of all grades at the Orange Mound school starting in August.

Klondike Elementary in North Memphis will see its kindergarten and first grade run by Gestalt Community Schools next school year with other grades phased into the charter operation in future school years.

Shannon Elementary in North Memphis will be run by KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools with the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs operated by KIPP in the first year.

KIPP will also phase in operation of Corry Middle starting in August with the school’s fifth grade.

The Achievement School District considered 14 Memphis schools for the second round of school selection and had said 10 would be selected. That was pared down to nine earlier last week with six announced Friday morning at Frayser Elementary School.

The setting for the announcement is significant because the first set of six schools in the district included three in the Frayser area – Frayser and Corning Elementary as well as Westside Middle School.

The addition of Georgian Hills and Whitney brings the total in Frayser to five.

The goal of focusing on Frayser has been to affect failing schools in the feeder pattern to Frayser High School.