Shipyard, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Added to Local Brewing Scene

By Bill Dries

Blues City Brewery is now producing two malt beverages for well-known national brand names – Shipyard and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Blues City Brewery will produce beverages for Shipyard and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

(Daily News File Photo: Lance Murphey)

The brewery at 5151 E. Raines Road, owned by City Brewing Co. LLC, makes and bottles numerous brand name beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – but doesn’t disclose those names.

But both companies acknowledge they have signed contracts recently with the Memphis facility to brew their beverages.

“We do some business in Memphis,” said Diane Sayler, public relations manager for Mike’s Hard Lemonade of Seattle. “We actually use brew facilities to make our product. We don’t own a brewery and the Blues City Brewery is one of the breweries that we use to produce our product. It’s our newest one.”

Mike’s Hard Lemonade also does business as Mark Anthony Brands.

A new business permit was filed with the Shelby County Clerk’s office under the name Mike’s Hard Lemonade-American Vintage Beverage Inc., according to The Daily News Online,

American Vintage has the same Seattle address as Mike’s Hard Lemonade. American Vintage owns the brands Cayman Jack, a handcrafted margarita, and Calypso Bay Spritz.

Shipyard Brewing Co., a Portland, Maine, microbrewery, announced in July that it has leased space at Blues City to brew Shipyard Pumpkinhead and offer the brew in cans for the first time starting in the fall.

“Our brewery in Portland is at full capacity and this allows us to meet consumer demand for our products,” Shipyard president Fred Forsley said in a written statement.

In April 2011 City Brewing Co. bought what was once the Hardy Bottling Co. and before that the Schlitz, Stroh’s and Coors beer brewery in a $30 million deal. City Brewing renamed the plant Blues City Brewery as it restarted the brewery portion of the plant that had been dormant for years.

Hardy bottled several lines of non-alcoholic beverages, which Blues City continues to produce.

“We never really talk about who are customers are. We don’t care if they talk about it. As a co-packer, we really have to be awfully careful what we say,” said George Park, president of City Brewing Co. in Lacrosse, Wis. “We’re currently co-packing for many alcoholic and non-alcoholic customers and customers from Australia to Europe and in between. It’s a very busy place.”