WyreStorm Leaps Out With HDMI Products

By Tom Wilemon

ON THE WEB: WyreStorm is a new Internet-based business that specializes in affordable HDMI products. David Turk is the company’s chief operating officer. -- PHOTOS BY TOM WILEMON

The owners of WyreStorm launched their new business within weeks of a cable connectivity upgrade that is expected to set the standard for home entertainment systems.

The Internet-based business, which began operations in recent weeks, specializes in High-Definition Multimedia Interface products, including the just released HDMI 1.4 specification.

WyreStorm may be a startup, but it already has competitive advantages. Its owners and executives have expertise in customized home entertainment systems. Its Memphis location allows it to ship products anywhere quickly.

Quick growth

WyreStorm is the brainchild of the owners and technical staff of Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment.

QUALITY INSPECTION: Raquel Bristo-Martinez, a warehouse employee and customer representative for Spanish speaking customers, inspects products before they are boxed for shipping.

“We’ve installed hundreds of systems and each time we’ve refused to compromise by using inadequate or substandard wiring and switching products,” said Scott Fuelling, president of Phoenix Unequaled and a co-founder of WyreStorm. “Now, through WyreStorm, we can simplify the choices by giving our customers a high-quality, high-performance product they can trust at a reasonable price.”

Fuelling is president of WyreStorm, a freestanding business from Phoenix Unequaled. Dr. Dwight Clark is the chief executive officer. David Turk is the chief operating officer.

WyreStorm LLC
5308 Cottonwood Road, Memphis
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays
Web site:

The business employs a national sales representative in New York and five people in Memphis. WyreStorm is shopping for 10,000 to 15,000 square feet of warehouse space because it already has outgrown its current location at 5308 Cottonwood Road, Turk said.

“As the markets have gone down, the industry that has survived and done well is the electronics market,” Turk said. “Everybody is staying at home. Home electronics is actually booming. It’s getting bigger. People want, not necessarily a home theater system, but a TV. They want to watch high definition. They want to see Blu-ray. They want to watch movies they download from a computer.”

The products that WyreStorm sells make it possible for people to transfer movies from computers to a TV, switch programs from one room of a house to another and do a whole lot more.

“We provide the products and the support for the products,” Turk said.

An HD world

WyreStorm’s staffing hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, but the services on its Web site are available anytime. The company is in the process of setting up a blog, flow charts and other features on the site, Turk said.

The products are geared to consumers and dealers. One of the initial products offered is an 8X8 HDMI matrix switcher that allows up to eight HDMI audio/visual devices to be independently switched to monitors, televisions or projectors.

“We’re tailored toward the child who is playing video games and wants to see his display in high definition,” Turk said. “We’re tailored toward any consumer out there who wants to embrace high definition: new televisions, high definition cable receivers, satellite receivers, everything as far as cabling – connectivity for that. We’re also geared toward the dealers.”

The company already has received inquiries about its products from Europe.

“We can ship anywhere in the world,” Turk said. “We’re focusing right now nationally, but we’ve had interest in Italy and interest in England. It’s just a new technology. HDMI is new. High definition is not. Everybody hears HD, HD, HD, but they don’t understand the connectivity of that.”

The bottom line, Turk said, is the company can sell cable products and wires at a better price than the retailers who sell the televisions and other products.