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Editorial Results (free)

1. Cavs Need Road Win for LeBron To Make 8th Straight NBA Finals -

And so now it’s LeBron James vs. the Boston Celtics and their home-court advantage in what is now a best-of-three Eastern Conference Finals.

James scored 44 points and became the NBA’s all-time leader in postseason baskets made as the Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 4 111-102 to even the series at 2-2. Neither team has won on the road in this series, which now shifts back to Boston for Game 5. If LeBron is to make the NBA Finals an eighth straight time, his team will have to find a way to win a road game.

2. Distracted by Technology? Microsoft Tries to Help -

Technology companies whose devices and constantly scrolling online services have driven us to distraction are beginning to acknowledge that their products can be a waste of time. Some of them now say they're trying to help.

3. More Scrutiny for Employers Likely This Year From Immigration Services -

Local immigrant and businesswoman Alexandra Matlock knows how hard it can be navigating the U.S. customs process. Her journey coming from Colombia to eventually obtaining permanent work status in the U.S. took well over a decade.

4. Q&A: What Facebook's Shift Could Mean to Users, Businesses -

NEW YORK (AP) – In coming days, Facebook users will see fewer posts from publishers, businesses and celebs they follow. Instead, Facebook wants people to see more stuff from friends, family and other people they are likely to have "meaningful" conversations with – something the company laments has been lost in the sea of videos, news stories (real and fake), and viral quizzes on which "Big Bang Theory" character you are.

5. Trump Suggests 2-Phase Immigration Deal for 'Dreamers' -

WASHINGTON (AP) – Seeking a bipartisan compromise to avoid a government shutdown, President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that an immigration deal could be reached in two phases – first by addressing young immigrants and border security with what he called a "bill of love," then by making comprehensive changes that have long eluded Congress.

6. Trump Trains Crosshairs on Favorite Target, Again – Amazon -

NEW YORK (AP) – President Donald Trump returned to a favorite target Friday, saying that Amazon.com should be charged more by the U.S. Postal Service for the packages it sends around the world.

7. Freedom At Work -

One of the worst feelings you can feel at work is trapped with no way out. I meet professionals every day who feel chained to their job. They are very often in unhealthy situations that make them miserable each and every day. Some have an abusive boss. Others work for a company they no longer believe in. But because they rely on the income, they’re stuck. It feels like a dead-end road with no way out. It can be stressful and emotional.

8. Promoters Exporting Authenticity Of Memphis Music in Another Way -

A new 5,000- to 6,000-seat concert venue at Graceland by early 2019 is competition. But it probably brings more customers to the overall market for concerts in the city, says the founder of Music Export Memphis, the city’s export office for the music business.

9. EMS Initiative Aims to Send Right Emergency Response -

The Memphis Fire Department says its Right Response initiative, a pilot program that is working to reduce the number of ambulances sent to non-emergency calls, has provided non-emergency help to 500 residents since it launched in April.

10. Facilities, Football Fever Growing At the University of Memphis -

Somewhere, in a long-ago Division I sports galaxy far away, an athletic director could catch his breath after his college baseball team made its last out and before his football team started practice. Not so much now.

11. How Food Stamp Cuts Could Ripple Through the Economy -

NEW YORK (AP) – A proposal to curtail the nation's food stamp program would pinch families struggling to pay for groceries and ripple through other areas of the economy, including supermarkets and discounters, as people shuffle their budgets.

12. Government to Switch to 1 Student Debt Servicing Company -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Education Department has announced it will move servicing of $1.3 trillion in federal student loans to a single provider.

The department said Friday the change will improve customer service and increase oversight. No details were given on when the provider will be chosen.

13. Tennessee Overhauls Approach to Low-Performing Schools Under Plan Sent to Secretary DeVos -

Tennesseans who have been waiting to see which low-performing schools have improved enough to avoid consequences — and which ones are struggling so much that the state might step in — will have to wait longer.

14. Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner Says Political Path Kept Calling -

Before he ever ran for anything in Collierville, Stan Joyner spent a dozen years on the town’s planning commission. And he was an elected alderman for another 12 years before he ran for and was elected mayor of the town of 48,000 people.

15. Railroad in Fiery Derailment Agrees to Changes -

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – The nation's largest freight railroad has agreed to more thorough inspections and maintenance improvements after a fiery oil train derailment in Oregon and the discovery of more than 800 potential safety violations across its sprawling network.

16. Samsung Woes Show How Dependent We've Become on Smartphones -

NEW YORK (AP) – Tethered as we are to our smartphones, Samsung asking users of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 to "power down and stop using the device" is not just an inconvenience. It's crazy.

17. Tesla Updates Software to Improve Radar -

DETROIT (AP) – Tesla Motors customers will get enhanced radar and other features in an over-the-air software update that starts Wednesday night.

The update makes the Model S sedan and Model X SUV rely more reliant on radar than cameras when driving in Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot mode. Teslas made after October 2014 have radar.

18. RVC Outdoor Destinations Helps Honeybees -

RVC Outdoor Destinations is making an investment in one of America’s most important natural resources: honeybees.

The company is installing honeybee hives at its outdoor resort properties nationwide in an effort to slow the disastrous effects of colony collapse disorder.

19. Middle Tennessee construction can’t meet demand -

When it comes to residential real estate around Middle Tennessee, there are plenty of buyers but not nearly enough sellers, says Heather Benjamin with Reliant Realty’s Benjamin McConnell Group. And new construction just can’t keep up with the demand.

20. Autos, Restaurants Push US Retail Sales Higher in August -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans stepped up their spending on cars, restaurant meals, groceries and clothing in August, suggesting that consumers will help sustain U.S. economic growth despite a broader global slowdown.

21. State Audit Uncovers Millions in Questionable Spending -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – An audit of the Tennessee Department of Human Services found a lack of oversight led to at least $1.8 million in questionable spending last year from contractors operating programs to feed the needy. In 2013, the questioned costs were $4.3 million. And that is just in the small sample of agencies auditors reviewed.

22. Inspector Anxiety Bites Both Buyers and Sellers -

Almost all home sales stipulate that a home inspector will evaluate the condition of the house. The person who coined the “fine-toothed comb” phrase may well have had visions of these detectives crawling into places fit neither for man nor beast and ascending high into the heavens shingle by shingle.

23. Because I Say So -

“Ipsy dipsy!” shouts Ann Marie, Marlo Thomas’ character in “That Girl.” Trying to impress a judge in court, she mispronounces “ipse dixit.” Meaning “he, himself, said it,” this Latin phrase connotes a dogmatic, unsupported assertion.

24. Big Day Lived Up to the Hype -

We have asserted since late 2014 that March 18th would mark the biggest day of 2015 as the Fed mapped out its medium-term interest rate policy.

A hawkish (restrictive) statement on March 18th would boost the dollar, increase market interest rates and decrease stock market values. A dovish statement (stimulative) on March 18th would weaken the dollar, lower interest rates and increase stock market values. With so much riding on the decision, debate and pre-positioning became fierce!

25. River Mayors To Attend UN Climate Change Meeting -

A delegation of mayors from cities along the Mississippi River will be at the United Nations Climate Change conference later this year in Paris.

The Mississippi River Mayors coalition, co-chaired by Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr., announced the delegation as part of an “international sidebar conversation” at the Nov. 30-Dec. 11 conference.

26. River Mayors To Attend UN Climate Change Meeting -

A delegation of mayors from cities along the Mississippi River will be at the United Nations Climate Change conference later this year in Paris.

The Mississippi River Mayors coalition, co-chaired by Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr., announced the delegation as part of an “international sidebar conversation” at the Nov. 30-Dec. 11 conference.

27. Nashville Mayor’s Race Exposes Unpleasant Problems -

In six weeks or so, the Greater Nashville area will learn what a snowmegeddon can do to area home sales.

With a quarter of the month frozen, it was hard for buyers to let it go and embark upon a house hunt. March closings, reflecting February sales, will be released in early April and might slow the freight train that the residential real estate has been riding for almost three years.

28. More Tax Incentive Changes Likely -

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell made the argument last week in his State of the County speech that local economic development and economic recovery is not the singular pursuit of jobs.

29. Appraisals Trail Amount Middle Tennessee Buyers Willing to Pay -

There are a few hot topics from the real estate world this week, the first being that appraisers seem to have hit the wall on the rampant price inflation.

With less inventory and more sales, sellers are resting in an enviable position inasmuch as buyers are forced to pay whatever is asked, or more, in order to acquire properties.

30. How Much Do You Know About How the Internet Works? -

WASHINGTON (AP) – We may be the Internet generation. But we don't know much about how it works.

A new Pew Research Center survey released Tuesday found most people can recognize Microsoft founder Bill Gates and know that hashtags belong in tweets, but are confused about whether having a privacy policy means that a company actually keeps consumer information confidential.

31. Germantown Mayor-Elect Discusses Revenue, Schools -

The incoming mayor of Germantown wants to grow the city’s sales tax base to make its government a bit less reliant on property tax revenue.

Property taxes fund about 60 percent of Germantown city services, said mayor-elect Mike Palazzolo, who takes office Dec. 16. Sales tax revenue funds another 16 percent, with the rest coming from fees and state and federal funding.

32. Microsoft Surpasses Exxon as 2nd Most Valuable Co. -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The bull run in Microsoft's stock this past year has helped the tech giant surpass Exxon Mobil and seize the rank of the second most valuable company, behind Apple Inc.

33. Not Closing on Time? Little Issues Can Lead to Big Snags -

Here is a scary Halloween tale: Many real estate transactions do not close on the actual date specified by the legally binding contract.

This is not a recent phenomenon and has occurred since the time buyers required funding by third parties to purchase homes.

34. Tennessee Voters to Decide on Income Tax Amendment -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – In a few weeks, Tennesseans will vote on a constitutional amendment to bar lawmakers from ever imposing a state income tax.

But regardless of what voters decide on Nov. 4, it's unlikely that Tennessee lawmakers would seriously consider an income tax because it's become such a toxic political issue.

35. Middle-Class Squeeze: From Day Care to Health Care -

WASHINGTON (AP) – Three years ago, Jason Prosser was stunned to discover the cost of child care for his newborn son – so much so that he and his wife postponed having a second child.

36. Tennessee Voters to Decide Ban on Income Tax -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Tennesseans are just weeks away from voting on a constitutional amendment to bar lawmakers from ever imposing a state income tax. The November vote approaches as a new study from ratings agency Standard & Poor's suggests that rising income inequality has a stronger negative effect on the states most reliant on sales tax revenues compared with those with those more dependent on income taxes.

37. Power Play -

When the Tennessee Valley Authority board voted in August to build a new power plant in Southwest Memphis, it was a decision based on factors larger than the power needs in Memphis.

But it was also a decision that is just as important for Memphis as the decision to build the existing Allen Fossil Plant there 55 years ago.

38. The Dollar Strikes Back -

Movements between the dollar, euro, and yen profoundly impact global flows of goods and capital. Given recent language and policy shifts from the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ), let’s re-examine global currency trends.

39. That Realtor Key Box Might Welcome Unwanted Visitors -

This one may get me in trouble with some of my peers, but it is important, so here goes.

First, some background.

In most cases, when a buyer’s agents schedule appointments for showings, they find the properties on MLS and print the listing sheets.

40. Allen Gas Plant Would Be Historic Shift -

A new natural gas power plant to be built in the shadow of the Allen Steam Plant in Southwest Memphis got its first reviews Tuesday, July 8, at a Tennessee Valley Authority forum Downtown.

The session at Central Station featured lots of questions from citizens about the historic shift proposed, as well as some support for the conversion and some criticism.

41. Leases Push Renaissance Center Near Capacity -

The Renaissance Center office building in East Memphis should be near capacity early next year, following a series of recent lease signings.

Financial Federal signed a lease on Tuesday, Nov. 20, to occupy 27,000 square feet on the first and second floors of the Renaissance Center, 1715 Aaron Brenner Drive. In addition to the new location, the growing financial firm will have signage atop the East Memphis office building along Poplar Avenue east of Interstate 240.

42. Online Marketing Ideas for the Holidays -

December is crunch time for retailers and B2B companies reliant upon crucial holiday sales to hit annual sales targets. In fact, Google reports that 70 percent of consumers wait to make holiday purchases until after Thanksgiving, with the majority conducting at least some of that shopping online.

43. FAA OKs Air Passengers Using Gadgets on Planes -

WASHINGTON (AP) – Airline passengers will be able to use their electronic devices gate-to-gate to read, work, play games, watch movies and listen to music – but not talk on their cellphones – under much-anticipated guidelines issued Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration.

44. Suburbs See Different Sales Tax Realities -

While Shelby County and city of Memphis government leaders have grappled with the loss of property value and its impact on the property tax rates for both governments, suburban leaders have a different reality.

45. Fitch Upholds 'A' Rating on Memphis International -

Fitch Ratings upheld its A rating on Memphis International Airport bonds following Delta Air Lines’ announcement that it will end connecting activity at the airport Sept. 3.

Earlier this month, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the rating on the airport’s outstanding revenue bonds to A3, from A2, and revised its investor outlook to stable, from negative.

46. Fitch Upholds a Rating on Memphis International Airport -

Fitch Ratings upheld its A rating on Memphis International Airport bonds following Delta Air Lines’ announcement that it will end connecting activity at the airport Sept. 3.

Earlier this month, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the rating on the airport’s outstanding revenue bonds to A3, from A2, and revised its investor outlook to stable, from negative.

47. State Didn't Apply for Some Grants to Aid Children -

NASHVILLE (AP) – A report by the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth finds the state didn't apply for some competitive grants that would have benefited programs.

According to The Tennessean, the study did quantify the state receives huge shares of funding from the federal government.

48. Mississippi River Level Still Expected to Drop -

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Water levels on the drought-plagued Mississippi River are expected to keep dropping over the next several weeks, according to a new forecast Wednesday that comes amid worries that barge traffic soon could be squeezed along a key stretch of the vital shipping corridor.

49. Boy Scouts Must Honor Own Motto: Be Prepared -

PROTECT THE SCOUTS, NOT THE INSTITUTION. Scouts are at risk, not just from the sick, twisted creatures who would prey on them – documented in print, on air and online – but from adults who have twisted the truth and continue to excuse the inexcusable if not in fact, in effect. Allowing even one of these monsters a pass, not turning them over to the police, is a monstrous crime in and of itself. And the monster grows even larger, even more dangerous with every revelation of omission and every buried file.

50. Changes In Buyer Behavior Critical To Biz Survival -

A significant shift in buyer behavior has occurred over the last several years – a shift that has not only changed the very essence of the role of salesperson but how we market to consumers as well. The origin of this shift is three-fold – the role the Internet plays in informing buyers, a new paradigm in group decision-making, and an increasing expectation for a heightened customer buying “experience.”

51. Returns Equal Reality Minus Expectations -

At the beginning of the year, expectations ran high. Some economists forecasted U.S. GDP growth rates above 4 percent, European credit spreads indicated crisis containment, and China’s economy appeared to be on a government-conceived glide to slower, non-inflationary growth. As expectations ran high, the first quarter provided stock market investors with the best index returns in 14 years.

52. Residential Capital Seeks Chapter 11 Protection -

DETROIT (AP) – The U.S. government is hoping that Monday's bankruptcy filing by Ally Financial Inc.'s troubled mortgage business will help the company repay its government bailout faster.

53. White House Threatens to Veto Student Loan Bill -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House threatened a veto Friday of a Republican bill keeping the interest rates on federal student loans from doubling this summer, objecting that the measure would finance its $5.9 billion cost by abolishing a health care program.

54. Garrett Finds Banking Home at Metropolitan -

Do something that makes you happy, and if it’s banking, always deliver on your promises. That sums up the professional philosophy of Maria Garrett, a recent hire at Metropolitan Bank who brought 12 years of industry experience to her new job as a senior managing director.

55. Is Bull Market in Store For New Year? -

Predicting 2012 According to Wall Street strategists, the S&P 500 will close somewhere between 1167, for a loss of 7 percent, and 1500, for a gain of 19 percent. Assuming earnings approximate $100 for the S&P 500, then applying a simple market P/E multiple tells you where we should be by year-end. If we feel no different than we did at the end of 2011, then the S&P 500 should finish at 1272 for a 1 percent gain.

56. Metropolitan Expands Into Nashville -

Metropolitan Bank has solidified its long-planned foray into Nashville with the announcement of its first office location in the city and the hiring of a senior managing director for the Nashville area.

57. Paperless Movement Brings Efficiency to Business -

In 2008, nexAir, a Memphis-based company that specializes in the distribution of gases such as nitrogen and oxygen to hospitals and other medical facilities, was looking for a way to be more efficient.

58. New Formula Would Reduce Social Security Increases -

WASHINGTON (AP) – Just as 55 million Social Security recipients are about to get their first benefit increase in three years, Congress is looking at reducing future raises by adopting a new measure of inflation that also would increase taxes for most families – the biggest impact falling on those with low incomes.

59. Address Unknown -

For anyone in Memphis – and across Tennessee – who uses the U.S. Postal Service to send and receive bills, to get things like newspaper subscriptions by mail and DVDs from Netflix or just to write an old-fashioned letter on paper, things are about to change.

60. The More Things Change … -

Change of Plans Like a car requires gas, forecasts require data. Two weeks ago, the data stack indicated that we had continued global growth, providing ample revenue opportunities for global corporations. Low earnings multiples paired with global growth indicated defensible value within the S&P 500. With current earnings trending toward $100, applying a simple conservative P/E of 13 presented 1300 as a stable base. The S&P 500 fumbled near this level frequently but seemed to find footing. On Friday of last week, however, the data stack changed.

61. Airlines Collected $3.4B in Bag Fees in 2010 -

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. airlines collected $3.4 billion in bag fees last year. The 24 percent increase from 2009 shows how the airlines are increasingly reliant on charging for once-free services to make money.

62. Evolve Bank & Trust Names New Board Member -

Evolve Bank & Trust has a new member on its board of directors.

Lon Magness, principal of Reliant Investment Management LLC, has joined the Evolve board. Magness, whose responsibilities at Reliant include portfolio management, investment strategy, regulatory compliance and client service, is a graduate of Tulane University and has previously worked as president of a bank-affiliated registered investment advisory firm.

63. Obama Says Little Short-Term Help for Gas Prices -

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. (AP) – Pitching the promise of energy independence, President Barack Obama cautioned Wednesday that it's going to be tough to transition from America's oil-dependent economy and acknowledged there's little he can do to lower gas prices over the short term.

64. No Boost for Social Security Checks in 2011 -

WASHINGTON (AP) — As if voters don't have enough to be angry about this election year, the government is expected to announce this week that more than 58 million Social Security recipients will go through another year without an increase in their monthly benefits.

65. Slowing Economic Rebound Raises Unemployment Fears -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The recovery is losing so much momentum that employers are unlikely to step up hiring anytime this year, and unemployment could return to double digits.

That was the bleak conclusion of analysts Friday after the government said economic growth crawled at a 2.4 percent pace in the spring. It was the economy's weakest showing in nearly a year. And many economists think growth is even slower now.

66. Viral Marketing – You Want To Catch It -

If you’ve at least dipped a toe into the social marketing pool, you know that it takes time and commitment to grow your fan or follower base. Imagine a faster path to creating buzz for your product or service through pre-existing social networks versus being reliant upon just your own.

67. Millington Launches Road Improvement As Flood Recovery Continues -

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges isn’t big on writing things down just to say they are written down.

So, if you ask – as The Assisi Foundation of Memphis Inc. did recently – for a copy of the city’s plan for dealing with the May Day flooding, he won’t have a thick binder with a contingency plan within.

68. Treasury: AIG in Better Shape to Repay Bailout -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Insurance giant American International Group Inc. is better positioned to pay back all of its $182 billion federal bailout, a key Treasury official testified Wednesday.

69. ALL BUSINESS: Strong Dollar Hurts U.S. Exports -

NEW YORK (AP) - Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner keep saying that they support a strong dollar. Now that we have it, they should eat their words.

The dollar has surged to an 8-month high against the euro, and is also rising against other major currencies. If it keeps strengthening, that could damage the already fragile U.S. economic recovery.

70. State Plans More Funding Cuts for MED -

As officials at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis try to find solid footing for the hospital’s current financial woes, they worry about the quicksand that lies ahead.

The state is planning a second consecutive round of TennCare budget cuts that may be more severe than this year’s. TennCare has proposed for the 2011 fiscal year cuts totaling $212 million, including cuts in subsidies for safety net hospitals like The MED.

71. Economic News Raises Hopes for Global Recovery -

WASHINGTON (AP) - Signs of a strengthening global recovery emerged Friday, with consumers boosting retail sales, companies restoring stockpiles and Chinese exports mounting a comeback.

The reports heightened hopes that consumers are starting to feel more comfortable about opening their wallets after months of building savings and reducing debt. Consumer spending, which drives most U.S. economic activity, is vital to a sustained rebound.

72. Grand Island Files Permit For Mud Island Apartment Complex -

300 Grand Island Drive
Memphis, TN 38103
Permit Amount: $12.1 Million

Project Cost: $19 million
Permit Date: Applied November 2009
Completion: 2012
Owner: Grand Island Partners
Tenant: Grand Island
Contractor: Keith and David Grant Homes LLC
Architect: MMH Hall Architects and Planners Inc.

73. Cordova AT&T Store Sells for $2.4 Million -

An investment group known as Memphat Partnership has bought the AT&T store at 1684 N. Germantown Parkway in Cordova. The partnership paid $2.4 million for the 3,952-square-foot standalone building that was completed in 2008. The Class A structure sits on 0.74 acres along the east side of North Germantown Parkway.

74. Magna Bank Reports Stronger Numbers in Q3 -

It was only a few months ago that Kirk Bailey, chairman, president and CEO of Memphis-based Magna Bank, told shareholders the previous year had been nothing short of cataclysmic for the financial industry.

75. Business Helps Seniors With Everyday Tasks -

Two Collierville women are putting their homemaking and caregiving skills to use with a new business that caters to the needs of senior citizens.

They formed SOS, Serving Our Seniors LLC this summer. The aim is to help older people live independently in their homes. The business, which is owned by Margaret McCain Lawrence and Judy Parsons, serves the Germantown and Collierville areas.

76. Hard Times Shift Economy From Global to Local -

CHICAGO (AP) - Eat local, shop local, think local – it could be the slogan of a retro new economy.

If that means eating fewer strawberries in January and some other sacrifices, so be it, says environmentalist and best-selling author Bill McKibben – the planet will be better off and people may even be more satisfied with their communities.

77. Wal-Mart Profit Flat on Impact of Strong Dollar -

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which posted flat first-quarter earnings Thursday, will spend another summer marketing its wares to families who want to have fun even in hard times.

78. Magna Shareholders Take Stock, Look Ahead -

In one sense, Magna Bank’s annual meeting of shareholders Monday was about taking care of business.

Shareholders ratified the bank’s choice of independent auditors, approved a slate of directors and gave a thumbs up to an advisory “say on pay” proposal regarding executive compensation.

79. Magna Limits Banking to Memphis -

Memphis-based Magna Bank has reached a deal to sell for an undisclosed sum its one bank branch outside the city to Brentwood, Tenn.-based Reliant Bank.

80. Automakers Pitch Congress Anew on Rescue -

WASHINGTON (AP) - Humbled U.S. automakers pleaded with Congress on Thursday for an expanded $34 billion rescue package, but heard fresh skepticism in a bumpy encore appearance.

"We're here today because we made mistakes," General Motors chief executive Rick Wagoner told the Senate Banking Committee in prepared testimony.

81. Norris Appointed to Join Effort to Examine Financial Health of State’s Transportation System -

In the eight years Mark Norris has been in the state senate, the Collierville Republican has made transportation issues a priority.

82. Spring's Economic Rebound Unlikely to Last -

WASHINGTON (AP) - The economy pulled out of a dangerous rough patch in the spring, thanks largely to strong exports, but the rebound isn't expected to last. Economic slowdowns overseas could make exports tail off just as Americans are hunkering down after the bracing impact of rebate checks wanes, plunging the country into another rut later this year.

83. Lawmakers Seek Review Of UPS-DHL Proposal -

Two U.S. senators have asked the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to review a proposal by Atlanta-based UPS Inc. to carry some air packages for DHL. But UPS officials said the agencies don’t have authority over the vendor relationship.

84. CSCMP Roundtable To Examine Next Generation -

Dr. Ernie Nichols of the University of Memphis understands how a career in supply chain management doesn't hold the cachet of more popular professions.

"There's very few kids sitting around in middle school or high school talking about what they want to be when they grow up, saying, 'I want to be senior vice president of global supply chain,'" said Nichols, director of the FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management at the U of M.

85. Paulson Says US Blueprint Calls for Stronger Oversight of Mortgage Lenders -

WASHINGTON (AP) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Thursday that a presidential working group wants stronger regulatory oversight of mortgage lenders to avert the kind of credit crisis that is dragging the economy down.

86. City, County Budget Woes Bring Different Reactions -

Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton Jr. broke the news recently that the county's official budget shortfall is $2 million higher than his finance team originally had forecast. And it could climb higher still.

87. Trucking Industry In For 'Lackluster' '08 -

The national trucking industry received mixed reviews as 2007 drew to a close. While it posted solid numbers in November, the business otherwise finished with a lackluster year, according to the most recent report by the Arlington, Va.-based American Trucking Associations (ATA).

88. Archived Article: Trends Focus - There is nothing we can do about it

Personal Touch Helps Travel Agencies Compete


The Daily News

Janice Bomar, a manager at Bartlett Travel, likes to tell the story of a particular incident with a client.

A couple that had ...

89. Archived Article: Law Talk - I have answered the Questions below: QUESTIONS: What is the role of the NBI's Tennessee Advisory Council and what do you hope to contribute

Graham Helps Meet Legal Education Needs


The Daily News

Memphis attorney A. Neal...

90. Archived Article: Sharp (lead) - Sharps Memphis plant to begin production of solar energy products

Sharps Memphis plant finds its place in the sun


The Daily News

Banking on the anticipated growth of solar electricity demand in the U.S. market, Sharp Elec...

91. Archived Article: Spg P.2 - Ribapharm sues to block rival drug

Ribapharm sues to block rival drug
Ribapharm Inc. filed a lawsuit to prevent Swiss drug maker Roche Holding Ltd. from selling a hepatitis C treatment in the United States that would compete with Ribapharm'...

92. Archived Article: Comm Focus - By JENNIFER MURLEY Russian tales, treasures touted in Wonders exhibition By JENNIFER MURLEY The Daily News It was Easter 1913, during the height of Russias Romanov Dynasty, when Czar Nicholas II gave his beloved wife Empress Alexandra an exquisite E...

93. Archived Article: Entergy P - Entergy said overcharging for under-deliveries Entergy said overcharging for under-deliveries A dozen power generators have asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to stop Entergy Corp. from charging unfair rates for energy imbalances resulti...

94. Archived Article: Real Review Lj - Real Review 12-07-99 DeSoto County fans industrial development flames Industrial development in DeSoto County continued at a record breaking pace in 1999. The DeSoto County Economic Development Council announced Friday a record capital investment of...

95. Archived Article: Community - By STACEY PETSCHAUER By STACEY PETSCHAUER THE DAILY NEWS Barry and Pam Stokes participated in the states foster care system for about five years. Through adoption of the three children that had, over time, become part of their family, the couple see...

96. Archived Article: Comm Focus - By STACEY PETSCHAUER Fostering care Privatization is one of several options being considered to improve the provision of foster care services By STACEY PETSCHAUER The Daily News Barry and Pam Stokes participated in the states foster care system for ...

97. Archived Article: Y2k (bott) - By SUZANNE THOMPSON Postal Service swatting potential Y2K problems since 93 By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News When 2000 rolls around, the mailing public can be assured that their letters will be delivered in a timely manner. Thats the message U.S. ...

98. Archived Article: Library Chg - 1939 S Third 381090000 MEM (null) (null)(null) Public Library 1850 Peabody 381040000 (null) Wells Construction Corp CH Library Library construction starts at Southgate Mall By CAMILLE H. GAMBLE The Daily News Construction has started on renovations ...

99. Archived Article: Comm Focus - By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Path to Independence Memphis Housing Authority offers program to give public housing recipients road to self-reliance By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News Pam Matthews knew something had to give. A single parent, with no high s...

100. Archived Article: Env Focus - 12/27 Env focus Environmental Regulations Enhance Economic Development By PETER SCHUTT The Daily News States with the best environmental records offer the best job opportunities and climate for long-term economic development, according to a study co...