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Editorial Results (free)

1. Grizz Gaming Falls To Cavs Legion GC -

Grizz Gaming lost for the first time in regular season play via a 62-52 decision against Cavs Legion GC Saturday, May 19, at the NBA 2K League studio in New York. Grizz Gaming is now 1-1 on the season.

2. Tech Leaders Seek More Focus on AI at White House Summit -

Top U.S. tech executives and researchers want the Trump administration to invest more in artificial intelligence and craft policies they hope will strengthen the economy without displacing jobs.

The administration said Thursday it is doing just that. President Donald Trump's technology adviser Michael Kratsios pledged to a gathering of corporate leaders that "the Trump administration will ensure our great nation remains the global leader in AI."

3. Memphis To Be One of 10 Drone Test Sites -

The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority is leading a Memphis group that is part of a national pilot program to integrate drones into air traffic.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration announced the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program Wednesday, May 9, in Washington, D.C., with airport authority president and CEO Scott Brockman and U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis both in attendance.

4. The Seam in Memphis Joins EEA Blockchain Initiative -

The Seam, a provider of agribusiness software and commodities trading solutions, has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative.

The Seam joined EEA to collaborate with industry leaders on the architecture and deployment of blockchain solutions for the enterprise. As a member, The Seam will work alongside many individuals and organizations by promoting and facilitating open standards, decentralized architectures, security and best practices for Ethereum-based technologies, including smart contracts.

5. U of M Licenses Speech Intellectual Property -

Research conducted at the University of Memphis is helping medical professionals assess speech understanding in Spanish-speaking children.

The U of M’s Office of Technology Transfer recently licensed intellectual property related to research conducted by Dr. Lisa Lucks Mendel and her students in the Speech Perception Assessment Laboratory to St. Louis-based Auditec Inc., which offers auditory test materials for audiologists, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, hearing professionals and other trained medical professionals.

6. University of Memphis Licenses Speech-Related Intellectual Property -

Research conducted at the University of Memphis is helping medical professionals assess speech understanding in Spanish-speaking children.

The U of M’s Office of Technology Transfer recently licensed intellectual property related to research conducted by Dr. Lisa Lucks Mendel and her students in the Speech Perception Assessment Laboratory to St. Louis-based Auditec Inc., which offers auditory test materials for audiologists, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, hearing professionals and other trained medical professionals.

7. New Service Aims to Follow Users Across Multiple Devices -

NEW YORK (AP) – Some 60 companies including such leading brands as Subway, Sprint and the NFL are joining forces to help each other follow you around online.

Adobe, a company better known for Photoshop and PDF files, says the new Device Co-op initiative it is organizing will help companies offer more personalized experiences and make ads less annoying by filtering out products and services you have already bought or will never buy. Under the initiative, Adobe can tell you're the same person on a home PC, a work laptop, a phone and a tablet by analyzing past sign-ins with member companies.

8. The Right To Be Wrong -

“Fundraising is known for its abundance of failures and few successes.” We can’t recall who said this, but we know it is true. Yet many people think otherwise. Plans are created; goals are set. Most are focused on “incremental growth.”

9. Shhh! How to Stream March Madness When the Boss Isn't Around -

NEW YORK (AP) – March Madness begins Tuesday. And that may mean strategizing to sneak in some games when the boss isn't looking.

Fortunately for you – though not your boss – all 67 games in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament will be available online. Many of the games, including the Final Four, will require a password through your cable or satellite TV subscription.

10. Intel CEO: Fixes on the Way for Serious Chip Security Flaws -

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Intel has big plans to steer toward new business in self-driving cars, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technologies. But first it has to pull out of a skid caused by a serious security flaw in its processor chips, which undergird many of the world's smartphones and personal computers.

11. AP Explains: Who's Affected by Computer Chip Security Flaw -

Technology companies are scrambling to fix serious security flaws affecting computer processors built by Intel and other chipmakers and found in many of the world's personal computers and smartphones.

12. GM to Launch Self-Driving Vehicles in Big US Cities in 2019 -

DETROIT (AP) – General Motors Co. expects to carry passengers and deliver goods with self-driving vehicles in big cities sometime in 2019, telling investors it's moving quickly and plans to be ahead of other automakers and tech companies.

13. Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom's $103 Billion Offer -

NEW YORK (AP) – Qualcomm rejected an unsolicited, $103 billion offer from Broadcom, saying that the proposal is significantly undervalued and that a tie-up between the massive chipmakers would face substantial regulatory resistance.

14. Broadcom Offers $103 Billion for Qualcomm in Chip Megadeal -

NEW YORK (AP) – Broadcom made an unsolicited, $103 billion offer for rival chipmaker Qualcomm, the tech industry's largest attempted takeover that is destined to come under intense regulatory scrutiny.

15. Google's Pixel 2: A Phone Built for Artificial Intelligence -

NEW YORK (AP) – What's most fascinating about Google's new Pixel 2 phone is what's to come.

The phone sets itself apart with promises to bake in Google's powerful artificial-intelligence technology for quick and easy access to useful, even essential information. But much of the neat stuff will come later. The phone coming out Thursday is more of a teaser.

16. Memphis Businesses Getting Smart About Internet of Things -

As cloud-based technologies continue to advance, a growing number of Memphis companies are hooking into the Internet of Things to become more efficient while offering consumers greater convenience.

17. Studying 1 Million People to End Cookie-Cutter Health Care -

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a quest to end cookie-cutter health care, U.S. researchers are getting ready to recruit more than 1 million people for an unprecedented study to learn how our genes, environments and lifestyles interact – and to finally customize ways to prevent and treat disease.

18. Biz Leaders Quit Trump Panel After Charlottesville Comments -

WASHINGTON (AP) – A fourth business leader resigned Tuesday from President Donald Trump's White House jobs panel – the latest sign that corporate America's romance with Trump is faltering after his initial half-hearted response to violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

19. Intel Report: Kremlin Sees US Urging Regime Change in Russia -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kremlin leaders are convinced America is intent on regime change in Russia, a fear that is feeding rising tension and military competition between the former Cold War foes, the Pentagon's intelligence arm has assessed.

20. Apple Seeks to Void Patent Claims, Fees in Qualcomm Dispute -

NEW YORK (AP) – Apple is seeking to void some of Qualcomm's patent claims and licensing agreements, intensifying its legal battle with the chip maker over the technology in iPhones and iPads.

21. Eighteen Startup Teams Set to Begin ‘Summer of Acceleration’ in Memphis -

Eighteen startup teams this week have kicked off the “Summer of Acceleration,” the season of joint accelerator programming across six startup accelerators overseen by the EPIcenter, Memphis Bioworks and Start Co.

22. FCC Chief Lays Out Attack on 'Net Neutrality' Rules -

NEW YORK (AP) – Internet companies are readying for a showdown with a Republican-controlled government over a policy near and dear to their hearts: net neutrality.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said in a Wednesday speech that he wants to ditch the Obama-era rules, hated by telecoms, that prevent broadband and wireless companies from interfering with the sites and apps that consumers use. He wants to undo their legal basis and to eliminate the FCC's broad powers to monitor Verizon, AT&T and Comcast for bad behavior.

23. Intel Senators: No Indication Trump Tower Was Surveilled -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The top two senators on the intelligence committee say they have seen no indication that Trump Tower was "the subject of surveillance" by the U.S. government before or after the 2016 election.

24. Intel Drops $15B on Mobileye in Race for a Driverless Future -

DETROIT (AP) – Intel will buy Israel's Mobileye in a deal valued at about $15 billion, instantly propelling the computer chip and technology giant to the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology.

25. City Hall List Leads to Court Fight Over Police Surveillance -

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland’s administration may have put to rest the basic matter of the City Hall escort list and who is on it.

26. Protesters Pared from City Hall List as Second Lawsuit Filed -

Protesters on the City Hall escort list are off the list, Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said Wednesday, March 1. But their names will remain on a no trespassing notice for Mayor Jim Strickland’s home.

27. JT Returns and Mr. Clean Channels Magic Mike -

Buzz is building around this year’s Super Bowl ads, which will feature Justin Timberlake, political controversy, Mr. Clean as Magic Mike, and the first-ever live ad.

In another record-breaking year, with ad costs exceeding last year’s $5 million per 30-second spot, big brands are, once again, putting it all on the line. Some will score big and others will be nursing a multimillion-dollar headache Monday morning. Here’s what we know so far.

28. Final Goodbye: Roll Call of Some of Those Who Died in 2016 -

Death claimed transcendent political figures in 2016, including Cuba's revolutionary leader and Thailand's longtime king, but also took away royals of a different sort: kings of pop music, from Prince and David Bowie to George Michael.

29. Feds Say 3 Hacked Law Firms' Networks, Made Insider Trades -

NEW YORK (AP) – Federal prosecutors have charged three Chinese nationals accused of profiting from insider information about mergers and acquisitions by hacking into the networks of law firms working on the deals, authorities said Tuesday.

30. Yahoo's Big Breach Helps Usher In an Age of Hacker Anxiety -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Yahoo has become the worst-case example of an unnerving but increasingly common phenomenon – massive hacks that steal secrets and other potentially revealing information from our personal digital accounts, or from big organizations that hold sensitive data on our behalf.

31. Olympic Hero Michael Phelps Looks to Dip His Toes in Tech -

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Michael Phelps wants to dive into Silicon Valley's investment opportunities as he tries to make the transition from Olympic swimming star and product pitchman to entrepreneur.

32. Innovation And The Tech World -

While the world of technology has filled the world with tools of productivity and connection, it has its drawbacks. Many people today suffer from the shadow side of technology.

Droves of burned out, screen-addicted zombies sign up for Digital Detox weekends. Families schedule a family night without cellphones at the table once a week or only allow their preschoolers to play games after reading. Technology has imploded many of the societal norms we once held sacred: look how online dating has disrupted generations of rituals.

33. Self-Driving Car Race Sees Flurry of Partnerships -

Uber announced Thursday that it will partner with Volvo to make autonomous vehicles. The tie-up is the latest between automakers and tech companies hoping to speed driverless cars to market. Here's a rundown of who's working with whom:

34. Microsoft Pitches 'Intelligent' Conversations With Computers -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Microsoft wants people to have more intelligent conversations with their computers.

The giant software company is promoting new tools for software developers to build intelligent "bots" or commercial programs that will work with Cortana, its voice-activated digital assistant, to perform tasks like booking a hotel room, ordering a meal or arranging a delivery.

35. Does Your Battery Life Stink? Try Some High-Tech Workarounds -

LAS VEGAS (AP) – It's enough to make you want to drop everything and race for the nearest power outlet: Your workday isn't even done, and your smartphone or laptop battery is already in the red zone.

36. Intellectual Disabilities Program to Cost $19 Million -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam says a program that will help people with intellectual disabilities find jobs makes sense, but he wants to learn more about it before investing $19 million.

37. Judge Approves $415M Settlement in Apple, Google Wage Case -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge has approved a $415 million settlement that ends a lengthy legal saga revolving around allegations that Apple, Google and several other Silicon Valley companies illegally conspired to prevent their workers from getting better job offers.

38. Study: Top Tech Firms Bypassing Asian Workers for Executive Jobs -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google, Yahoo and other major technology companies are far more inclined to hire Asians as computer programmers than to promote them to become managers or executives, according to a study released Wednesday.

39. Tech Summit Addresses Industry's Lack of Diversity -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson spent most of this year pressuring the technology industry into facing up to the glaring scarcity of women, blacks and Latinos at companies renowned as great places to work.

40. Obama's Immigration Move Disappoints Businesses -

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration left out some of the business community's top priorities, disappointing business leaders who might have stepped up to defend his policies in the face of Republican attacks.

41. Recruiter’s Career Twist -

Ask Janet Miller about her remarkable career at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and she’ll likely attribute it to good timing or pass credit onto others.

42. Allow Innovation to Expand Business Model -

As your innovation efforts begin to move from the ideation to the testing phase, or the co-creation with consumers or customers, outlandish and disruptive concepts present themselves. As messy as children arriving, they show up, saying, "Feed me, let me scream at the top of my lungs, I’m uncivilized,” all without speaking.

43. Microsoft Unveils Larger Surface Tablet -

NEW YORK (AP) – Microsoft announced a larger version of its Surface tablet to make the device more compelling as a laptop replacement.

The Surface Pro 3 will have a screen measuring 12 inches diagonally, up from 10.6 inches in previous models. Microsoft said it's also thinner and faster than before. The company said it worked closely with chip-maker Intel Corp. to maximize performance in a slim device.

44. Intellectual Property Audits for Companies -

Successful businesses routinely conduct audits of their assets, such as merchandise or financial holdings. Audits are fundamental to making informed business decisions that lead to an efficiently managed business.

45. Your Intellectual Property Strategy -

Entrepreneurs and businesses alike wrestle with the question of patents. Patents can be an accelerator or a hurdle as new products and technology travel through the pipeline and approach the market.

46. Elvis’ Intellectual Property Rights Sold -

Authentic Brands Group, a New York City intellectual property corporation, has bought Elvis Presley’s intellectual property and the right to operate Graceland from CORE Media Group, becoming the latest of four companies to own a majority share in the intellectual property assets of the late Memphis entertainer.

47. Intel Agency Lawyers Urge Retention of Secret Data -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration's top national security lawyers on Monday rejected the idea that the government should stop collecting copies of every American's telephone records every day, telling an independent oversight board that it would lose valuable time if each time it launched a terror investigation it had to seek the private billing records from individual phone companies.

48. Global PC Shipments Fall for 6th Quarter in Row -

Worldwide shipments of personal computers fell in the third quarter of the year, the sixth straight quarter of decline as cheaper tablet computers and smartphones cut into demand.

That's according to market research firms IDC and Gartner Inc.

49. Congressmen Visiting FedEx World Hub -

Two U.S. congressmen are visiting Memphis this week as part of a road tour across the country in an effort to advocate for comprehensive tax reform.

U.S. Rep. Dave Camp – R-Mich., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee – and U.S. Sen. Max Baucus – D-Mont., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee – will visit the FedEx Express World Hub Monday, Sept. 9. They’ll talk with company leaders and customers about how the tax code affects their respective businesses.

50. Congressmen Visiting FedEx World Hub Sept. 9 -

Two U.S. congressmen are visiting Memphis next week as part of a road tour across the country in an effort to advocate for comprehensive tax reform.

U.S. Rep. Dave Camp – R-Mich., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee – and U.S. Sen. Max Baucus – D-Mont., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee – will visit the FedEx Express World Hub Monday, Sept. 9. They’ll talk with company leaders and customers about how the tax code affects their respective businesses.

51. Prominent Congressmen Visiting FedEx World Hub Next Week -

Two U.S. congressmen are visiting Memphis next week as part of what they’re calling a “Simpler Taxes for America” road tour across the country - an effort to advocate for comprehensive tax reform.

52. Cohen Drafts Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Legislation -

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, has introduced a bill that would give Congress greater oversight of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court, which is responsible for approving measures like the recently disclosed NSA surveillance programs.

53. Cohen Drafts Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Legislation -

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, has introduced a bill that would give Congress greater oversight of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court, which is responsible for approving measures like the recently disclosed NSA surveillance programs.

54. Companies Need to Think Like Venture Capitalists -

Last week we discussed the concept of the intrapreneur and our conviction that companies must add the pressures of failure and constrained resources to get ingenuity. Real entrepreneurs have vision, resilience and fortitude. Their natural drive, focus on survival and ability to pivot with the market is what generates market winners. It is the natural selection process at work. This is why VCs think the team is most critical, and companies looking to innovate should too.

55. Hall Joins Wyatt Tarrant's Intellectual Property Team -

Stephen Hall has joined Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLP as a member of the law firm’s intellectual property protection and litigation team.

56. Focus Shifts Back to the US -

After China’s deluge of economic information took the spotlight last week, investors this week shifted their gaze back to the United States for a couple of big ticket items.

First, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made his way to the place that is held in high esteem by the American public: Capitol Hill. He provided his semi-annual testimony to the legislators on Tuesday and Wednesday.

57. Apple Integrates Facebook Into iPhone Software -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Fresh off a disappointing initial public offering, Facebook is getting a big boost from Apple, which is building the social network deep into its iPhone and iPad software.

58. Apple's Market Clout Likely to Draw More Scrutiny -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – In everything it does, from product design to business deals, Apple strives for as much control as possible.

But as the world's most valuable company sets out to define and dominate the rapidly evolving markets it created with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple is likely to face antitrust regulators who want to curb its power.

59. Apple Market Value Hits $500B, Where Few Have Gone -

NEW YORK (AP) – Apple's market capitalization topped $500 billion Wednesday, climbing to a mountain peak where few companies have ventured – and none have stayed for long.

Apple was already the world's most valuable company. The gap between it and No. 2 Exxon Mobil Corp. has widened rapidly in the past month, as investors have digested Apple's report of blow-out holiday-season sales of iPhones and iPads. And, more recently, Apple has raised investors' hopes that it might institute a dividend.

60. DeWalt Joins Delta Board -

Former McAfee Inc. CEO David G. DeWalt has joined the board of directors of Delta Air Lines Inc.

61. Intelligrated Files Application to Build at McKesson -

Ohio-based Intelligrated Inc. is planning construction at McKesson Corp.’s Memphis operation at 4836 Southridge Blvd., according to a $6 million building permit filed with the city-county Office of Construction Code Enforcement.

62. Field Helps Businesses Guard Intellectual Property -

Attorney R. Mark Field is in the business of assisting clients with their information management needs. Many of these clients are corporations and business owners that use his expertise in guarding trade secrets – secrets that, if exposed, could remove any competitive advantage that may have been in place beforehand.

63. Intellectual Property: All in Your Head -

There is good news, and bad news, for businesses seeking revenue from intellectual property assets.

The good news is that intellectual property typically originates and resides in the minds of your people. This means that it often requires little capital investment to create.

64. Stocks Mixed After Biggest Day in a Year -

NEW YORK (AP) — One day after the Dow Jones industrial average had its best day this year, the stock market is drifting between slight gains and losses Wednesday. Analysts say concerns about lifting the U.S. debt limit are trumping strong earnings from Apple and a slew of new deals.

65. Threatened by iPad, PCs Start to Look Like Tablets -

NEW YORK (AP) – The response by computer makers to the iPad stealing sales from them: Make their PCs more like iPads.

The "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" strategy" is prompting a wave of experimentation with the design of the laptop, which has been largely unchanged for two decades. Touch-sensitive screens and the use of Google's Android system for mobile devices are two ways the PC industry is adapting.

66. Plan to Train Engineers Applauded Locally -

President Barack Obama has announced an “all-hands-on-deck strategy” to train 10,000 new American engineers every year.

“Today, only 14 percent of all undergraduate students enroll in what we call the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math,” Obama said this week at a clean energy plant in Durham, N.C. “We can do better than that. We must do better than that. If we’re going to make sure the good jobs of tomorrow stay in America, stay here in North Carolina, we need to make sure all our companies have a steady stream of skilled workers to draw from.”

67. AP Survey: Only Oil Shock Can Stop Economy Now -

WASHINGTON (AP) – The American economy is now strong enough to withstand Middle East turmoil and the Japanese nuclear crisis. Only a big rise in the price of oil could stop it now.

Those are the findings of an Associated Press survey of leading economists, who are increasingly confident in a recovery that is nearly two years old. They expect the economy to grow faster every quarter this year.

68. Intellectual Property Grows At Wyatt Tarrant -

This month alone, the intellectual property lawsuits have been flying.

Apple is suing Amazon.com over Amazon’s use of the term “App Store” with customers.

69. Intel Chief to Join White House Council on Jobs -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Casting about for innovative job-creation ideas, President Barack Obama is naming one of his critics to an advisory council responsible for finding new ways to promote economic growth and bring jobs to the U.S.

70. Obama Talks Jobs With Jobs, Other Tech Leaders -

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is assembling the biggest names in Silicon Valley to confer on jobs and innovation, trying to get leaders from companies like Google and Apple behind his push to keep spending on high-tech initiatives even as Republicans are out to slash the budget.

71. Technology Cos. Commit Funds to Obama Program -

NEW YORK (AP) – Three of the nation's biggest technology companies are committing hundreds of millions of dollars to an initiative backed by President Barack Obama to encourage job creation and economic growth by supporting small businesses.

72. Quarterly Report: Record Earnings On Horizon -

Earnings Bonanza We have now completed a quarter of third quarter’s earnings season. Traditionally, 60 percent of the companies within the S&P 500 top earnings expectations as managements issue conservative guidance followed by better results. Many forecasted a surprise ratio below the historical norm as economic softness threatens revenue growth and efficiency gains become more difficult.

73. Dow Falls Below 11,000 as Dollar Rises -

NEW YORK (AP) — A stronger dollar and a surprise interest rate hike in China that may slow that country's economy helped push stocks sharply lower Tuesday.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell below 11,000 for the first time in a little more than a week, reversing a streak that had sent the index up nearly 8 percent for the year.

74. MBA Increases Awareness of Intellectual Property Law -

A new section of the Memphis Bar Association will focus exclusively on intellectual property and entertainment law.

In an effort to boost membership in the legal community and promote its services within the business community, the bar association will host a seminar Thursday, Aug. 19, at the Hilton Hotel in East Memphis.

75. Economists Say Recovery Continues, But Pace Slows -

NEW YORK (AP) — Economists say the U.S. recovery continued during the second quarter of this year with more businesses hiring workers and fewer cutting jobs, but the pace of growth has slowed, a new survey shows.

76. Dim Retail Sales Hurt Economy as Fed Sees Weaknesses -

WASHINGTON (AP) — A second straight month of declining retail spending will likely keep unemployment high and help weaken the recovery.

Not everyone is suffering, though. Shoppers with stable jobs and steady pay can find lots of bargains. The economy is bleaker for anyone seeking a job or at risk of losing one. Still, Americans as a group are spending less, and that threatens the pace of the recovery.

77. The Float Begins -

Ahead of the G-20 in Toronto, the Chinese government relented and began a gradual adjustment of its currency, the yuan.

In 2005, while the global economies were still relatively strong, China ended an 11-year peg to the dollar. From mid-2005 to mid-2008, the yuan appreciated 21 percent against the greenback. In July 2008, as the Great Recession accelerated, China re-pegged the yuan to the dollar to support local exporters.

78. Rosy Earnings Show Corporate America is Back -

CHICAGO (AP) — Corporate America is back.

Companies that do everything from making appliances to selling cruises are reporting strong first-quarter profits — not because of the layoffs many of them used to dress up last year's earnings reports but because people are spending more.

79. Focus on Film Means Business -

Erik Jambor lauded the economic impact film festivals have on communities nationwide and emphasized the potential that local events can have on Memphis.

Jambor, the executive director of Indie Memphis, noted Memphis’s international reputation as a creative city during his keynote presentation to the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Breakfast Forum Thursday morning.

80. Stocks Climb on Manufacturing Reports, Rising Oil -

NEW YORK (AP) – The stock market has extended its 2009 rally into the new year.

Major stock indexes surged more than 1.5 percent Monday after improving news on manufacturing from China to the U.S. pointed to a strengthening global economy. The Dow Jones industrial average picked up 156 points.

81. Bredesen Named Achieve Board Co-Chair -

Gov. Phil Bredesen has been named co-chair of Achieve Inc., an organization that works to improve education.

Created in 1996 by the nation’s governors and business leaders, Washington-based Achieve is an independent, bipartisan, nonprofit organization. It helps states raise academic standards, improve assessments and strengthen accountability to prepare young people for postsecondary education, careers and citizenship.

82. Intel Hit with More Antitrust Charges in FTC Suit -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Federal Trade Commission piled on new antitrust charges against Intel Corp. on Wednesday, seeking to end what it described as a decade of illegal sales tactics that have crippled rivals and kept prices for computer chips artificially high.

83. Baker Donelson’s Johnson Discusses Variety, Joy of Intellectual Property Practice -

Valerie Walsh Johnson is of counsel at Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz PC in the Intellectual Property Group. Her practice includes trademark prosecution and litigation, copyright licensing and enforcement, trade secrets, unfair competition, patent and technology licensing, advertising claims review and warranty advice.

84. US Plans New Antitrust Effort -

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration warned corporate America on Monday that the government will more aggressively investigate big firms that hurt smaller competitors, contending that lax enforcement by the Bush administration contributed to the current economic troubles.

85. Mixed Signals Abound, But Economy Remains Weak -

WASHINGTON (AP) - A flurry of better-than-expected bank earnings reports this week, coupled with some tentatively encouraging economic data, suggest the economy and the financial system might not be quite as sick as many had believed.

86. American Paper Optics Makes 16M 3-D Glasses for Time -

American Paper Optics LLC has shipped 16 million 3-D glasses for five Time Inc. publications on newsstands this week.

87. Morris Discusses Intellectual Property Issues -

Paul H. Morris, director and shareholder at Martin Tate Morrow & Marston PC, provides general counsel to business clients and litigates in a variety of commercial areas, particularly in intellectual property. He has extensive experience in patent litigation and licensing, trademark, copyright, franchise and trade secret matters.

88. FedEx Winds Down Asian Hub in Philippines -

MANILA, Philippines (AP) – FedEx began winding down its Asian hub in the Philippines and shedding 800 staff Friday as the U.S. courier giant started full operation of a new regional facility in China, an official said.

89. Job-Killing Recession Racks Up More Layoff Victims -

WASHINGTON (AP) - The recession is killing jobs at an alarming pace, with tens of thousands of new layoffs announced Monday by some of the biggest names in American business – Pfizer, Caterpillar and Home Depot.

90. Time Warner Expects $25B Charge, Loss for Year -

NEW YORK (AP) - Media company Time Warner Inc. said Wednesday that it expects a fourth-quarter charge of $25 billion to write down the value of its cable, publishing and AOL assets, leading to a loss for the year.

91. Squeezing More Miles Out of that Hybrid -

At the Detroit auto show next month, one of the most highly anticipated new vehicles will be Toyota Motor Corp.'s third-generation Prius hybrid. It features a roomier interior and better gas mileage than the current model, the best-selling hybrid in the world.

92. China Irks US With Computer Security Review Rules -

BEIJING (AP) – The Chinese government is stirring trade tensions with Washington with a plan to require foreign computer security technology to be submitted for government approval, in a move that might require suppliers to disclose business secrets.

93. Barnes Joins Crone & Mason’s Intellectual Property Group -

Kenneth E. Barnes recently joined Crone & Mason PLC as an attorney focusing on patent and trademark protection. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Memphis, and he graduated earlier this year with a juris doctorate from the U of M’s Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

94. Cash Wants to Enlist Paid Tutors From Student Ranks -

As part of the sweeping overhaul he envisions bringing to Memphis City Schools, new district superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash wants to enlist students to work for the school system as tutors.

“What if instead of working for Back Yard Burger … for $6 an hour, work for me. Work for city schools,” Cash said last week to about 250 members of the Memphis Rotary Club.

95. Artificial Intelligence Research Simmers at University of Memphis -

Nearly 100 people who will change your life forever gathered in Memphis recently to discuss the future of artificial intelligence, and to revive the goal of building machines capable of abstract thought.

96. Personal Intelligence LLC Brings Out Strengths of Clients -

The call of home can sometimes be too much to ignore. That's not completely what former Memphian David Bowman is facing, but the Michigan resident is looking to come back to the Bluff City.

Bowman, principal of Personal Intelligence LLC, lives in Michigan but is spending a lot of his time in Memphis working with one of his clients, the Frager Law Firm PC, where he coaches attorneys and support staff. He said once he gets a few more steady clients he'll be ready to make the move back to his hometown.

97. Patent This: Baker Donelson Attorney Regularly Navigates Intellectual Property Issues -

Many aspects of the law seem abstract and incomprehensible to the lay person, but probably none more than the concept of intellectual property.

Part of Peter L. Brewer's job is to help employers and inventors understand their legal rights and responsibilities in the areas of intellectual property, patents and trademarks. Brewer is a member of the Intellectual Property Group of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz PC.

98. Artificial Intelligence Gains Momentum -

More than a few people probably remember watching "The Jetsons" and marveling at the wonder of having a robotic maid like Rosie the Robot or being able to get an entire three-course meal at the touch of a button.

99. Events -

The Society of Entrepreneurs holds an Entrepreneurs Roundtable meeting at noon today at Folks Folly Prime Steak House, 551 S. Mendenhall Road. Thomas Boggs, president and CEO of Huey's, Half Shell, Tsunami and Folks Folly, is the guest speaker. Registration is $25. Call 682-9920 or visit www.soememphis.com to register.

100. Archived Article: Trends - By Andy Meek

Wireless Hotspots Hot in New Construction


The Daily News

In Julie Rays Pinch District cafe, customers of all ages, at almost any time of day, can be found hunched over their laptops as they enjoy their cups of coff...