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Editorial Results (free)

1. Last Word: Back To School, Chamber Changes and The Race For Governor -

In many schools Monday, there were new faces and new places for familiar faces as well as the normal rituals of the start of another school year. And in many of those schools that was before the kids arrive next week. Why yes, teachers have back to school rituals and familiar totems they look for. The difference is they go back to school earlier and in this day and age often work through the summer in a city where there are lots of efforts to combat a summer slide – the ebb of summer eroding learning gains between school years.

2. McDonald's Moves Cheeseburgers Off Happy Meal Menu -

NEW YORK (AP) – McDonald's is taking cheeseburgers and chocolate milk off its Happy Meal menu in an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar that kids consume at its restaurants.

3. Last Word: Pinnacle's Drive-Through, Back to Work On Beale and Tea Time -

The Grizz lose 103-94 in Dallas Wednesday to the Mavericks. The Mavericks are here Thursday. And Thursday is also the day the two minority owners of the Grizz can begin a process to possibly buy the team from Robert Pera. ESPN outlines an unusual process that if it comes into play could take a while to sort out.

4. Last Word: Arnold's in the Alley, Haslam's Gas Tax Bill Wins A Round and Hershey -

A busy day in the City Hall list saga. The list is a lot shorter, but there is a second lawsuit over this in Memphis Federal Court. And the list itself seems to be giving way to a controversy that is all about whether police were unlawfully following and tracking protesters who broke no laws.

5. Last Word: Opening Day in Nashville, Parking Pass or Parking Space and Ell Persons -

Lots of formalities Tuesday in Nashville where the 2017 session of the Tennessee Legislature begins. And that’s what this first week back will be about on the floors of the state House and the state Senate. Away from the floors, the real business of speculation and vote counting and drafting language is already well underway.

6. Last Word: Union Turns A Corner, Parkside's TIF and Bee Cause -

There hasn’t been this much excitement since right turn on red came to town 40 years ago.

In less than a week you will be able to make a left turn onto McLean Boulevard from Union Avenue eastbound and westbound. And the traffic signal that lets you do that will flash a yellow arrow that indicates you can turn left if there are no pedestrians and no cars coming the other way.

7. Last Word: Chips Moman, ServiceMaster Incentives and Crosstown High -

Chips Moman has died. Word of his death Monday at a hospice in Georgia came two years after Moman was honored for his contributions to Memphis music and the city's history.

Those contributions were substantial and for quite a while they were overlooked – even while he was running the definition of a hit factory at American Sound Studios, a non-descript recording studio on Danny Thomas Boulevard at Chelsea Avenue in North Memphis.

8. Last Word: TNReady Termination, NFL Draft Day and What Drove The Bible Bill -

When students in public schools take tests these days, it is about more than how they are doing and whether they know what is being taught them.

The scores play a significant role in how teachers are evaluated and rated. And both play a role in their careers and how much they will be paid. They play a role in whether the state decides to take over a school or the school system they remain in decides to essentially start over with an Innovation School model.

9. Last Word: Kroger Disses Clarence Saunders, Mud Island Plans and The Australians -

What is old has become new again. And judging by your reaction to Andy Meek’s story on the Kroger plans for online ordering of groceries, what is old has gone viral as well.
Here are the basics:
You order from a list of items and Kroger fills the order and has it waiting for you to pick up.
When you think about the idea of supermarkets, which originated here in Memphis with Piggly Wiggly, it’s enough to make the Piggly Wiggly founder himself, Clarence Saunders, spin in his grave.
Before he came up with the idea of taking store shelves from behind the counter and putting them out there for you to get your own stuff from them, you would tell your grocer what you wanted and he would write it down on a paper bag and get it for you, wrap it up and present it to you.
Saunders changed all of that as you know if you’ve seen the Pink Palace’s child-sized replica of a Piggly Wiggly store from the start of the 20th century.
A century later, no paper bags and you can still walk among the shelves if you wish.
Perhaps this isn’t that extreme. Maybe this is simply a swing of the pendulum, back toward the middle ground.
Saunders tried to push it even further with his Keedoozle stores that followed Piggly Wiggly. In those stores, the items were lined up in what amounted to vending machines with shoppers releasing an item from the vertical row with a key.
Here Saunders went too far. He mashed the bread.

10. Kudzukian’s ‘Neo-Radio’ Platform Has Room to Grow -

What does kudzu have in common with a media content company in Memphis that bears its name?

Kudzukian founder Larry Robinson is hoping that his new, neo-radio concept will mirror the foot-a-day growth of the invasive southern vine.

11. Hot Yoga Plus Expands in Memphis -

Hot Yoga Plus, a Nashville-based yoga concept, is opening a second Memphis area location.

Hot Yoga Plus, founded by Memphian Susannah Herring, has signed a 2,015-square-foot lease at 9037 Poplar Ave. in Germantown. The new store is expected to open this fall and follows the original Memphis location in Laurelwood.

12. Hot Yoga Plus Expands in Memphis -

Hot Yoga Plus, a Nashville-based Yoga concept, is opening a second Memphis area location.

Hot Yoga Plus, founded by Memphian Susannah Herring, has signed a 2,015-square-foot lease at 9037 Poplar Ave. in Germantown. The new store is expected to open this fall and follows the original Memphis location in Laurelwood.

13. McDonald’s Wins Approval for Highland Location -

McDonald’s will begin construction next year of a new restaurant at Highland Street and Southern Avenue near the University of Memphis.

The fast food giant won unanimous approval Wednesday from the Memphis-Shelby County Board of Adjustment for several zoning variances, the only regulatory approval the company needed to move forward with the project.

14. All Dividend Stocks Not Created Equal -

There are 422 dividend paying stocks in the S&P 500 Index, but not all are created equal.

To use a job analogy, some jobs offer a good upfront salary and stability in income, however, upside growth is limited. While other jobs may have lower starting salaries, they make up for it with growth opportunity and, in some cases, unlimited upside through bonuses or commissions.

15. Obama Asks CEOs for Help Hiring Long-Term Jobless -

WASHINGTON (AP) – Confronting an economic recovery slowed by persistent joblessness, President Barack Obama on Friday won commitments from nearly 300 companies to reach out to the nearly 4 million Americans who have been jobless for half a year or more.

16. Marketing Power of Predictability -

When I was a very young man many, many years ago, I remember being fascinated by the information on the bottom of the McDonald’s hamburgers signage. Of course, I didn’t know about the word signage back then. I just knew McDonald’s had really cool signs with golden arches and big red and white words. The words at the bottom of the sign intrigued me most.

17. New Books Designed to Increase Fundraising -

Local fundraising consultants Melvin and Pearl Shaw have written two books designed to help nonprofits increase their fundraising activity.

18. Burger King Plans Apology After Twitter Hack -

Somebody hacked Burger King's Twitter account on Monday, posting obscene messages and changing its profile picture to a McDonald's logo.

The tweets stopped after a little more than an hour, and Burger King said it had reached out to Twitter to suspend the account. A Twitter spokesman did not immediately respond to a phone message left on Monday.

19. McDonald’s Plans Big Local Hiring Push -

McDonald’s franchisees across the Mid-South anticipate hiring up to 1,000 employees for crew and restaurant management positions on Wednesday, July 18.

The one-day event is part of a hiring push for the restaurant’s franchisees in West Tennessee, East Arkansas, North Mississippi, southwest Kentucky and southern Missouri, and the new positions will include both seasonal and longer-term full-time and part-time positions based upon individual restaurant needs.

20. Facebook Stock Climbs in Public Debut -

NEW YORK (AP) – Facebook updated its status to "public company" on Friday.

After an anxiety-filled half-hour delay, its stock began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market for the first time as investors were finally able to put a dollar value on the company that turned online social networking into a global cultural phenomenon.

21. Simmer Down Now -

Rational behavior reintroduced itself in the markets last week as the commodities market came off spin cycle. With the dust settling, we find oil back at $100, copper at $4, gold at $1,500 and the S&P 500 at 1340 – not far from where we were a month or so ago.

22. American Paper Optics Makes 16M 3-D Glasses for Time -

American Paper Optics LLC has shipped 16 million 3-D glasses for five Time Inc. publications on newsstands this week.

23. Lightman Buys Back Land To Bolster Retail Center -

Three acres in Centennial Commons
Memphis, TN 38125
Sale Amount: $2 Million

Sale Date: Sept. 12, 2008
Buyer: Michael A. Lightman Sr.
Seller: Winsouth Hotel Partnership

Details: Michael Lightman Sr. has bought back a three-acre parcel of land in Centennial Commons retail center that he sold to Winsouth Hotel Partnership nine years ago for $1.4 million. The land is on the southwest corner of the Centennial site, which is north of Winchester Road, east of Germantown Road and near Tenn. 385.

24. First South BuysGallina Centro Parcel -      First South Credit Union has purchased an acre of land on the west side of the multi-use Gallina Centro retail center, on Houston Levee Road between Winchester Road and West Poplar Avenue in Collierville.

25. Archived Article -

Gallina Centro Retail Center
On Houston Levee Road
Sale Amount: $17.8 million

Sale Date: March 26, 2007

26. Phoenix-Based Cole BuysGallina Centro Retail Center -      Gallina Centro Retail Center, the Boyle Investment Co. development at the corner of Winchester and South Houston Levee roads, has been bought for $17.8 million by the Phoenix-based real estate investment trust (REIT) tha

27. ZIP Code Confusion Continues Bedeviling Small Towns -

A line in the 1961 hit song by the Marvelettes asks, "Mr. Postman, look and see/if there's a letter in your bag for me."

It's also a question that residents of Lakeland, Arlington, Millington, Brighton, Munford, Atoka and other small towns in the Memphis metropolitan area may have asked themselves at one time or another, although for a different reason. Each town - with its open spaces, quiet streets and few hints of urban sprawl - has roughly the population of a megachurch, and that, in turn, is partly responsible for a peculiar postal problem for each.

28. Archived Article: Newsmakers - MAAR Pinnacle Awards Winners Announced

MAAR Announces Pinnacle Award Winners

The Memphis Area Association of Realtors announced the following winners of the fourth annual Pinnacle Awards: Al Andrews Jr. of Panattoni Development Co., Commercial...

29. Archived Article: Real - By Andy Meek

ZIP Code Confusion Plagues Tipton Towns


The Daily News

According to the unofficial motto of the U.S. Postal Service, "Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will keep the mailman from his appointed rounds.&q...

30. Archived Article: Real - Fayette County Growth Continued in 2005

Growth Issues Dominate Fayette Agenda in 2004


The Daily News

Fayette County is On the Grow! The slogan put forth by the countys Chamber of Commerce delineates area officials philosophy ...

31. Archived Article: Trends - By Andy Meek

Wireless Hotspots Hot in New Construction


The Daily News

In Julie Rays Pinch District cafe, customers of all ages, at almost any time of day, can be found hunched over their laptops as they enjoy their cups of coff...

32. Archived Article: Lead - Bio-Diesel Facility Comes to West Tennessee

Emerging Industry Picks Fayette Site

New bio-diesel plant set to open in Moscow


The Daily News

Imagine driving down Interstate 40, sitting in rush-hour traffic behind an 18-wheel...

33. Archived Article: Fayette I (lead) - Fayette County Retail

Fayette Awaits New Retail Development

Oakland leads the way in countys commercial growth


The Daily News

When Oakland residents head to the voting booths in November, theyll be checking yes or no on an...

34. Archived Article: Gov Focus - Highways Assist Tipton Countys Growth

Highway Could Add to Tipton County Growth


The Daily News

Designed to serve as a trade route connecting Mexico and Canada via the central United States, Interstate 69 will have a great imp...

35. Archived Article: Gov Focus - Gov

Fayette County Prepares for Growth


The Daily News

Like it or not, Fayette County, the people are coming. As Shelby County taxes go up and residential construction continues to head eastward, developers are increasingly lo...

36. Archived Article: Memos - Lynn Harton was appointed

Lynn Harton was appointed senior executive vice president and chief credit officer for Union Planters Bank and Union Planters Corp. Harton previously managed the small business banking group at BB&T in Winston-Salem,...

37. Archived Article: Standout - Brown works to strengthen Memphis sports image

Brown works to strengthen Memphis sports image


The Daily News

She had just had a baby, and was understandably tired.

But representatives from the National Collegiate Athlet...

38. Archived Article: Small Biz Focus - Healthy drink store

Healthy drink store shakes up big business


The Daily News

Enticing customers with the taste of creamy shakes with fewer calories than the usual variety nutritional drink stores are springing up nearly a...

39. Archived Article: Standout - Head butler

Head butler


The Daily News

The Peabodys new general manager thinks of a particular anecdote when asked to illustrate the value of paying attention to detail.

As manager of a hotel in Baltimore, Douglas Brown...

40. Archived Article: Market Focus - The joy of eating spurs dieting trends, business

The joy of eating spurs dieting trends, business


The Daily News

Memphians accustomed to barbecued pork, country-fried potatoes and catfish fillets know they make for good ea...

41. Archived Article: Benchmark - U.S. Attorney files complaint against

U.S. Attorney files complaint against

McDonalds over ADA violations

Terrell L. Harris, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, said his office filed a complaint against Century Management L...

42. Archived Article: Benchmark - Hold the fries

Hold the fries judge rules

McDonalds not accountable

A federal judge dismissed a class action lawsuit Wednesday filed on behalf of New York children that claimed McDonald's food caused them to suffer health problems including...

43. Archived Article: Backyard (lead) - Back Yard Burgers turning up the heat

Back Yard Burgers turning up the heat


The Daily News

Arising from the unlikeliest of places, the cotton-laced Mississippi Delta, Memphis-based Back Yard Burgers continues finding local...

44. Archived Article: Standout - Esprit de corps Esprit de corps By MARY DANDO The Daily News When John Milton said, "They also serve who only stand and wait," he might have been describing Lori Hoschs role at the Olympics in Salt Lake City. Hosch was one of a handful of ...

45. Archived Article: Real Focus - By JENNIFER MURLEY HUD achievements reverberate in Memphis area By JENNIFER MURLEY The Daily News Amidst the highest recorded rates of nationwide homeownership, minority groups are breaking a few records of their own and reaping the benefits from re...

46. Archived Article: Lucb (lead) - By JENNIFER MURLEY

Neighbors apply brakes

to car lot expansion


The Daily News

A group of homeowners in an established Berclair area neighborhood are banning together to oppose an application scheduled on todays Land...

47. Archived Article: Standout - By JENNIFER MURLEY Class act By JENNIFER MURLEY The Daily News They told her it would be impossible to re-open old inner-city Catholic schools. Well, six formerly defunct Catholic schools in Downtown, South and North Memphis have been re-opened in t...

48. Archived Article: Ph Book (lead) - By: JENNIFER MURLEY Recycling month kicks off Friday By JENNIFER MURLEY The Daily News The Shelby County Environmental Improvement Commission kicks off its annual monthlong ReBook Recycling campaign Friday, urging citizens across the county to recyc...

49. Archived Article: Loeb (lead) - Trinity Commons shopping center changes ownership Trinity Commons changes ownership By SUE PEASE The Daily News Attracted to the tenant mix of Trinity Commons shopping center in Cordova, Loeb Realty purchased the property in a deal worth $14.3 milli...

50. Archived Article: Popeye (lead) - By SUZANNE THOMPSON More Popeyes Chicken stores land in Mid-South By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News MIC, the local company that owns and operates 47 Burger King locations throughout the Mid-South, has ventured into a new fast food arena: spicy chic...

51. Archived Article: Real Review - Construction on the South Lake Centre in Southaven, Miss DeSoto retail boom continues with addition of South Lake Centre Construction on the South Lake Centre in Southaven, Miss., is on schedule, which means several new stores are set to open in lat...

52. Archived Article: Tech Focus - Intellectual law isnt just for trademarks anymore Intellectual law isnt just for trademarks anymore By KATHLEEN BURT The Daily News Remember a time before the Internet? It was a time when chips were crunchy things that came in bags and a floppy disk...

53. Archived Article: Tech Focus - Technology puts Internet at travelers fingertips Technology puts Internet at travelers fingertips By PETE McMICKLE Special to The Daily News A big part of the Internets future is wireless connectivity. This has never been more apparent to me th...

54. Archived Article: Tech Focus (duerr) - YOUR NAME IS YOUR OWN Your name is your own well, maybe. By Richard E. Duerr, Jr. Special to The Daily News It is said that if you build a better mousetrap, people will beat a path to your door, even if you live deep in the woods. A better mousetrap...

55. Archived Article: Marketplace - Goodman Road Good eatin hits Goodman Road in a flurry By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News Last week, Hueys opened its first burger joint in Mississippi, in a newly built shopping center on Goodman Road in Southaven. Every night since its opening, the p...

56. Archived Article: Lead - Kroger to expand into Hernando Kroger receives approval for first Hernando store By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News The Hernando Planning Commission this week granted preliminary approval of site plans for a proposed new Kroger store, the citys first ...

57. Archived Article: Real Review Lj - Real Review 11-9-99 The Kroger Co. has filed for a preliminary subdivision application for construction for a new store in Hernando, Miss. Kroger is requesting permission to build on 11 acres west of Mt. Pleasant Road and Commerce Street, close to H...

58. Archived Article: Real Briefs - Highwood Properties Inc Highwood Properties Inc. reported that for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, funds from operations totaled $61.1 million or 86 cents per diluted share, a 3.6 percent increase on a per-share basis over the $57.1 million or 83 ...

59. Archived Article: Bd. Adjst (lead) - By LAURIE JOHNSON Pest control company seeks zoning variance By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News After leasing for 37 years, an East Memphis pest control company thought it had found the perfect property to buy, a nearby residence already surrounded by...

60. Archived Article: Memos - Promus Names New Development Ronald C. Muzii Jr. has been named vice president of development for Promus Vacation Resorts. Muzii was formerly president of Innovative Hospitality Group Inc. in Miami. He is a graduate of Cornell University. B. Ted Ham...

61. Archived Article: Marketplace St - By SUZANNE THOMPSON Youre putting an ad where? Businesses are using more specialty advertising to get their message across in new and different ways By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News Whether its on a golf tee or wrapped around a city bus, advertise...

62. Archived Article: Real Fcs (hud Nn) Lj - By LAURIE JOHNSON Learning at home Neighborhood Networks program helps residents of HUD-assisted apartment communities get the computer skills they need to compete in the job market By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News In virtually every sector of the m...

63. Archived Article: Comm Focus - By SUZANNE THOMPSON A house that is home Ronald McDonald House provides St. Jude patients and their families with rooms and often, relationships By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News Ronald McDonald House is more than just brick and mortar or pillars a...

64. Archived Article: Comm Briefs - Women of Achievement is accepting nominations through Jan. 15 for its annual awards. Each year the group, established to recognize womens contributions to the community, gives seven awards in the categories of initiative, determination, courage, her...

65. Archived Article: Comm Briefs - Due to a shortage of blood in the Mid-South, several Lifeblood neighborhood donor centers are opening extra hours during the holidays Due to a shortage of blood in the Mid-South, several Lifeblood neighborhood donor centers are opening extra hours d...

66. Archived Article: Exchange Chg - Exchange Club Family Center to move to Union Exchange Club Family Center to move to Union By CAMILLE H. GAMBLE The Daily News The Exchange Club Family Center in Memphis has purchased a building at 2180 Union Ave. and will move its offices from 3000 ...

67. Archived Article: Marketplace Chg - By CAMILLE H Franchise fun Prospective business owners can find information on franchise companies locally, on the Net By CAMILLE H. GAMBLE The Daily News People who think the corporate conundrums described in Dilbert are sounding all too familiar m...

68. Archived Article: Fast Lane-bullit's Lj - By LAURIE JOHNSON New ëCstore/fast food combo to debut in Memphis By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News A Mississippi-based convenience store company is preparing to extend its presence into the Memphis market, and it is bringing with it a new fast ...

69. Archived Article: Comm Focus - By SUZANNE THOMPSON Making sense of money Independent financial representative gives workshop in high schools to help youth become wealth wise By SUZANNE THOMPSON The Daily News The resounding eternal phrase parents use in talking to teens about mon...

70. Archived Article: Trophies Chg - By CAMILLE H Discount Trophies to build new Bartlett store Company president to lease two extra bays to retailers By CAMILLE H. GAMBLE The Daily News The president of Discount Trophies Inc. in Bartlett has purchased property on Highway 64 and has pl...

71. Archived Article: Standout - Germantown High School teacher Frank Bluestein leads the way down a hall in the school lined with framed programs of the many high school productions he has directed over the years at the Poplar Pike Playhouse.   Bluestein creates artistic chan...

72. Archived Article: Bio Box - Bio Bits Bio Bits name: Ephraim Frank Bluestein date of birth: May 19, 1949 place of birth: Memphis marital status: married, 22 years, wife, Brenda education: University of Memphis, bachelors, 1971, and masters, 19...

73. Archived Article: Lakeland Lj - lj 10/5 cates New mall, rural feel contribute to Lakeland growth By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News Housing starts in Lakeland reached a near-record level in 1996, and commercial development is expected to get a jump-start during the coming year with ...

74. Archived Article: King Chg - By CAMILLE H Four more Burger King convenience centers planned DEC. 12, 1996 -- Construction will start after Christmas on a Burger King/convenience store concept at Poplar Avenue and Kirby Parkway, the second of five planned for the Memphis area. M...

75. Archived Article: Back - Education symposium to feature BellSouth CEO Education symposium to feature BellSouth CEO A symposium today at the University of Memphis will focus on the role businesses can take in the continuing effort to improve and update local education. With ...

76. Archived Article: Filler - Trust Marketing exec to speak to marketers Trust Marketing exec to speak to marketers The Direct Marketing Association will meet today at 11:45 a.m. at Folks Folly restaurant, 551 S. Mendenhall Road. The speaker will be Howard Robertson Jr., founder...

77. Archived Article: Milestones - Don Neal, director of sales, marketing and strategic alliances for Hallmark Business Expressions in Kansas City, Mo., will address the Direct Marketing Association of Memphis at its meeting on Tuesday at 11:45 a.m. at Folks Folly. The Direct Marketi...

78. Archived Article: Johnny Rockets - 5-13 chg johnny rockets Construction starts on new 50s-style restaurant By CAMILLE H. GAMBLE The Daily News Construction has started on the new Johnny Rockets restaurant being built at 567 Perkins Extended by franchisee David Kaplan of Mission Contr...

79. Archived Article: Filler - 04-16 Filler The American Marketing Association will meet on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Marriott Hotel in the Thousand Oaks Center. The speaker will be Julius Dorsey, preisent of the strategic management consulting firm Dorsey & Co. His compa...

80. Archived Article: Milestones - 04-12 Milestones Jimmy Hamiter and Shepherd Simmons have been promoted to senior copywriters at Thompson & Co. Hamiter, who is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, has 15 years of advertising experience. He joined Thompson & Co. in 1993 ...

81. Archived Article: Milestones - 04-05 Milestones The Direct Marketing Association of Memphis will sponsor a seminar on April 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Peabody Hotel. During the conference, "Relationship Marketing: The Secrets of Innovation and Successful Companies...

82. Archived Article: Neighborhd Assoc Lj - lj 10/5 cates Neighborhood associations protect residents, build community spirit By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News When Elbert Rich Jr. and his neighbors discovered that gang members were using their quiet streets as a delivery zone for stolen cars,...

83. Archived Article: Bartlett Plng Lj - lj 10/5 cates Bartlett commercial development gets no winter break Bartlett planning commission approves eight commercial projects By LAURIE JOHNSON The Daily News While residential development in Bartlett appears to be hibernating during these dead...

84. Archived Article: Franchises - 12/18 jts franchises Franchising Memphis-style: pioneers right here By JAMES SNYDER The Daily News You know some of the basics: McDonalds, Wendys, Circle K. Theyre franchises with national exposure. Memphis has its own franchises. A pioneering franc...

85. Archived Article: Law Focus - 11/16 jts law focus Tort reform unnecessary and unjust, circuit court judge argues By JAMES SNYDER The Daily News The multi-million dollar decision awarding a woman who scalded herself with a hot cup of McDonalds coffee is not the bane of an unjust ...