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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

1,051 Public Records consisting of 1,051 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses1
Misc Register Filings30
Other Liens6
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity16
Court Calendars: Circuit15
Court Filings: Chancery2
Court Filings: Circuit22
Court Filings: General Sessions9
FED Warrants33
Power of Attorney & Decrees104
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases28
Easements & Land Related4
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications42
Mortgage: Releases206
Mortgage: Trust Deeds82
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building19
Permits: Electrical37
Permits: Mechanical65
Permits: Plumbing10
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds103
Quit Claim57
Rents & Leases8
Trustee Appointments1

Power of Attorney & Decrees

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View09/21/22Americredit Financial Services Inc; Ford, Marcus K; Greenlee, Tamika L 
View09/21/22Autovest Llc; Young, Joe 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Wright, Shronda L 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Williamson, Kenneth 
View09/21/22Cash Link Usa; Valley, Deshel 
View09/21/22Plaza Services Llc; Wright, Neely 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Watkins, Catherine 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Mcghee, Karen W 
View09/21/22Ally Financial Inc; Wainwright, Shawn 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Sugars, Sylvester V 
View09/21/22Autovest Llc; Stewart, Marqueze 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Shaw, Richard L 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Robledo, Angela 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Robinson, Laquana 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Perry, Odessa 
View09/21/22Nelson, Alexis; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Myers, Bobbie E 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Morton, Elma B 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Moore, Ernest E 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Mitchell, Minnisha 
View09/21/221St Financial Bank Usa; Milan, Daijah Z 
View09/21/22Garrison, George H; Hunt, Laquita T 
View09/21/22Johnson, Ronnie L; Jsm Facilities Maintenance Inc; Pathway Lending; Southeast Community Capital Corp 
View09/21/22Coleman, Jimmie L; Sunshine Corp 
View09/21/22Sunshine Corp; Turner, Tierra S 
View09/21/22Second Round Sub Llc; Washington, Latasha 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Morrison, Jacinta J; Morrison, Jerry 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Jacks, Alicia 
View09/21/22Cross 2Nd, Michael B; Crown Asset Management Llc 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Owens, Amy 
View09/21/22Check Into Cash Of Tennessee Inc; Edwards, Sharon 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Turnage, William 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Watson, Jennifer S 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Mcgee, Latonya 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie L 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie L 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie 
View09/21/22Crown Asset Management Llc; Hopson, Jackie 
View09/21/22Campus Crest At Murfreesboro Llc; Grove At Murfreesboro; Muhammad, Nehia 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Vaughn, Carla 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Morrow, Stephaniestez 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Wallace, Stacy 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Price, Felicia B 
View09/21/22Midland Credit Management Inc; Praet, Amanda 
View09/21/22Midland Credit Management Inc; Noggle, Amanda 
View09/21/22Green, Ashlee; Midland Credit Management Inc 
View09/21/22Midland Credit Management Inc; Winfrey, Karissa 
View09/21/22Midland Credit Management Inc; Mitchell, Adicus 
View09/21/22King, Philip; Midland Credit Management Inc 
View09/21/22Citibk; Home Depot Consumer Crdt; Mitchell, Cynthia 
View09/21/22Jackson, Jordarian; Midland Credit Management Inc 
View09/21/22Dorsey, Cameron; Straight Drop Seafood Memphis Llc; Us Foods Inc 
View09/21/22Spangler, Brian K; Spangler, Margaret LPeyton Ridge Cv No 34
View09/21/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Prewitt, Yichieh 
View09/21/22Billings, Samuel T; C H F Inc 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Peoples, Enola; Taylor, Tracey 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Holmes, Schronda 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Turnage, Mario 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Hardin, Tiara 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Williams, Tiny D 
View09/21/22Boyland, Britany; Credit Acceptance Corp; Thompson, Tony 
View09/21/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Smith, Monzell S 
View09/21/22Dempsey, Jay W; First Portfolio Ventures I Llc 
View09/21/22Lawson, Tanmika; Oliphant Financial Llc 
View09/21/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Kimler, David 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Perry, Tiffany 
View09/21/22Credit Acceptance Corp; Mathis, Jamario 
View09/21/22Baxter, Jeanette W; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/21/22Blakely, Regina A; Conn Appliances Inc 
View09/21/221St Financial Bank Usa; Blount, Eric D 
View09/21/22Bowen, Rachel; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Brown, Sharron; Pca Acquisitions V Llc 
View09/21/22Chaffen, Tequita; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Clark, Angela; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Clay, Whitney; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Cox, Erica; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Davis, Shannon 
View09/21/22Gant, Cheryl; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Gause, Kirmesha; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Hamilton, Eric; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Hargrove, Maxine 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Henson, Catrice 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Hodges, Reginald 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Johnson, Alvertina 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Kimble, Latisha 
View09/21/22Lindsey, Demetria; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Lyles, Jocelyn 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Mcgregory, Keawanna 
View09/21/22Mckinnon, Javon; Oliphant Financial Llc 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Murrell, Tamika 
View09/21/22Nelson, Thomas; Plaza Services Llc 
View09/21/22Plaza Services Llc; Price, Robert 
View09/21/22Pca Acquisitions V Llc; Rembert, Keith 
View09/21/22Conn Appliancs Inc; Shields, Louise 
View09/21/22Autovest Llc; Shipp, Antonio 
View09/21/22Plaza Services Llc; Sims, Rochauna 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Spencer, Kimberly 
View09/21/22Plaza Services Llc; Taylor, Everlina 
View09/21/22Prestige Financial Services Inc; Taylor, William 
View09/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Tate, Ernestine 
View09/21/22Financial Federal Bank; Marico Andrews And Obach Llc; Wunderlich Kent Tr 
View09/21/22Dooley, Edgar P; Dooley, Emma R