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Friday, July 6, 2018

1,209 Public Records consisting of 1,209 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses16
Misc Register Filings15
Newcomers: Utility Connections50
Other Liens24
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity5
Court Filings: Chancery8
Court Filings: Circuit67
Court Filings: General Sessions76
FED Warrants80
Power of Attorney & Decrees43
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases7
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications16
Mortgage: Releases109
Mortgage: Trust Deeds126
Notice of Completion3
Permits: Building23
Permits: Electrical56
Permits: Mechanical120
Permits: Plumbing27
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds128
Quit Claim40
Rents & Leases3
Trustee Appointments11

Power of Attorney & Decrees

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View07/06/18Bonner, Dierre A; Term City Furniture 
View07/06/18Brown, Clora; Term City Furniture 
View07/06/18Brooms, Tanicka; Pyramid Used Cars 
View07/06/18Henderson, Debbie; Mcclain Motors 
View07/06/18Andrews, Candace; Memphis Auto Sales And Consulting Inc 
View07/06/18Brown, Treddgas; Covington Pike Acceptance Co 
View07/06/18Budget Financial Inc; Ewing, Samuel 
View07/06/18Martin, Jheramie; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View07/06/18Moreland, Matthew; S And F Financial Llc 
View07/06/18Budget Financial Inc; Davis, Kayla 
View07/06/18Mcfarland, Jamarcus; Memphis Auto Sales And Consulting Inc 
View07/06/18First South Financial Credit Union; Mcauley, Stephanie J 
View07/06/18First South Financial Credit Union; Mcclaran, David 
View07/06/18Goodman Road Financial Llc; Mcintosh, Carolyn; Mcintosh, Lakeech 
View07/06/18First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc; Houston, Lakeisha 
View07/06/18Goodman Road Financial Llc; Haywood, Annie 
View07/06/18First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc; Holmes, Diana 
View07/06/18Goodman Road Financial Llc; Orrill, Shelley 
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Hughes, David 
View07/06/18Pyramid Used Cars; Vaughn, Marcus 
View07/06/18First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc; Holloway, Danyelle 
View07/06/18Budget Financial Inc; Harris, Antoinette 
View07/06/18Ogwin, Tracy; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View07/06/18Houston, Melanie B; Pyramid Financial Llc 
View07/06/18First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc; Hayes, Rosetta 
View07/06/18Covington Pike Acceptance Co; Oneal, Tamara 
View07/06/18Covington Pike Acceptance Co; Harpe, Matthew 
View07/06/18First Metropolitan Financial Services; Hayden, Marcus D 
View07/06/18Robert, Benjamin W; Roberts, Jessica JLakewood Dr
View07/06/18Cook, Brandon A; Hutchison School; Johnson, Kenya R 
View07/06/18Hoyt, Regina G; Kennedy, SeanMeda St
View07/06/18Jackson, Timothy P; Rogers, Mary VBluebell St
View07/06/18Alnakib, Abdulrazzaq; Alnakib, Faris A 
View07/06/18Hitzfeld, April L; Hitzfeld, John FAnise Cv
View07/06/18Jones, Betty A; Meredith, Jennifer J 
View07/06/18Califf, Cary R; Shaltiel, NagarNorth Ericson Dr
View07/06/18Cordel, Daniel J; Cordel, David SStacy Diane Cv
View07/06/18Callahan, Kevin F; Callahan, Pamela RSpottswood Ave
View07/06/18Peters, Caitlin; Peters, Renee MColemont Dr
View07/06/18Reed, Kenneth C; Reed, Trevor B; Sanders, Kyndal DFairway View Cir East
View07/06/18Edwards, Alaetrea; Gray, Trina 
View07/06/18White, Doyle; White, NancyRolling Hills Dr
View07/06/18Ozier, Laura C; Ozier, Ronald WFossil Creek Rd