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Friday, July 6, 2018

1,209 Public Records consisting of 1,209 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses16
Misc Register Filings15
Newcomers: Utility Connections50
Other Liens24
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity5
Court Filings: Chancery8
Court Filings: Circuit67
Court Filings: General Sessions76
FED Warrants80
Power of Attorney & Decrees43
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases7
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications16
Mortgage: Releases109
Mortgage: Trust Deeds126
Notice of Completion3
Permits: Building23
Permits: Electrical56
Permits: Mechanical120
Permits: Plumbing27
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds128
Quit Claim40
Rents & Leases3
Trustee Appointments11


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View07/06/18Ifreedom Direct Corp; Lee, Mary; Lee, Robert 
View07/06/18Community Mortgage Corp; Smith, Dawn 
View07/06/18Fedex Employees Credit Association Federal Credit Union; Waddell, David SLedgewood Ln
View07/06/18Magna Bank; Roberts, Bradley F; Roberts, Erika M 
View07/06/18Hitzfeld, April L; Hitzfeld, John F; Mortgage Investors Group 
View07/06/18Roe Sr, Andrew L; Roe, Linda H; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Bank Of America National Association; Yu, Kidong 
View07/06/18Fedex Employees Credit Association Federal Credit Union; Fountain, Michael W; Fountain, Terri LSilverman
View07/06/18Cassman, Debbie A; Cassman, Rodney J; U S Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Kennedy, Regina R; Kennedy, Stephen M; Triumph BankGreen Pastures Cv North
View07/06/18Interiano, Ashley C; Interiano, Rodrigo B; Mortgage Investors Group 
View07/06/18Everett, Elena R; Everett, John P; Magna Bank 
View07/06/18Acf Properties Llc; Malone Jr, Thomas FForest Hill Irene Rd
View07/06/18Nguyen, Cam; Suntrust Mortgage Inc 
View07/06/18Collins, Kelly C; Suntrust Mortgage Inc 
View07/06/18Banks, Emanuel; Banks, Mary R; Homeside Lending Inc 
View07/06/18Cole, Vishawn T; Hampton Cole, Lisa; Iberiabank Mortgage Co 
View07/06/18Walker, Jessica; Walker, Matthew; Wells Fargo Bank National Association TrWhite Oaks Ln
View07/06/18Clark, Jeffrey L; Pulaski Mortgage Co 
View07/06/18Ditech Financial Llc; Woods, John J; Woods, Willie F 
View07/06/18Anna S Graunke Living Trust; Graunke Anna S Tr; Graunke Kurt W Tr; Triumph Mortgage 
View07/06/18Braswell, Andrea L; Braswell, Jeremy L; Sand Canyon CorpClarke Rd
View07/06/18Gonzalez, Odette L; James B Nutter And CoArbor Lake Dr
View07/06/18Eavenson, Shawn W; First Capital BankWalker St
View07/06/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Shaw, Amber G; Shaw, Nicholas A 
View07/06/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Mize, Jeffrey T; Mize, Kathryn E 
View07/06/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Parker, Ashley C; Parker, David I 
View07/06/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Southern Dutch Properties 
View07/06/18Ajani Llc; Bancorpsouth Bank; Ga C Store Inc 
View07/06/18Independent Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Ashford Memphis Lp; Vmf Cre 1 Llc 
View07/06/18Finnell, Julia A; Finnell, Timothy J; Renasant Bank 
View07/06/18Cannon, Jeanne B; Cannon, Judson W; Renasant Bank 
View07/06/18Renasant Bank; Strain, Matthew D 
View07/06/18Cordova Tn Llc; Southern BankNorth Germantown Pkwy
View07/06/18Lucchesi, Gabrielle; Prewitt Jr, Julian J; Triumph Mortgage 
View07/06/18Cordova Tn Llc; Scott John F Tr; Southern BankNorth Germantown Pkwy
View07/06/18A And B Enterprise Lp; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Wring, Bruce; Wring, Virginia AJanis Dr
View07/06/18Dpc Ventures Llc; Rialto Square Homeowners Association IncCortona
View07/06/18Deviney Construction Co Inc; Dpc Ventures Llc 
View07/06/18Collins, Catherine L; Collins, Philip R; Saunders, Ashley C; Saunders, David MAlexander St
View07/06/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Voa Property Corp Of Louisville Inc 
View07/06/18Anderson, David; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Citimortgage Inc; Echeverria, Luis E; Echeverria, Wendy E 
View07/06/18Hansard Construction Co Inc; Hansard, Vickey; Weschor Tn LlcCourt; Merriwether; Mosby; Poplar Ave
View07/06/18Majkrzak, Karen P; Majkrzak, Ronald B; Regions Bank 
View07/06/18Lewis, Lakeisha; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsGoldstream Ln
View07/06/18Boettcher, Jane M; Boettcher, Ken A; Jpmorgan Chase Bank National AssociationLanding Oaks Dr
View07/06/18Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Payne, Dan S; Payne, Jennifer ELaurel Ln
View07/06/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Tate Iii, Fred HBaird Dr
View07/06/18Clifft, Darin R; Clifft, Lisa A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Carley, Thomas A; Kelly Carley, Lisa; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Silverstein, Karen J; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Arnold, Crystal D; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Community Mortgage Corp; Harwell, Melissa D 
View07/06/18Burgess, David L; Burgess, Teresa L; Pinnacle Bank 
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Lin, Chao HWoodlane Dr
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Humphrey Jr, Walter BScotland Rd
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Smith, Wei LWoodsman Ln
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Kerns, Donald R; Kerns, Ruby PBelle Manor Dr
View07/06/18Community Mortgage Corp; Parker, Kyle W; Parker, Tricia A 
View07/06/18Holliday, Elizabeth T; Holliday, William L; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Hessling, Ponecia; Hessling, Steven; Primelending 
View07/06/18Pennington, Alice G; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Lucas, Devonia R; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Elmer, James S; Elmer, Kathryn A; First South Credit UnionStonewall St
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Melkent, Anthony; Melkent, Teri EDogwood Creek
View07/06/18First South Credit Union; Mcintosh, Robert BStonewall St
View07/06/18Drysdale, Jill M; Jpmorgan Chase Bank National AssociationMisty Woods Cv South
View07/06/18Faller, Dolly M; Faller, Joseph C; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsRichbriar St
View07/06/18Broadfoot Iii, Walter M; Jpmorgan Chase Bank National AssociationWilliford Ave
View07/06/18Touliatos, Eftehia J; Triumph BankNorth Westbrook Rd
View07/06/18Mckee, Jamie E; Mckee, Michael S; Triumph BankEast Long Rd
View07/06/18Brafford, Dorothy W; Brafford, H Wayne; Kathleen C Brafford Revocable Inter Vivos Trust 
View07/06/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Powell, Eric L; Powell, Wanda 
View07/06/18Churchill Mortgage Corp; Kolwaite, Monika G; Kolwaite, Patrick A 
View07/06/18Bank Of Bartlett; Chao Investment Co; Xue, Zhen C; Zhao, Yang BEast Chimney Rock Blvd; Speerberry Ln
View07/06/18Bank Of Bartlett; Xue, Zhen C; Zhao, Yang BRed Fern Cir
View07/06/18Mccabe, Bryson C; Mccabe, Natalie R; Patriot Bank 
View07/06/18Mortgage Investors Group; Reed, Trevor B; Sanders, Kyndal D 
View07/06/18Mazor, Igor B; Mazor, Natalya D; U S Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Patriot Bank; Summerfield, Richard D; Summerfield, Valentina 
View07/06/18Queen, David R; Queen, Nancy L; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Johnson, Brenda R; Suntrust Mortgage Inc 
View07/06/18Cifuentes, Ivan R; Everett Financial Inc; Smith, Jeffrey A; Supreme Lending 
View07/06/18Nash, Kenneth S; Nash, Krysten; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Gresham, Beverly S; Gresham, James L; Paragon Bank 
View07/06/18Community Mortgage Corp; Jennings, Kimberly A; Jennings, Peter HQuail Ridge Cv
View07/06/18Patriot Bank; Sehnert Iii, William F; Sehnert, Sarah L 
View07/06/18Elliott, Maurice; Elliott, Tara C; Patriot Bank 
View07/06/18Lund, Daniel J; Nebk, Agoud; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View07/06/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation LlcAloha Ave
View07/06/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation LlcYale Rd
View07/06/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation LlcForsyth Dr
View07/06/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Jones, Kimberley E; Jones, Robert MGrove Dale St
View07/06/18Independent Bank; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Banktennessee; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Banktennessee; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Bank Tennessee; Mid South Homebuyers IncCarrolton Rd
View07/06/18Banktennessee; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Bank Tennessee; Mid South Homebuyers IncRoyal Wood Dr
View07/06/18Banktennessee; Mid South Homebuyers Inc 
View07/06/18Debose, Edna L; Itrust Federal Credit Union 
View07/06/18Citimortgage Inc; Van Grouw, Catherine M; Van Grouw, John A 
View07/06/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Richardson, Carol A; Richardson, Eric N 
View07/06/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Phipps, Christina D; Pryor, Celeste D 
View07/06/18Boggan Owens, Wanda; Kirby Farms Homeowners AssociationMew Cv
View07/06/18Mason, Donna; Townhouse Village Homeowners Association IncJames Kent Court
View07/06/18First Bank; Hansom Homes IncDubray Place