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Thursday, June 6, 2019

1,366 Public Records consisting of 1,366 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses24
Marriage Licenses22
Misc Register Filings11
Newcomers: Utility Connections38
Other Liens5
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Circuit2
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit51
Court Filings: General Sessions38
FED Warrants54
Power of Attorney & Decrees36
Probate Court10
Tax Liens & Releases27
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications98
Mortgage: Releases191
Mortgage: Trust Deeds103
Permits: Building26
Permits: Electrical29
Permits: Mechanical123
Permits: Plumbing50
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds137
Quit Claim30
Rents & Leases6
Trustee Appointments4

Court Filings

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View06/06/19Conway, Amber; Piccadilly Holdings, Llc; Yates, Stuart Baker 
View06/06/19Reed, Latosha; Tower Loan Of Horn Lake; Uhlmann, Robert F 
View06/06/19Shumaker, Alexis; Tower Loan Of Horn Lake; Uhlmann, Robert F 
View06/06/19Tower Loan Of Horn Lake; Uhlmann, Robert F; Wilson, Clard 
View06/06/19Reed, Latosha; Tower Loan Of Horn Lake; Uhlmann, Robert F 
View06/06/19Flowers, Karen; Tower Loan Of Horn Lake; Uhlmann, Robert F 
View06/06/19Campos, Marco; Graham, Kevin N; Kearney, Kenneth; Mygrant Glass Company, Inc 
View06/06/19Harris, Billie; Harris, Ernest; Mcenerney, Eric A; Stark, Alissa; Stark, Jacob 
View06/06/19Acerra, Carey L; Arnold, Deena K; Ave Maria Foundation Of Memphis, Inc; Ave Maria Home, Inc; Espey, Eric H; Jehl, Cameron C; Jewell, Bessie Lee; Lang, Judy A 
View06/06/19Branch, Raysean; Case, Glenn; Margolis, Kenneth M 
View06/06/19Central Transport Llc; Clunis, Robert; Keenan, Clyde W; Payne, Terrus 
View06/06/19Bacalan, Joseph; Connect Express, Llc; Culpepper, Clay; Fleet Equipment Leasing, Llc; Shelby, Nathan E 
View06/06/19Renteria, Georgina Rodriguez; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Mercier, Evelyn; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Robinson, Tammara; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Childress, Ethel; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Brooks, Darien; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Edwards, Bonearl; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Thomas, Jermey 
View06/06/19Saint Francis Hospital; Wall, Linda 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Walraven, Jessica 
View06/06/19Perez, Blandina; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Jones, La Tasha 
View06/06/19Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Clinton, Michael 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Solaz-Rodriguez, Rebecca 
View06/06/19Hernandez, Teresa; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Clay, Shanade 
View06/06/19Colbert, Levita; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Galloway, Marie; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Anaston, Tonyanyika; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Brown, May; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Roberson, Jennifer; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Lucas, Kawana; St Francis Hospital - Bartlett 
View06/06/19Miller, Johnny; Saint Francis Hospital 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Gish, Aidan 
View06/06/19Anthony, Angelica; Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Colbert, Ariel 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Relliford, Brittney 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Lewis, Connie 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Burton, Damari 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Davis, Ivry 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Jackson, Larry 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Sihapanya, Mithouphone 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Reid, Nakita 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Lee, Patricia 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Richmond, Shirley 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville; Griffin, Willie 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Johnson, Brielle 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Marchbanks, James 
View06/06/19Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis; Hamilton, Lashelle