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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

1,467 Public Records consisting of 1,467 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses30
Marriage Licenses31
Misc Register Filings31
Newcomers: Utility Connections30
Other Liens1
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity16
Court Calendars: Circuit30
Court Filings: Chancery3
Court Filings: Circuit55
Court Filings: General Sessions221
FED Warrants94
Power of Attorney & Decrees15
Probate Court3
Tax Liens & Releases45
Easements & Land Related4
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications34
Mortgage: Releases130
Mortgage: Trust Deeds102
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building43
Permits: Electrical79
Permits: Mechanical94
Permits: Plumbing42
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds138
Quit Claim34
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments2

FED Warrants

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View06/05/19Walker, Shequita; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Miller, Novasha; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Slater, Reginald; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Cathey, Shakiena; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Wiley, Laquintus; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Edwards, Terriah; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Strong, Matneisha; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Green, Rhonda; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Anderson, Shawn; Jackson, Monesha; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Thomas, Shakayra; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Humphrey, Teketia; Peachtree North Apartments 
View06/05/19Smith, Michael; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Gaston, Ralph; Stewart, Ella; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Thomas, Denise; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Bynum, Deborah; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Matthews, Shamonica; Shadowbrook Townhomes 
View06/05/19Miller, Jerry; The Rivergrove 
View06/05/19Shadowbrook Townhomes; Taylor, Miricole 
View06/05/19Shadowbrook Townhomes; Turnstall, Quesha 
View06/05/19Kimball Cabana Apts; Mitchell, Missie 
View06/05/19Brock, Brenda; Kimball Cabana Apts; Smiley, Jb 
View06/05/19Fields, Kyneteria; Kimball Cabana Apts 
View06/05/19Robertson, Roma; Thompsom, Vincent 
View06/05/19Levy, Samantha; Lincoln Apts 
View06/05/19Aldrige, John; Ashter, Aviad 
View06/05/19Gibson, Edwin; Moore, Aldoncey 
View06/05/19Williams, Connie; Williams, Nathan; Worldwide Property Hub, Llc 
View06/05/19Gather, Ruth; Worldwide Property Hub, Llc 
View06/05/19Gather, Ruth; Worldwide Property Hub, Llc 
View06/05/19Simpson, Barry; Tippett Real Estate Services 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Tzefakes, John 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Wilson, Joyce 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Stalling, Sandra 
View06/05/19Lott, Traci; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Harmon, Alicia; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Turner, Paris 
View06/05/19Jones, Vernita; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Shelton, Dejah 
View06/05/19Boydes, Angela; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Davis, Janielle; Realty Capital Management 
View06/05/19Payton, Tarranesha; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Home Away From Home Properties; Mcgowan, Jamie 
View06/05/19Johnson, Lakesha; Realty Capital Management 
View06/05/19Dean, Candace; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19Bradford, Shirley; Willow Oaks Apts 
View06/05/19All Occupants, All Occupants; Gonzalez, Nancy 
View06/05/19Harris, Kenneth; Realty Capital Management 
View06/05/19Realty Capital Management; Walker, Jacqueline 
View06/05/19Pettis, Letrell; Realty Capital Management 
View06/05/19Bills, Ciera; Sanders, Kimberly 
View06/05/19Abcd Realty Llc; Scott, Derico 
View06/05/19Kelly, Anjanet; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Thompson Court Apartments; Williams, Cody 
View06/05/19Fitch, Camilla; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Hill, Danyell; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Brown, Marquel; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Brown, Jerkeva; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Harris, Levetta; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Buckner, Albert; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Brown, Charles; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Childs, Franklin; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Brown, Tifea; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Mccaw, Denise; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Hampton, Shirley; Winbranch Apartments 
View06/05/19Mcghee, Elizabeth; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Forest Pine Apts; Lawson, Sequoiah 
View06/05/19Forest Pine Apts; Thomas, Princess 
View06/05/19Grice, Eureka; Thompson Court Apartments 
View06/05/19Foster, Crystal; The Charleston Apartments 
View06/05/19Blue Skies Llc; Stuckey, Eboney 
View06/05/19Dsv Spv3, Llc; Taggart, Lamont 
View06/05/19Hall, Nicole; Sharabi, Amir; Sharabi, Maya 
View06/05/19Gloster, Lee; Kemp, Laura; Villas At Houston Levee East 
View06/05/19Hicks, Lakeyer; Hollins, Corey; Home River Group 
View06/05/19Home River Group; Nevitt, Lachriesha 
View06/05/19Home River Group; Tines, Imani 
View06/05/19Gayden, Christina; Home River Group 
View06/05/19Hill, Lakesha; Home River Group 
View06/05/19Agarwal, Namita; Gupta, Amit; Loeb Realty L.P. /Loeb Properties Inc 
View06/05/19Cottonwood Apartments; Richardson, Malcolm 
View06/05/19Cottonwood Apartments; Wilson, Mose 
View06/05/19Branyon, James; Noble, Gary; Whtie, Dan 
View06/05/19Davis, Debra; Lamar Crossing Apartments; Muhammad, Regina 
View06/05/19Lamar Crossing Apartments; Smith, Kanisha 
View06/05/19Premier Property Management Group; Sanford, Frankie 
View06/05/19King, Carolyn; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Brown, Edmond; Lesley-Brown, Stephanie; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Freeman, Joshua; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Jones, Winston; Murrell, Carione; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Clark, Marcus; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Clay, Carl; Premier Property Management Group 
View06/05/19Hardaway, Saroya; Premier Property Management Group; Ware, John 
View06/05/19Premier Property Management Group; Todd, Leslie 
View06/05/19Beans, Jamera; Premier Property Management Group; Wilson, Richard