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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

1,467 Public Records consisting of 1,467 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses30
Marriage Licenses31
Misc Register Filings31
Newcomers: Utility Connections30
Other Liens1
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity16
Court Calendars: Circuit30
Court Filings: Chancery3
Court Filings: Circuit55
Court Filings: General Sessions221
FED Warrants94
Power of Attorney & Decrees15
Probate Court3
Tax Liens & Releases45
Easements & Land Related4
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications34
Mortgage: Releases130
Mortgage: Trust Deeds102
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building43
Permits: Electrical79
Permits: Mechanical94
Permits: Plumbing42
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds138
Quit Claim34
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments2

Court Filings

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View06/05/19Rhodes, Desarae; Segura, Ana 
View06/05/19Husley, Wesley; Wood, Abigail; Wood, Amanda 
View06/05/19Kimbrel, Samantha; Kimbrel, Samuel; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Abston, Daniel; Rutland, Savannah 
View06/05/19Proactive Heart & Vascular; Wooten, Norma 
View06/05/19Ut Regional One Physicians Anesthesia; Ward, Michael 
View06/05/19Owens, Cara; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Johnson, Tonny; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Jones, Deandre; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Brown, Travis; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Bryan, Samantha; Paragon Contracting Services Inc 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Thomas, Carment 
View06/05/19Richardson, Steven; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Bradford, Mario; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Covington, Regina; Regional One Health 
View06/05/19Ut Regional One Physicians Anesthesia; Yates, Melva 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; West, Alina 
View06/05/19Rheumatology & Osteoporosis Center; Temple, Christopher 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Williams, Rashida 
View06/05/19Pitts, Wendell; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Henderson, Grady; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Boyce, Crystal; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Medic -One Medical Response Delta Region; Thomas, Wardell 
View06/05/19Bell, Kendra; Endocronology & Diabetes Specialists 
View06/05/19Mitchell, Christopher; Proactive Heart & Vascular 
View06/05/19Collier, Mary; Proactive Heart & Vascular 
View06/05/19East Memphis Anesthesia Services; Jolly, Dougl;As 
View06/05/19Owens, Antionette; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Long, Melissa; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Robinson, Quinettia; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Loverson, Reanta; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Young, Jake 
View06/05/19Snell, Dan; Stewart, Latarsha 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Toplin, Stephanie 
View06/05/19Myers, Deandre; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Ayers, Brandon; Brown, Anita; Rankins, Winfred 
View06/05/19Emergency Coverage Corporation; Perry, Linus 
View06/05/19Rivera, Maria; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Lowrance, Gladys; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Norwood, Tonya; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Fall, Soda; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Yancey, Patricia 
View06/05/19Alabsani, Musa; Zamzami, Safwan 
View06/05/19Fondren, Genevieve; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Memphis Ob/Gyn Assn, Pc; Perry, Brooke 
View06/05/19East Memphis Anesthesia Services; Scott, Lesidia 
View06/05/19Clay, Alisha; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Boyd, Teresa; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Benson, Alexis; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Proactive Heart & Vascular; Yates, Kelly 
View06/05/19Proactive Heart & Vascular; Shipp, Deandre 
View06/05/19East Memphis Orthopedic Group; Venson, Carlos 
View06/05/19Sims, Linda; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Hines, Carlee; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Tyms, Tracey 
View06/05/19Buchanan, Adrianna; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Johnson, Calvin; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Ellis, Bobby; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Partners Central Business Office; Taylor, Lawrence 
View06/05/19Partners Central Business Office; Rosario, Delores 
View06/05/19Eavenson, Mark; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Malone, Vickie; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Frank, Krystal; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Campbell, Matthew; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Partners Central Business Office; Vaillencourt, Kristen 
View06/05/19Mcginnis, Megan; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Manley, Powers; Partners Central Business Office 
View06/05/19Moering, Emily; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Craft, Jimmy; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Smith, Eva; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Cooley, Jim; Patterson, Danielle 
View06/05/19East Memphis Anesthesia Services; Stuart, Sharon 
View06/05/19Jennings, Patrick; Proactive Heart & Vascular 
View06/05/19James, Gabrielle; Kelley, Annie 
View06/05/19Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc; Whitaker, Daphne 
View06/05/19Shedd, Amanda; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Ibrahim, Sally; Southeastern Emergency Physicians Llc 
View06/05/19Bell, Ebony; Crawford, Jasmine 
View06/05/19Advantage Leasing Corporation; Bryant, Derrick 
View06/05/19Fields, John; Garner, Amber; Williams, Christopher 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Noel, Reginald 
View06/05/19Patton, Andrea; Tiger Bonding 
View06/05/19Durham, Patrice; Lewis, Darrell; Tiger Bonding 
View06/05/19Butler Sevier Hinsley & Reid; Gray, Sally 
View06/05/19Bank Of America N A; Johnson, Zachary 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Mills, Tomi 
View06/05/19Bailey, Kimberly; Safeway Insurance Company 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Robinson, Dewayne 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Malone, Sabrina 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Nash, Darrell 
View06/05/19Butler, Ralph; Discover Bank 
View06/05/19Discover Bank; Taylor, Andre 
View06/05/19Allen, Jamie; Discover Bank 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Harrell, Robert 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Dailey, Kevin 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Morgan, Sheila 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Ingram, Clifton 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Hodges, Hollis 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Mitchell, Dedrick 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Savage, Camille 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Johnson, Lindsay 
View06/05/19Burleson, Chris; Capital One Bank Usa N A 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Johnson, Susan 
View06/05/19Brown, Arthur; Capital One Bank Usa N A 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Depriest, Jordan 
View06/05/19Discover Bank; Gray, John 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Mclemore, Jimmie 
View06/05/19Bermel, Willem; Capital One Bank Usa N A 
View06/05/19Capital One Bank Usa N A; Carter, Francis 
View06/05/19James, Bruce; Midland Funding Llc 
View06/05/19Giles, Tyrone; Midland Funding Llc 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Hamilton, Lasonya 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Honore, Norman 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Richardson, Tayl;Or 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Gray, Orstronda 
View06/05/19Davis, Vanessa; First Heritage Credit 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Floyd, June 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Ingram, James 
View06/05/19Ernes, Elizabeth; First Heritage Credit 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Jones, Sharon 
View06/05/19Bivins, Michael; First Heritage Credit 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Irvin, Jonathan 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Edwards, Okessa 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Hopkins, Danny 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Hodge-Norfolk, Linnie 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Harris, Wendy 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Cherry, Charles 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Pollard, Renice 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Perry, Tiffani 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Webster, Tracey 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Wilson, Laurita 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Horton, Steven 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Gilkey, Yalanda 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Maclin, Reshae 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Taylor, Kassidy 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Williams, Jackie 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Mcneil, Lakeisha 
View06/05/19Smith, Detrius; Southeastern Emergency Physici Ans 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Shields, Nastassia 
View06/05/19Bolton, Rashunda; Crescent Bank & Trust 
View06/05/19Americredit Financial Services; Bridges, Crystal 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Davis, Melanie 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Smith, Cheryl 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Worlds, Darion 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Dockery, Nikita 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Harris, Kiva 
View06/05/19Bell, Sherri; Conn Appliances, Inc. 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Webb, Arthur 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Logan, Melvin 
View06/05/19Pickett, Allacy; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Akram, Antonio; Conn Appliances, Inc. 
View06/05/19Greer, Rechie; Tate, Lakimya; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Phillips, Felicia 
View06/05/19United Bonding Company; Williams, Raymond 
View06/05/19United Bonding Company; Wilson, Letitia 
View06/05/19Conn Appliances, Inc.; Moore, Nicholas 
View06/05/19Barnes, Rhoda; Nash, Charissa; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Carpenter, Nikki; Conn Appliances, Inc. 
View06/05/19Fields, Beverly; Irvin, Jada; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Clark, Geneva; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Blaine, Tommie; Dickerson, Inez; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Farmer, Tonya; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Macklin, Lillie; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Austin, Dontarrius; Davis, Latonya; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Evans, Shamecka; Stewart, Jeanie; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Owens, Crystal; Seymore, Brittaney; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Alexander, Alicia; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Stewart, Jeanie; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19First Heritage Credit; Gurley, Waydine 
View06/05/19Holmes, Shuan; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19East Memphis Neonatology; Legg, Joseph; Legg, Rebekah 
View06/05/19Shaw, Tennille; Turner, Bryant; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Marr, Shirley; Memphis Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Howard, Lisandra; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Cooks, Danielle; Dunner, Chad; United Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Fields, Toney; Memphis Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Crayton, Willie; Memphis Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Wilson, Ashara 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Tigue, Reginald 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Taylor, Marcus 
View06/05/19Jones, David; Memphis Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Bohanon, Felecia; Memphis Bonding Company; Robinson, Gene 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Ryan, Teresa 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Williams, Percy 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Potts, Kristin 
View06/05/19Franklin, Celeste; Franklin, Patrick; Memphis Bonding Company 
View06/05/19Bullard, Dorothy; Memphis Bonding Company; Young, Shantell 
View06/05/19Memphis Bonding Company; Webster, Shanteria 
View06/05/19Crown Asset Management; Wallace, Valrese 
View06/05/19Crown Asset Management; Sharp, Bridgett 
View06/05/19Ashour, Alhindi; Crown Asset Management 
View06/05/19Batts, Pamela; Crown Asset Management 
View06/05/19Crown Asset Management; Paden, Tiah 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Fitz, Christina 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Fultz, Verkeita 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Jones, Trina 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Damper, Bridget 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Smith, Chantia 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Brown, Terika 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Morris, Caprice 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Cabrera, Luis 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Mckinney, Duncan 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Wong, Sandy 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Savage, Famikia 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Stevenson, Robert 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Holley, Everett 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Fleming, Mary 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Hayes, Jonathan 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Melvin, Felicia 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Williamson, Alicia 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Farris, Latrece 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Walker, Corey 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Johnson, Brian 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Smith, Andrea 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Hoskins, Lela 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Bernard, Wanda 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Lacey, Loretta 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Arnold, Calvin; Kizer, Jessica 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Hefner, Thomas 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Smith, Mary 
View06/05/19Arco Collection Services Llc; Little, Lakenerick