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Monday, June 10, 2019

1,605 Public Records consisting of 1,605 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses34
Marriage Licenses26
Misc Register Filings32
Newcomers: Utility Connections24
Other Liens4
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity8
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit40
Court Filings: General Sessions147
FED Warrants88
Power of Attorney & Decrees17
Probate Court10
Tax Liens & Releases23
Easements & Land Related5
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications49
Mortgage: Releases208
Mortgage: Trust Deeds145
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building45
Permits: Electrical147
Permits: Mechanical141
Permits: Plumbing4
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds129
Quit Claim40
Rents & Leases7
Trustee Appointments5


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View06/10/19Bedwell, Bettye; Kemba Delta Federal Credit Union 
View06/10/19Bank Of Ripley; Reid, Debra Gisselle 
View06/10/19Parks, Jacorey S.; U.S. Trustee; Vandiver Jr., Robert B. 
View06/10/19Gay, Alissa; U.S. Trustee; Washington, Kenya 
View06/10/19Harper Jr., Roger A.; Harper, Lisa A.; Teel Jr., C. Jerome; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Comage, Roger L.; U.S. Trustee; Vandiver Jr., Robert B. 
View06/10/19Ringger, Louis W.; U.S. Trustee; Williams, Delbert 
View06/10/19Dunaway, Terri Brooklynn; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Richard H. 
View06/10/19Clark, John W.; Clark, Patricia A.; Maddox, Cayce Dempsey; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Burge, Mariha O.; Hall, Gayra; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Lenow, Edwin C.; Moore, Laquisha D.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Rich, Ryan; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Deloris 
View06/10/19Fila, Thomas C.; Turner, Fannie; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Biddle, Joi; Fila, Thomas C.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Fila, Thomas C.; Hicks, Rico; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Barnes, Andrea Michelle; Bilsky, Steven F.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Dawson Jr., Dereck Jerome; Garrett, S. Jonathan; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Jackson, Shirley Ann; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Baloga, Michael J.; Smith Jr., Roosevelt; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Gentry, James D.; Morris, Dennis Edward; Morris, Kari Anne; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Carruthers, Christiney; Jones, Ted I.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19George, Brad; St. Clair, Jasmine Alicia; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Byrd, Arthur; Kimble, Rashika Charmane; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Crutcher, Felicia R.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Tipler, Brittany Alise; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Cohen, James A.; Hayslett, Veronica; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Cohen, James A.; Summers, Annette; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Boyd, Adrienne; Cohen, James A.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Mabon, Gwendolyn L.; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Jones, Mary Emma; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Cohen, James A.; U.S. Trustee; Williams, Keisha 
View06/10/19Cummings, Loweatter Denise; Dunlap, John Edward; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Bell, Gene; Mangum, Markova A.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Keith, Donna Marie; Sanford, Laura L.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Fila, Thomas C.; U.S. Trustee; Williams, Regina 
View06/10/19Payne, Jerome C.; Scott, Calandra Genise; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Payne, Jerome C.; Thomas, John Henry; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Jackson, Amanda Renee; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Aldridge, Taketha Andrea; Payne, Jerome C.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Spearman, Antonisha Lashawn; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Dorse, Laquisa Antoneia; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Garrett, S. Jonathan; Smith, Jason Andrew; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee; Williford, Shenika Shena 
View06/10/19Jefferson, Rachel; Jones, Ted I.; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Agnew, Marion Smith; Sweeney, B. David; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Bell, Gene; Smith, Ladarrious C; U.S. Trustee 
View06/10/19Dandridge, Ardetonia N.; Garrott, Ian D.; U.S. Trustee