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Monday, May 22, 2023

670 Public Records consisting of 670 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses14
Misc Register Filings39
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity11
Court Filings: Chancery5
Court Filings: Circuit30
Court Filings: General Sessions9
FED Warrants17
Power of Attorney & Decrees1
Probate Court4
Easements & Land Related8
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications32
Mortgage: Releases101
Mortgage: Trust Deeds12
Permits: Building16
Permits: Electrical66
Permits: Mechanical108
Permits: Plumbing45
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds18
Quit Claim11
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments5


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View05/22/23Ott Living Trust; Ott Pamela R Tr; Ott William C Tr; Regions Bank 
View05/22/23Childers, Kursten N; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageHartsway Cv
View05/22/23Moss Williams, Deborah D; Moss, Ophelia; Moss, Otha L; Moss, Terry; Regions Bank 
View05/22/23First South Credit Union; Wallach, Troy W 
View05/22/23First South Credit Union; Hopper Patricia A Tr; Patricia Ann Hopper Living Trust 
View05/22/23First South Credit Union; Phillips, Cheryl A; Phillips, Richard P 
View05/22/23Ferrell, Charles E; First South Credit Union; O Keefe, Patrick 
View05/22/23Lee, Shirley A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View05/22/23Bank Of America National Association; Hays, James C; Moskovitz, Brenda S 
View05/22/23Bailey Station Association Ii Llc; Heritage Development Partners LlcBailey Station Rd
View05/22/23Aquino, Ana L; Little, David C; Patino, Gonzalo 
View05/22/23Lendinghome Funding Corp; Willangava Properties Llc 
View05/22/23Kiavi Funding Inc; Whitestone Real Estate Fund Iii Lp 
View05/22/23Kiavi Funding Inc; Whitestone Real Estate Fund Iii Lp 
View05/22/23Kiavi Funding Inc; Whitestone Real Estate Fund Iii Lp 
View05/22/23Bank Of American Fork; Law, Alison L; Law, Derek W 
View05/22/23Kiavi Funding Inc; Whitestone Real Estate Fund Iii Lp 
View05/22/23Bates Iv, Samuel S; Renshaw Co Realtors Inc 
View05/22/23Lendinghome Funding Corp; Wo Sfr Llc 
View05/22/23Memphis Turnkey Properties Gp; Ninety8 CapitalMelodywood Dr
View05/22/23Bank Of America National Association; Kpabitey, Emanuel T 
View05/22/23Hyneman, Canden R; Quicken Loans Llc 
View05/22/23Barnes, Cathy; Barnes, Gary; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View05/22/23First Horizon Bank; Reed, Raymond R; Reed, Vivian S 
View05/22/23Hutchison, Carolyn E; Truist Bank 
View05/22/23Deberry, Mary; Memphis City OfAlida Ave
View05/22/23Memphis City Of; Nickelberry, Gerald; Nickelberry, RobertOrr St
View05/22/23Johnson, Demaris; Memphis City OfBrowning
View05/22/23Memphis City Of; Parrish, Johnnie; Parrish, ViolaBritton St
View05/22/23Bowen, Alma; Memphis City OfMelrose St
View05/22/23Bryce And Brown Home Builders Llc; Memphis City OfDenver St
View05/22/23Memphis City Of; Tennial Brothers Investments LlcS Parkway E
View05/22/23Memphis City Of; Sexton, ChristineMacon Rd
View05/22/23Memphis City Of; Young, TaralynnInvergarry Rd
View05/22/23Johnson, Laura B; Johnson, Willie L; Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc 
View05/22/23Housing And Urban Development; Randolph, Phyllis DBeacon Point Rd
View05/22/23Housing And Urban Development; Maley, Mattie LGermanwood Ct North
View05/22/23Housing And Urban Development; Smith, Venetia AChimneyrock Blvd
View05/22/23Housing And Urban Development; Lee, Brittany MRaybrad Dr
View05/22/23Johns, Kevin; Johns, Krista; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View05/22/23Chatham Village Homeowners Association Inc; Tritt, Amy R 
View05/22/23Bryce And Brown Home Builders Llc; Rei Capital Llc 
View05/22/23Bryce And Brown Home Builders Llc; Rei Capital Llc 
View05/22/23Midfirst Bank; Spencer, Bertice 
View05/22/23Memphis Bonding Company; Stotts, JamesSouth Parkway East
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Kellon, Michael J 
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Taylor, Omega D 
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Crafton, Benjamin D; Crafton, Kristi G 
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Everson, Joe 
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Darin K Halford Builder LlcBubby Dr
View05/22/23Bank Of Fayette County; Childers Jr, Larry D; Childers, Kursten N 
View05/22/23Jj Millington Llc; Page Properties Llc 
View05/22/23Ely, Lena M; Ely, Otis; Midfirst Bank 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital Thrift And Loan Llc; Fast Tn Home Offer Llc 
View05/22/23Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Knight Growth Investments Llc 
View05/22/23Connect Real Estate Team; Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Zoty Group Llc 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital; Turner, Sarah N; Williams, Jarrett M 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital; Williams, Kevin 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital; Mattcole Construction And Roofing Llc 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital; Mattcole Construction And Roofing Llc 
View05/22/23Avalon Capital; J Harris Group Holdings Llc 
View05/22/23Harris, Caesar; Iberia Bank 
View05/22/23Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Tyler Enterprise Group Inc 
View05/22/23Brown, Victoria; Guaranty Bank And Trust Co 
View05/22/23Connect Real Estate Team; Iberia Bank; Zoty Group Llc 
View05/22/23Iberia Bank; K And W Legacy Llc 
View05/22/23Beasley, Jamie M; Hsbc Finance Corp 
View05/22/23De Koning, Margaret H; De Koning, Roeland; Guaranteed Rate IncMemphis Arlington Rd
View05/22/23Hatzigeorgiou, Chris S; Synovus Mortgage Corp 
View05/22/23Federal Housing Comissioner; Mcatee, Claude J; Mcatee, Linda KPatricia Ellen Dr
View05/22/23Lakeview Loan Servicing Inc; Leo, Charles RLarry Ln
View05/22/23Johnson, Ernest S; Johnson, Lisa M; Lycaste Llc 
View05/22/23Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Mcgregor, Deborah 
View05/22/23Truist Bank; Warf, Sarah R 
View05/22/23Olson, Michael S; Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc 
View05/22/23Bui, Ngan T; Kim, Si T; Primelending 
View05/22/23Suntrust Mortgage Inc; Vincent, Carol L; Vincent, William W 
View05/22/23Paragon National Bank; Word Jr, Harry A; Word, Anna K 
View05/22/23Iberiabank Mortgage Co; Whipple, Daniel S; Whipple, Linda D 
View05/22/23Financial Federal Savings Bank; Stengel, Elizabeth B; Stengel, Michael J 
View05/22/23Batten, Michael A; Batten, Sheryl M; New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2019 5 
View05/22/23Eagle Mortgage And Funding Corp; Rivers, Larry A; Rivers, Roneshia D 
View05/22/23Network Funding Lp; Todd, Sandra G 
View05/22/23Renasant Bank; Wooten, Michael D 
View05/22/23Olo, Albert A; Tope Ojo, Josephine; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View05/22/23Financial Federal Bank; Harris, Debra P; Harris, Paul A 
View05/22/23Countrywide Home Loans Inc; Haines Jr, A B; Haines, Joanna 
View05/22/23Community Mortgage Corp; Cooley Lopez, Mary A; Lopez, Javier J 
View05/22/23Dodd, Lori M; Iberiabank 
View05/22/23Guaranteed Rate Inc; Hodges, Ashley W; Hodges, James P 
View05/22/23Digital Federal Credit Union; Gupta, Ajitabh; Gupta, Sapna 
View05/22/23Augustus, Valerie L; Freedom Mortgage Corp 
View05/22/23Connor, Noah T; Connor, Thomas J; Pinnacle Bank; Weber, Elisabeth 
View05/22/23Blatt, Greg M; Blatt, India E; Truist Bank 
View05/22/23Loandepot Com Llc; Teal, Timothy R; Teal, Valerie J 
View05/22/23Mclp Asset Co Inc; Simonye, Gary G; Simonye, Shannon L 
View05/22/23Deely, Declan M; Fox, Morgan J; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View05/22/23Selthoefer, Tony; Stache Properties Llc 
View05/22/23Mclain, Stanley; Rcole Real Estate Holdings GpHoneybrook Rd
View05/22/23Home Investor Group Llc; R Cole Real Estate Holdings GpWillows Cv
View05/22/23Jackson, Matthew; R Cole Real Estate Holdings GpWillows Cv