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Friday, March 8, 2019

994 Public Records consisting of 994 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses36
Misc Register Filings14
Newcomers: Utility Connections31
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Circuit44
Court Filings: Chancery6
Court Filings: Circuit55
Court Filings: General Sessions101
FED Warrants96
Power of Attorney & Decrees37
Probate Court10
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications51
Mortgage: Releases69
Mortgage: Trust Deeds76
Permits: Building30
Permits: Electrical34
Permits: Mechanical43
Permits: Plumbing15
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds71
Quit Claim29
Rents & Leases12
Trustee Appointments2

FED Warrants

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View03/08/19Occupants, All; Richwin Management 
View03/08/19Johnson, Ashley; Perryman, Kristopher; Richwin Management 
View03/08/19Cherry Creek Apartments; Denton, Patricia 
View03/08/19Gray, Shundra; Thomas, Darrell 
View03/08/19Cherry Creek Apartments; Watson, Taronica 
View03/08/19Cooper, Samuel; Ervin, Debra; Houston, Sequola; Reed & Associates Of Tennessee, Llc 
View03/08/19Holloway, Michael; Mason, Darius; Reed & Associates Of Tennessee, Inc. 
View03/08/19Cherry Creek Apartments; Stewart, Darryl 
View03/08/19Dennis, Darrell; Williams, Brandy; Williams, James 
View03/08/19Chism, Clara; Chism, Jb 
View03/08/19Autumnwood Apartments; Williams, Tevin 
View03/08/19Shadowbrook Townhomes; Williams, Nyamber; Williams, Shamar 
View03/08/19Buford, Stephanie; Memphis Towers 
View03/08/19Conway Property Management; Flynn, Bobby; Flynn, Peggy 
View03/08/19Benson, Chelsea; Tan, Tavis 
View03/08/19Holmes, Jeremy; Neely, Precious; Tan, Tavis 
View03/08/19Memphis Towers; Watson, Carl 
View03/08/19Fielder Square Apartments; Williams, Toyosi 
View03/08/19Pmi; Williams, Bradford 
View03/08/19Reed Holding Llc; Robinson, Vonda 
View03/08/19Johnson Maintance Co; Scullark, Whitney 
View03/08/19Brewer, Natasha; Tan, Tavis 
View03/08/19Weakley, Sherman; Whitlock, Alvis 
View03/08/19Armstrong, Vivian; Mayes, Bobbye 
View03/08/19Bluff City Management; Franks, Allen 
View03/08/19Branch, Robbie; Cedar Mill Apts 
View03/08/19Cedar Mill Apts; Hunter, Marsaa 
View03/08/19Butler, Rashaundra; Cedar Mill Apts 
View03/08/19Adams, Joshua; Cedar Mill Apts 
View03/08/19Cedar Mill Apts; Crawford, Mildred 
View03/08/19Becton, Chenise; Becton, Michael; Cedar Mill Apts 
View03/08/19Cedar Mill Apts; Parker, Myosha 
View03/08/19Cedar Mill Apts; Crawford, Alisha 
View03/08/19Clark, Latonya; Premier Property Management Group 
View03/08/19Brown, Patrina; Premier Property Management Group 
View03/08/19Johnson, Robert; Premier Property Management Group 
View03/08/19Coleman Rd, 3067; Rei Nation Llc 
View03/08/19Ae Property Management; Shields, Bradley 
View03/08/19Alco Management Inc Agent For Pershing Park Apartments; Reese, Brianna 
View03/08/19City View Towers; Mccaplin, Willie 
View03/08/19Manns, Tanosha; Smith Investments 
View03/08/19Denton, Derrell; Smith Investments 
View03/08/19Howrd, Jeffery; Smith Investments 
View03/08/19Adams, Catrina; Smith Investments 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Mcdougal, Latoya 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Briggs, Willie 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Quinn, Eric 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Cooper, Sandreaka 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Davis, Chiquta 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Mccaster, Iesha 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Whitfield, Johnny 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Love, Theresa 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Simpson, Preanna 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Wilkins, Anita 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Burnett, Lonnie 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Edwards, Patrice 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Pittman, Terrance 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Cornelius, Mishanda; Fowlkes, Mario 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Jones, Leandrea 
View03/08/19Amison, Beunkia; Bent Tree Apartments 
View03/08/19Alexander, Latonya; Bent Tree Apartments 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Robertson, Robshelle 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Wrench, Robin 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Hobbs, Aaron 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Walker, Tyra 
View03/08/19Bent Tree Apartments; Sumlin, Yakemia 
View03/08/19Management That Cares Llc; Wallace, Andrew 
View03/08/19Management That Cares Llc; Webber, Paul 
View03/08/19Cousar, Jason; Smith, Jason 
View03/08/19Cooper, Rochell; Promise Development Corporation 
View03/08/19Mendes, Bernardo; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Diaz, Gemar; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Bodyes, Angela; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Raine, Tarnesha; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Walken, Davien; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Parker, Crystal; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Lott, Traci; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Gm Services Llc; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Davison, Christy; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Azarius, Morales; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Vazques, Manuel; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Daher, Gabriele; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Poe, Amanda; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Jones, Ladwanna; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Johnson, Nina; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Boyd, Annie; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Dean, Candace; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Bradford, Shirley; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Garner, Amber; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Richard, Antoinette; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Crawford, Caniesha; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Walker, Cassandra; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Stokes, Eddie; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Stenson, Jasmine; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Jones, Jerica; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/08/19Dickens, Marcus; Willow Oaks Apts