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Friday, March 8, 2019

994 Public Records consisting of 994 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses36
Misc Register Filings14
Newcomers: Utility Connections31
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Circuit44
Court Filings: Chancery6
Court Filings: Circuit55
Court Filings: General Sessions101
FED Warrants96
Power of Attorney & Decrees37
Probate Court10
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications51
Mortgage: Releases69
Mortgage: Trust Deeds76
Permits: Building30
Permits: Electrical34
Permits: Mechanical43
Permits: Plumbing15
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds71
Quit Claim29
Rents & Leases12
Trustee Appointments2


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View03/08/19Collins, Robert Steven; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Tate, Latonya D.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Lloyd Jr., Donald R.; Lloyd, Kimberly R.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Ball, Norma M.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Newsom, Sherry Kaye; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Garza, Charles Eugene; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Shearin, Lillian Deanna; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Comer, Ronnie C.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Comer, Laura A.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Bargery, Donald L; Bargery, Zetta K; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Roberts, Shelia; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee; Webb Sr., Johnny; Webb, Sharon Lynn 
View03/08/19Clark, Ariel Brieanna; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Royalty Real Estate Holdings, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Bush, Gail Lynn; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Beasley, Arneshia Moneik; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Bell, Kanisha Renee; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Green, Deborah C.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Harrold, Robert Delano; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Gayles, Charles Edward; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Sanders, Juawick M.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Johnson, Brandon Deairrio; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Arstikaitis, Michelle Lynn; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Reliford, Aljanerio Delante; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Burchett Sr., Nicholas O.; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Miller, Kevin E.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Love, Joseph Lee; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19U.S. Trustee; Williams, Angela Shenkia 
View03/08/19Gardner-Smith, Shirley Denise; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Burns, Barry Lewis; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Osborne, Jason Michael; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Akbar, Aubreyel B; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Smith, Erika Michelle; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Gray, Eldora E.; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Payne, Larison Deshon; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Langhorn, Gregory; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Davis, Vyonna Cerease; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Comeaux, Latanya Yvonne; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Peet, Leland B.; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Perry, Priss; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Campbell, Franklin; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Nash, Charles Edward; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Mitchell, Jevonzel Antwanette; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Bowers, Sonja Jamil; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Mcwright, Angela Lashelle; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Tipton, Jeanene; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Bradshaw, Samantha Lashelle; Pra Receivables Management, Llc; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Campbell, Aundra Michelle; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Hull Jr, Lucky; U.S. Trustee 
View03/08/19Cah Acquisition Company 11, Llc; U.S. Trustee