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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

1,437 Public Records consisting of 1,437 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses45
Marriage Licenses13
Misc Register Filings35
Newcomers: Utility Connections19
Other Liens1
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity5
Court Filings: Chancery9
Court Filings: Circuit11
Court Filings: General Sessions312
FED Warrants137
Power of Attorney & Decrees13
Probate Court8
Tax Liens & Releases27
Easements & Land Related3
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications32
Mortgage: Releases131
Mortgage: Trust Deeds79
Notice of Completion3
Permits: Building19
Permits: Electrical62
Permits: Mechanical120
Permits: Plumbing34
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds71
Quit Claim29
Rents & Leases4
Trustee Appointments7

FED Warrants

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View03/12/19Green, Rhonda; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/12/19Jones, Shadrikka; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/12/19Jones, Linell; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Richardson, Shannon; Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View03/12/19Brewer, Raven; Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View03/12/19Settle, Sanicqwua; Thomas, Joseph 
View03/12/19Village Green Apartments; Wilbourn, Polenski 
View03/12/19Spencer, Lafonte; Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View03/12/19Twin Oaks Townhomes; Wright, Eddie 
View03/12/19Taylor, Dion; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Clayton, Porsha; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Jones, Bradford; My Great Rental Llc 
View03/12/19Broyles, Bobby; Jennings, Charlene 
View03/12/19Caine, Lisa; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Simmons, Latoya; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Boyd, Desi; Thomas, Yaszme; White, Shunty 
View03/12/19Ligon, Chakira; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Brown, Demetiria; Vaughan, Troy 
View03/12/19Boyland, Damesheia; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Gandy, Donald; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Beasley, Cerria; Moore, David 
View03/12/19Tate, Pashunnika; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Lowe, Troy; Ross, Shun 
View03/12/19Figures, Tracy; Lowe, Troy 
View03/12/19Johnson, Felicia; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19Thomas, Antriya; Village Green Apartments 
View03/12/19People Services Inc; Washington, Dejuan 
View03/12/19Malone, Jerry; Whirley, Katherine 
View03/12/19Lantern Square Apartments; Todd, Elton 
View03/12/19Broady, Melissa; Lantern Square Apartments 
View03/12/19Boyce, Terrieko; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/12/19Todd, Rosetta; Willow Oaks Apts 
View03/12/19Prescott Place Apartments; Stevenson, Royal 
View03/12/19All Occupants 3967 Grahamdale Circle Unit B; Cox, Charles 
View03/12/19Adams, Derrick; Hawkins, Ashleigh; Mid South Home Rentals 
View03/12/19Mcguire, Damon; Mcquire, Lindsey; Mid South Home Rentals 
View03/12/19Hayes, Denus; Mccullough, Gerald 
View03/12/19Amos, Stephanie; Hailey, Damous 
View03/12/19Mid South Home Rentals; Ware, Janette 
View03/12/19Mid South Home Rentals; Woods, Natalie 
View03/12/19Tate, Lakimya; The Higdon Group 
View03/12/19Marathon Management Llc; Williams, Ramona 
View03/12/19Marathon Management Llc; Taylor, Calvin 
View03/12/19Bunch, Maria; Garrett, Tonya 
View03/12/19Barker, Hendrick; Pham Family Property, Llc 
View03/12/19Blanchard, Jermiah; Crestcore Realty Llc 
View03/12/19Caston, Booker; Crestcore Realty Llc 
View03/12/19Crestcore Realty Llc; Winfert, Erik; Winfert, Jennifer 
View03/12/19Beard, Laura; Crestcore Realty Llc 
View03/12/19Home River Group; Rose Trail Dr, 7129 
View03/12/19Knos, Tamille; Midsouth Home Rental 
View03/12/19Broadmoor Property Management; Brown, Joyce 
View03/12/19Broadmoor Property Management; Greer, Latisia 
View03/12/19Bolton, Roosedale; Cottonwood Apartments 
View03/12/19Cardona, Steven; Cottonwood Apartments; Quiroz, Jesus 
View03/12/19Alleyne, Gary; Garosa Partners; Highland I Llc /Highland Strip Llc (Loeb Properties); Ogbeide, Osarenren 
View03/12/194850 Leonard Land Trust; Johnson, Geremy 
View03/12/19Austin, Dinesha; Hillcrest Apartments 
View03/12/19Anderson, Lashara; Jennifer Meadows Apartments 
View03/12/19Durham, Terry; Jennifer Meadows Apartments 
View03/12/19Elliott, Sherveka; Jennifer Meadows Apartments 
View03/12/19Jennifer Meadows Apartments; Yates, Erica 
View03/12/19Abero, Lance; Asug, Elizabeth; Somerset At Lakeland 
View03/12/19Baker, Zachary; The Gather On Southern Apartments 
View03/12/19Cephus, Patrick; The Gather On Southern Apartments 
View03/12/19Kitchen, Stacie; The Gather On Southern Phase Ii Apartments 
View03/12/19Kochinsky, Stipheveda; The Gather On Southern Phase Ii Apartments 
View03/12/19Parson, Royal; The Gather On Southern Apartments 
View03/12/19The Gather On Southern Phase Ii Apartments; Winfrey, Ambre 
View03/12/19Dogwood Creek Apartments; Stovall, Anna; Stovall, William 
View03/12/19Dogwood Creek Apartments; Kennedy, Christy 
View03/12/19Dogwood Creek Apartments; Pupo, Kevin 
View03/12/19Dogwood Creek Apartments; Reynolds, Antonica 
View03/12/19Poplar Place Townhomes; Stewart, Cynthia 
View03/12/19Blackwell, Cayla; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Chatman, Toni; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Dixon, Shabria; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Flores, Juan; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Gregory, Reginald; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Kunkler, Emily; Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments 
View03/12/19Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments; Salvador, Pena 
View03/12/19Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments; Sanders, Marquez 
View03/12/19Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments; Santereyus, Dalton 
View03/12/19Lincoln At Wolfchase Apartments; Spears, Tosha 
View03/12/19Suggs, Brinder; Ten Mile Creek Apartments 
View03/12/19Millcreek Apts., Lp; Owens, Stacy 
View03/12/19Collins, Derrick; Davis, Brian; Millcreek Apts., Lp 
View03/12/19Douglas, Jeremiah; Huntington Property Llc 
View03/12/19Huntington Property Llc; Pickens, Kasey 
View03/12/19Boyd, Cedric; Huntington Property Llc 
View03/12/19Mckinley, Tawanda; The Birches Apartments 
View03/12/19Cain, Brandi; Cb Property Management 
View03/12/19Everhart, Donte; Mid South Best Rental Llc 
View03/12/19Mid South Best Rental Llc; Redict, Robert; Whitson, Lakeisha 
View03/12/19Crump, Annette; Mid South Best Rental Llc 
View03/12/19Apaione Jones, Jaa; Mid South Best Rental Llc 
View03/12/19Sudduth, Terrica; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Hampton, Chatondra; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Yarbrough, Brandon 
View03/12/19Jones, Timothy; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Wright, Annette 
View03/12/19Merriwether, Ashley; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Gibbs, Kierra; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Addison, Sherrita; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Wright, Franklin 
View03/12/19Mattox, Roshundra; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Wilson, Natasha 
View03/12/19Stewart, Angela; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Kimbrough, Rontayvis; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Bradford, Tawanda; Eskridge, Taquan; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Johnson, Jasmine; Johnson, Teri; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Boyd, Ian; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Walls, Victor 
View03/12/19Pannell, Megan; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Powell, John; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Reese, Jeremy; Smith, Jeramis; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Boyle, Stephanie; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Foster, Vickie; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Shane, Michael; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Lyle, Aquannette; Lyle, Dorrell; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19University Gardens Manor; Waycaster, Curtis 
View03/12/19Bonds, Arielle; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Brown, Maurico; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Lenoir, Adrian; Thomas, Robert; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Brown, Camille; University Gardens Manor 
View03/12/19Bell, Adeshia; The Trails At Mt Moriah 
View03/12/19Lakeview Manor Apartments; Owens, Latarsha 
View03/12/19Booker, Teresa; Lakeview Manor Apartments 
View03/12/19Peppertree Apartments; Sharkey, Diane 
View03/12/19Gathering, Michelle; Peppertree Apartments 
View03/12/19Donegan, Tmarah; Peppertree Apartments 
View03/12/19Byrd, Lenetta; Encore Properties 
View03/12/19Jones, Keerika; Peppertree Apartments 
View03/12/19Corning Village Apartments; Wilbon, Requon 
View03/12/19Chicago Park Place Apartments; Woods, Jerry 
View03/12/19Boyd, Jasmine; Urban Property Management 
View03/12/19Oliver, Marshall; Urban Property Management