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Monday, March 11, 2019

1,140 Public Records consisting of 1,140 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses59
Marriage Licenses25
Misc Register Filings23
Newcomers: Utility Connections20
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity6
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit71
Court Filings: General Sessions83
FED Warrants55
Power of Attorney & Decrees16
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases41
Easements & Land Related2
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications48
Mortgage: Releases119
Mortgage: Trust Deeds97
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building20
Permits: Electrical25
Permits: Mechanical36
Permits: Plumbing15
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds88
Quit Claim82
Rents & Leases3
Trustee Appointments6

FED Warrants

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View03/11/19Howard, Alex; Howard, Irene; Pride, Kimara 
View03/11/19Jones, Bernetta; Moody, Larry 
View03/11/19Autumnwood Apartments; Rayborn, Takelia 
View03/11/19Autumnwood Apartments; Martin, Kativia 
View03/11/19Autumnwood Apartments; Clark, James 
View03/11/19Autumnwood Apartments; Clemons, Temeco 
View03/11/19Gandy, Darlene; Pinetree Place Apartments 
View03/11/19All Occupqants; Onyekwelu, Ugonna 
View03/11/19Jones, Newman; Pinetree Place Apartments 
View03/11/19Hall, Kyone; Pinetree Place Apartments 
View03/11/19Habib, Hesham; Ramirez, Emily 
View03/11/19Anderson, Victor; Newberry, James 
View03/11/19Parker, Johnny Lee; Powell, Mary 
View03/11/19Campbell, Rubin; Mathis, Crystal 
View03/11/19Prager Property Management Llc; Youssef, Hussein 
View03/11/19King, James; Oelgado, Jonathan 
View03/11/19Harris, Ricki; Owen, Barbara 
View03/11/19Blues City Properties; Jordan, Dwight 
View03/11/19Tate Brown, Louise; Tate, Andrew; Tate, Sherman 
View03/11/19Jones, Latoya; Osenga, Justus 
View03/11/19Issac, Shantell; Leake, Melvena 
View03/11/19Manning, Lanita; Tlc Management, Llc 
View03/11/19Andrews, Paris; Fielder Square Apartments 
View03/11/19Fielder Square Apartments; Olden, Pauline; Olden, Tony 
View03/11/19Peterson, Dedrus; Sfrmem Llc 
View03/11/19Fielder Square Apartments; Luker, Becky 
View03/11/19Camelot Manor Apartments; Clayton, Amanda 
View03/11/19Camelot Manor Apartments; Lee, Dominique 
View03/11/19Brittenum, Victor; Camelot Manor Apartments 
View03/11/19Brooks, Mackeem; Camelot Manor Apartments 
View03/11/19Camelot Manor Apartments; Foster, Mario 
View03/11/19Cutshaw, Ted; Gay, Ricky; Gay, Vicky; Jones, Jason 
View03/11/19Occupants, Any & All; Wosfr, Llc 
View03/11/19Crestcore Realty Llc; Mccoy, Rhonda 
View03/11/19Design, Ronin; Glazier, Keith; Lubin Property Management, Llc; Manufacturing Studio, Inc A Tennessee Corporation; Tabatabal, Babak 
View03/11/19Lubin Property Management, Llc; Mathis, Linder 
View03/11/19Lubin Property Management, Llc; Tidwell, Bernard; Tidwell, Kira 
View03/11/19Lubin Property Management, Llc; Peterson, Terry 
View03/11/19Settles, Beatrice; Williams, Cierria 
View03/11/19Brown, Lashea; Lubin Property Management, Llc; Murphy, Jermonica 
View03/11/19Bowser, Isiah; Lubin Property Management, Llc 
View03/11/19Lubin Property Management, Llc; Williams, Demarcus 
View03/11/19Lubin Property Management, Llc; Shell, Jasmine 
View03/11/19Spencer, Alex; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/11/19Jenkins, Octavious; Kerney, Breanna; Reed, Alice; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/11/19Wilkins, Dequandria; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/11/19Glasper, Monica; Winbranch Apartments 
View03/11/19Erving, Brittany; Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View03/11/19Allen, Tierney; Marathon Management, Llc 
View03/11/19B A Management Llc; Ford, Justin 
View03/11/19Bush, Stephanie; Twin Oaks Townhomes 
View03/11/19Twin Oaks Townhomes; Wallace, Juleisha 
View03/11/19Jefferson, Steve; Welch, Donna 
View03/11/19Barnes, Samantha; Divine Prosperity, Llc 
View03/11/19Ashland Lakes Apartments; Yancey, Alaina