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Friday, February 8, 2019

1,112 Public Records consisting of 1,112 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses38
Misc Register Filings23
Newcomers: Utility Connections25
Other Liens2
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Circuit55
Court Filings: Chancery12
Court Filings: Circuit30
Court Filings: General Sessions119
FED Warrants48
Power of Attorney & Decrees13
Probate Court15
Tax Liens & Releases16
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications40
Mortgage: Releases130
Mortgage: Trust Deeds72
Notice of Completion3
Permits: Building28
Permits: Electrical39
Permits: Mechanical64
Permits: Plumbing47
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds60
Quit Claim34
Rents & Leases6
Trustee Appointments6


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View02/08/19Moody, Tamika S; Wells Fargo Bank National Association Tr 
View02/08/19Oakrun Homes Llc; Pinnacle Bank 
View02/08/19Dillard, Patrice; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Duckett, Sebastian; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Clark, Catherine L; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Goodwin, Gwendolyn; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19Payne, Teddrick L; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19Midland Funding Llc; Wheeler, Meghann 
View02/08/19Clark, Erica L; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19Dye, Rita; North Star Capital Acquisition Llc 
View02/08/19Mccarthy, Clare L; Pinnacle Bank 
View02/08/19Pinnacle Bank; Regency Homebuilders Llc 
View02/08/19Muhlert, Michael; Pinnacle Bank; Vlassis, Melanie A 
View02/08/19Keith And David Grant Homes Llc; Pinnacle Bank 
View02/08/19Pinnacle Bank; Wilson, Allison 
View02/08/19Gillon, William A; Pakis Gillon, Adrienne M; Pinnacle Bank 
View02/08/19Okui, Abigail; Okui, Glen; Pinnacle Bank 
View02/08/19Currier, Shelby E; Patriot Bank 
View02/08/19Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Lubiani, Ernest; Parrish, Anthony L; Parrish, Theresa A 
View02/08/19Nationstar Mortgage Llc; Shepherd, Kimberly P; Shepherd, Michael LPeppercorn Dr
View02/08/19Greenlight Loans; Jones Jr, Robert; Nationstar Mortgage LlcGosbrook Ln
View02/08/19Czarnik, Bob; Czarnik, Lisa C; Nationstar Mortgage LlcForrest Shadow Ln
View02/08/19Lafferty, Maryann S; Lafferty, Patrick S; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage LlcSteffan Woods Cv
View02/08/19Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Lewis, Charlotte A; Lewis, S EugeneEast Kerrville Rosemark Rd
View02/08/19New Penn Financial Llc; Sharp, Felisha 
View02/08/19Hassell, Timothy G; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Carr Iii, Albert; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage LlcElkgate
View02/08/19Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc; Tittle, Mark BSchanna Dr
View02/08/19Martin, Diane G; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Hillhouse, Peggy L; Patriot Bank 
View02/08/19Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Smith, Theressa M 
View02/08/19Harris, Arlice L; Harris, Paul K; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsMeadowick Ave
View02/08/19Bancorpsouth Bank; Spencer, Chadwick A; Spencer, Kelley T 
View02/08/19Primelending; Weight, Christopher; Weight, Steffanie D 
View02/08/19Countrywide Home Loans Inc; Ferguson, Adam MWilbec
View02/08/19Fondren, Annette; Fondren, Casey; Loandepot Com Llc 
View02/08/19Fox, Jerry C; Navy Federal Credit Union 
View02/08/19Cole, Everett E; Cole, Margaret; Countrywide Home Loans Inc 
View02/08/19E Loan Inc; Murrell, Frank T; Murrell, Janice L 
View02/08/19Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Zellner, Patricia T 
View02/08/19Landmark Community Bank; Miesse, Abbey G; Miesse, Mark B 
View02/08/19Mcroberts, Claude; Mcroberts, Jewel; Patriot Bank 
View02/08/19Joiner, Martha; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Hill, Tamarah; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Hulett, Linda; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19Dowdy, Ricky; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Fulton, Bobbie; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Boyd, Kristin I; Lvnv Fundiing Llc 
View02/08/19Bill Me Later Inc; Lyon, Augie 
View02/08/19Jefferson Capital Systems Llc; Jones, Christi 
View02/08/19Jefferson Capital Systems Llc; Mcleod, Josie M 
View02/08/19Griffin, Darryl; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Abbey, Jacquelyn; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Luster, Ericka; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Briggs, John; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Jefferson Capital Systems Llc; Nance, Andrea H 
View02/08/19Lewis, Shelia; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Anderson, Marallus; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Dunger, Patricia; Midland Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Jefferson Capital Systems Llc; Miller, Gary T 
View02/08/19Midland Funding Llc; Scott, Tasha 
View02/08/19Brady, Jennifer; Iberiabank; Iberiabank Mortgage; Potts, Mary K 
View02/08/19Norris, Donna J; Norris, Walter W; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Hamblin, David J; Hamblin, Peggy S; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Patriot Bank; Walker, Donald; Walker, Janet G 
View02/08/19Roberts, James W; Roberts, Nanette; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Bancorpsouth Bank; Owens Sr, Maurice 
View02/08/19Rice, Sue P; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Community Mortgage Corp; Magnuson, Amanda P; Magnuson, Michael A 
View02/08/19Marshall, Auset; Marshall, Rodney; Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc 
View02/08/19Harris, Gary; Harris, Kathleen; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsSutton Meadow Ln
View02/08/19Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Wilbanks, Mary H; Wilbanks, Michael WLakewood Dr West
View02/08/19Citizens Savings Bank And Trust Co; Mahogany Hospice Care Inc 
View02/08/19Richwood Homeowners Association Inc; Wright, RodneyThunderstone Cir East
View02/08/19Crosspoint Home Builders Llc; Woodland Hills Homeowners Association IncWoodland Creek Ln
View02/08/19Bridge Capital Thrift And Loan Llc; Rei Nation LlcGillham Cv
View02/08/19Bridge Capital Thrift And Loan Llc; Memphis Investment Rental Properties LlcInvergarry Rd
View02/08/19Financial Federal Bank; Robbins, Emily F; Robbins, Matthew J 
View02/08/19Financial Federal Bank; Wiley Ii, Odus B 
View02/08/19Renasant Bank; Scott, Robert B 
View02/08/19Cummings Llc; Southern BancorpBrice Dr
View02/08/19Volocity Investments Llc; Williams, Sharon D 
View02/08/19Mcmullen, Jimmy R; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19Educap Inc; Hudson, April 
View02/08/19Jackson, Dana; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View02/08/19Curtis, Amber M; Velocity Investments Llc 
View02/08/19Moore, Mark C; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View02/08/19First Resolution Investments Corp; Jamison, Lashundra 
View02/08/19First Resolution Investment Corp; Harris, Songia L 
View02/08/19Elliott, Steven D; Rutherford, Kenneth A; Wescom Credit UnionWest Antler Cv
View02/08/19Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Sykes, Pamela J; Sykes, Richard D 
View02/08/19Jackson, Augustus L; Jackson, Veleska; Renaissance Homes Llc 
View02/08/19Branch, Delrita; Branch, Theodore; First Direct Lending Llc 
View02/08/19Fulkerson Jr, Jerry D; Fulkerson, Patti J; Regions Bank 
View02/08/19Montgomery, Aimee K; Montgomery, Joe L; Regions Bank 
View02/08/19Rauch, Deborah N; Rauch, Frederick F; Regions Bank 
View02/08/19Regions Bank; Rocs Inc 
View02/08/19Regions Bank; Rocs Inc 
View02/08/19Hallmark Builders Inc; Paragon Bank 
View02/08/19Connell, Gary; Parr, Caleb 
View02/08/19Dnv Investment Partnership; Laine Real Estate Llc 
View02/08/19Scarbrough, J Richard; Smith, Grayson 
View02/08/19Scarbrough, J Richard; Smith, Grayson 
View02/08/19Andrews Mckinney, Sheila; Orion Federal Credit UnionBarron Ave
View02/08/19Citimortgage Inc; Crump, Evelyn L 
View02/08/19Bank Of America National Association; Reed, Sandra 
View02/08/19Lynch, John W; Lynch, Sheon P; Southern Security Federal Credit Union 
View02/08/19Reed, Judy L; Southern Security Federal Credit Union 
View02/08/19Southern Security Federal Credit Union; Steele, Jennifer L 
View02/08/19Jones, Henry L; Jones, Keatha J; Southern Security Federal Credit Union 
View02/08/19Burton, Kenneth; Citimortgage Inc 
View02/08/19Citibank National Association; Williamson, Vernastein 
View02/08/19Bank Of America National Association; Burnett, Brian T 
View02/08/19Conley, Betty J; Conley, Ctina; Conley, David L; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Citibank National Association; Williamson, Vernastein 
View02/08/19Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Clemonsroberts, Malisha L 
View02/08/19Healthnet Federal Credit Union; Mitchell, Lanitha RCleary Ave
View02/08/19Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Thompson, Coleman; Thompson, Jacqueline 
View02/08/19Ball, Luretta; Ball, William; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View02/08/19Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Graham, Robert A 
View02/08/19Landmark Community Bank; Matheny, Glen E; Matheny, Joy P 
View02/08/19Healthnet Federal Credit UnionEast Valleywood Dr
View02/08/19Benefiel, Thomas N; Regions BankOak Chase Ln
View02/08/19Raymond James Bank National Association; Schlapkohl, Kenneth W; Schlapkohl, Mary ELinkenholt Dr
View02/08/19Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Turner, James B; Turner, Jennifer MHidden Falls Dr
View02/08/19Kelly, Michael W; Kelly, T Gayle; Trustmark National Bank 
View02/08/19American Die Co; Trustmark National Bank 
View02/08/19Hinders, Daniel J; Trustmark National Bank 
View02/08/19Eddings, Adidas D; Kerr, Jasmine D; Usaa Federal Savings BankCedar Oak Cv
View02/08/19Russell, Wade S; Triumph MortgageCircle Ave