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Thursday, February 7, 2019

1,181 Public Records consisting of 1,181 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses50
Marriage Licenses11
Misc Register Filings11
Newcomers: Utility Connections19
Other Liens23
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity6
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit12
Court Filings: General Sessions177
FED Warrants52
Power of Attorney & Decrees17
Probate Court4
Tax Liens & Releases6
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications54
Mortgage: Releases208
Mortgage: Trust Deeds69
Permits: Building37
Permits: Electrical36
Permits: Mechanical49
Permits: Plumbing43
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds63
Quit Claim42
Rents & Leases7


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View02/07/19Franklin Credit Management Corporation As Servicer For Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, As Certificate Trustee On Behalf Of Bosco Credit Ii Trust Series 2010-1; Woods, Linda K. 
View02/07/19Frazier Sr., Steven R.; Frazier, Kathy M.; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Richard H. 
View02/07/19Greer, Chelsy P.; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Richard H. 
View02/07/19Bates Jr., Craig A.; Bates, Sarah J.; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Richard H. 
View02/07/19Gay, Alissa; Halford, Cody; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Scales, James K.; Scales, Wanda D.; Smith, Jeffrey A.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Hart, Amanda Lee; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Ken 
View02/07/19Deckert, Christina Marie; Deckert, Ronnie Lee; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Ken 
View02/07/19Hutcherson, Kayleigh Renee; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Ken 
View02/07/19Bell, David L.; Bowling, Kimberly; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Perry Ii, Paul; Perry, Victoria; Teel Jr., C. Jerome; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Sadler, Mary Kathrine; Smith, T. Verner; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Long, Dejuan; Ringger, Louis W.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Deberry, Jennell; U.S. Trustee; Walker, Richard H. 
View02/07/19Garrott, Ian D.; Smith, Samantha Givhan; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Higgins, David Earl; Hurst, Herbert D.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Carter, Dairele R.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19U.S. Trustee; Wallace, Donald O 
View02/07/19Fite, Ellen E.; Henson, Robert Lynn; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Thomas, Teddy Leville; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Burke, Harvey Kashaun; Schumpert, Holly W.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Franklin, Janet Lynn; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Ray, David D.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Ray Jr., Arthur E.; U.S. Trustee; Watts, Sharde Renee 
View02/07/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Times, Barbara Ann; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Castle, Darrell L.; Tunstall, Khristopher Don; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Ralston, Bruce A.; U.S. Trustee; Wiggins, Tequilla A 
View02/07/19Carter, Patrice; Jewel, Gary L.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Bowie, Kanaka Jeneana; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Douglass, Eugene G.; Nations Marketing Company, Inc.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Mitchell, Michael W.; Moore, Dollyette; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Ahmad, Faatima; Jones, Ted I.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Bell, Gene; Butler, Erica; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Hudson, Shalonda Yvette; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Glass, Brian M.; Shorter, Teresa Renee; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19George, William Douglas; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee; Wilburn, Kevin Dewayne 
View02/07/19Bilsky, Steven F.; Moore, Avis Antoinette; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Fiveash Jr., Earnest E.; Mcwright, Sherrell Antonette; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19U.S. Trustee; Vaughan Jr., J. W.; Watson, Sharon Denise 
View02/07/19Castle, Darrell L.; U.S. Trustee; Willis, Amber Nicole 
View02/07/19Gray Jr., Glover Gaylord; Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Mcelroy, Jimmy E.; Robinson, Sherese Renee; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Garrett, S. Jonathan; Garrett, Tanya Alecia; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Fiveash Jr., Earnest E.; Gunn, Major Kenneth; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Counce, Philip F.; U.S. Trustee; Williams, Jennifer Jenet 
View02/07/19Fiveash Jr., Earnest E.; Gable, Tamika Nicole; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Hodge, Torrie Latanya; Mccullough, Carlee Marie; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Fiveash Jr., Earnest E.; Rogan, Lavetta Renee; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Fiveash Jr., Earnest E.; U.S. Trustee; Walton, Alexis Louise 
View02/07/19Castle, Darrell L.; Crutchfield, Walter James; U.S. Trustee 
View02/07/19Bell, Gene; Renix, Phyllis; U.S. Trustee