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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

1,006 Public Records consisting of 1,006 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses24
Marriage Licenses11
Misc Register Filings28
Newcomers: Utility Connections27
Other Liens7
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity9
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery7
Court Filings: Circuit19
Power of Attorney & Decrees19
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases97
Easements & Land Related12
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications67
Mortgage: Releases161
Mortgage: Trust Deeds94
Notice of Completion2
Permits: Building20
Permits: Electrical47
Permits: Mechanical67
Permits: Plumbing50
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds80
Quit Claim72
Rents & Leases7
Trustee Appointments4


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View12/04/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Hannock, Melanee L; Sweeney, Teresa A 
View12/04/18Independent Bank; Proctor, Glenn M; Proctor, Terresa 
View12/04/18Fairchilds, Charles W; Fairchilds, Derek OAudubon View Cir No 4908
View12/04/18Hall, Beblyn D; Hall, Mckinley; New Century Mortgage CorpApplestone St
View12/04/18Jibiki, Akihiro; Mid South Best Rentals Inc 
View12/04/18Watson Holdings Llc; Weber W Manning D D S Pc 
View12/04/18Equity Trust Co Custodian Fbo Mark Tittle Ira; Laura K Linder Revocable Living Trust; Linder James S TrEastridge Dr
View12/04/18Country Park Homeowners Association Inc; Lanigan, AntonioWhitten Rd
View12/04/18Estanaula Trails Homeowners Association Inc; Odedeyi, StellaEstanaula Rd
View12/04/18Beers Kimberly K Tr; Gardens Of Grays Creek Pd Homeowners Association IncRochelle Ln
View12/04/18Shelby Park Pd Homeowners Association Inc; Yang, TanGrapetree Trail
View12/04/18Cain, Tavoris J; Whisper Ridge Homeowners Association IncSweet Whisper Ln
View12/04/18Isom, Charvae L; Whisper Ridge Homeowners Association IncSweet Whisper Cv
View12/04/18Puryear, Alena; Puryear, Steven; Whisper Ridge Homeowners Association IncSweet Whisper Ln
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Hussey, George 
View12/04/18Aaron, Gina C; Aaron, Michael E; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Warren Iii, Frank; Warren, Suellen F 
View12/04/18Broadhead, Anita H; Broadhead, Roger D; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Richardson, Charles L; Richardson, Sheila P 
View12/04/18Corder, Gordon W; Corder, Patricia; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Greer, Debra L 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Garrett, Marijane 
View12/04/18Brown, Ann C; Brown, Milton P; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18Eagle Iii, Bryan M; Eagle, Karen H; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18Bentley, Vivian Y; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Jones, Ellawece 
View12/04/18First Tennessee Bank National Association; Scott, Louise F 
View12/04/18Ellis, Karen J; Orion Federal Credit UnionDeer Trail Ln
View12/04/18Hyatt Hotel Portfolio Trust 2017 Hyt2; Lsref3 Ah Chicago Llc; Lsref3 Ah Chicago Tenant Llc; Wells Fargo Bank National Association TrPrimacy Parkway
View12/04/18Rei Nation Llc; Southern Bancorp BankTena Rea Cv
View12/04/18Southstar Funding Llc; Taylor, Maxine 
View12/04/18Baldwin, Elaine; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage LlcBurnham Cv
View12/04/18Cach Llc; Henderson, Brittany N 
View12/04/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Turek, Teresa MMaggie Woods Place
View12/04/18Housing And Urban Development; Sherrill, Brandon SLillian Bend Dr
View12/04/18Blake, Candy L; Mortgage Investors GroupDorset Dr
View12/04/18Chou Team Realty Inc; Monster Loans; Mullins, Diana; Mullins, Mark PVaranda Cv
View12/04/18Boyer, Michael J; Boyer, Philena J; Evolve Bank And TrustDevonshire Ave
View12/04/18Aldridge Sr, William J; Evolve Bank And TrustRiver Commons Cir
View12/04/18David Goodwin Jr Llc; Evolve Bank And Trust 
View12/04/18David Goodwin Jr Llc; Evolve Bank And Trust 
View12/04/18Lakewood Capital Llc; Simmons, Lana 
View12/04/18Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Mccarroll, Nicholas J 
View12/04/18Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Luton, Jennifer 
View12/04/18Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Langston, Terri J 
View12/04/18Cummings, Reginald W; Cummings, Sharon L; First South Credit UnionWoodland View Cv
View12/04/18Eisenstatt, Gerald A; Eisenstatt, Lynn P; Fidelity Bank 
View12/04/18Fidelity Bank; Hession, Mark A; Osborne, Megan C 
View12/04/18Fidelity Bank; Smith, Everett; Smith, Julie 
View12/04/18Fidelity Bank; Kochman, Lauren N; Kochman, Michael W 
View12/04/18Lendinghome Funding Corp; Sfr Mem Llc 
View12/04/18Stotts, Gregory; Townhouse Village Homeowners Association IncWinchester
View12/04/18Brown, Dixie A; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsBerryhill Rd
View12/04/18Lendinghome Funding Corp; Sfr Mem Llc 
View12/04/18Erickson, Christina D; Erickson, Lawrence P; Insouth Bank 
View12/04/18Pommer, Shirley J; Regions BankCurbertson Cv
View12/04/18Greer, Linda; Greer, Vernell; Regions BankDurham
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Street Sr, John FMerrel Dr
View12/04/18Brenneman, Cathy; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageCross Hill Dr
View12/04/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Strege, CherylAinsworth St
View12/04/18Perkins, Michael C; Regions Bank; Wilder, Tammy LDestin Dr
View12/04/18Ford, Holly L; Ford, Shirley W; Phh Mortgage Corp 
View12/04/18Farley, Zachary A; Primelending 
View12/04/18Hamilton, Emily T; Hamilton, John H; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Stoots, Ronnie J; Stoots, Rosemary C 
View12/04/18Dougherty, Patricia A; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Narrow, Patricia L; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Goad, Ernestine D; Goad, William B; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Biria, Maryam; Hatamzadeh, Majid E; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Rajasekaran, Ananth 
View12/04/18Lauderdale, Carolyn; Nuvell National Auto Finance Llc 
View12/04/18Housing And Urban Development; Mays, Shelia LHuckleberry Cv
View12/04/18Evolve Bank And Trust; Rei Nation LlcAmersham Dr
View12/04/18Armstead, Tamia; Rushmore Loan Management Services Llc 
View12/04/18First Capital Bank; Meredith, John M; Webb, Carlos SMadison
View12/04/18Burns, Courtney T; Burns, Ferris S; First Citizens National Bank 
View12/04/18Mendoza, Laura; Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsCrystal Oak Dr
View12/04/18Barnett Harriet S Tr; Billy And Harriet Barnett Joint Revocable Trust; First National Bank Of Crossett 
View12/04/18Iberiabank; Lamb Properties Llc 
View12/04/18Iberiabank; Robinson, Leslie 
View12/04/18Chism, Katina M; Discover Bank 
View12/04/18Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Moore, Jeffrey L 
View12/04/18Thomas, Freddie L; Thomas, Ruby N; Winfield, George R 
View12/04/184958 Elmore Road Llc; Belle Properties Llc; First Capital BankElmore Rd
View12/04/18Shelton, Ethel V; Td Auto Finance Llc 
View12/04/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Pardue, Olivia CNorth Mcneil
View12/04/18Discover Bank; Felipe, Nieves C 
View12/04/18Discover Bank; Watkins, Judy 
View12/04/18Landmark Community Bank; Yord Investments LlcIvan Rd
View12/04/18Dunavant, Leslie N; Landmark Community Bank 
View12/04/18Landmark Community Bank; Mcclerkin, Jesse E; Mcclerkin, Patsy W 
View12/04/18Landmark Community Bank; Veldman, Jeremy R 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Homsi, Riad; Tamim, Suha R 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Farrar, Elizabeth K; Farrar, Thomas C 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Richardson, Dana B 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Reynolds, Adrian 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Mccarter Annette M Tr; Mccarter Kevin R Tr; Mccarter Revocable Living Trust 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Carrico, Caroline M; Carrico, Gregory J 
View12/04/18Bancorpsouth Bank; Lemmons, Rebekah C; Lemmons, Scott T 
View12/04/18Edwards, Jane L; Edwards, Kevin W; Quicken Loans Inc 
View12/04/18Ferguson, Freddie; Martin, Ashley; Southstar Funding LlcKings Grant Cv
View12/04/18Ameriquest Mortgage Co; Reedy, Debra LLongview Blvd
View12/04/18Gladney Jr, Alexander; Gladney, Margie; Wells Fargo Bank National Association TrWillis
View12/04/18Lee, Jason D; Lee, Tanya K; Trustmark National BankGarden Trail Ln
View12/04/18Kicklighter, Logan R; Regan, Jennifer L; Trustmark National BankShadow Field Ln
View12/04/18Oak Grove Owners Association Inc; Trice, RobertDeep Woods Rd
View12/04/18Community Bank Of Mississippi; Southbay Properties LlcBartlett Rd
View12/04/18Community Bank Of Mississippi; Southbay Properties Llc 
View12/04/18Everbank; Messinger, Stephanie 
View12/04/18Marlar, Annette; Trustmark National BankPlantation Cir
View12/04/18Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc; Matthews, AnnieAnnandale Dr
View12/04/18Navy Federal Credit Union; Ruben, Ana C De; Ruben, Paul S 
View12/04/18Snerling, Chiquita D; Wells Fargo Bank National AssociationBraden Dr
View12/04/18Citimortgage Inc; Hopkins, Amanda N; Hopkins, Leonard RI C Rd
View12/04/18Beardsley, Christi M; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageWoodland Elm Ct
View12/04/18Dnv Investment Partnership; Happy Rental Real Estate LlcOzan St
View12/04/18Independent Bank; Leibel, KwasiClifton Ave
View12/04/18Bmo Harris Bank National Association; Herbers, Christopher S; Stanley, Ashli 
View12/04/18Commercial Bank And Trust Co; Taylor Ii, Daniel L; Taylor, Melinda PEast Holmes Rd
View12/04/18Bishop, Donald R; Bishop, Julia W; Lake Michigan Credit Union 
View12/04/18United Methodist Development Fund Of Tennessee Kentucky Inc; United Methodist Neighborhood Centers Of Memphis Inc 
View12/04/18Morton Ii, Craig V; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Harwell, Deborah; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Wallace, Kay M; Wallace, Samuel L 
View12/04/18Menne Jr, Joseph W; Menne, Susan; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Shelly, Curtis H; Shelly, Doris R 
View12/04/18Oneal, Elvin L; Oneal, Syrelda H; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Williams, Brenda W; Williams, James 
View12/04/18Memphis Bonding Co; Reaves, Margaret HSouth Poplar Woods Cir No 1
View12/04/18First Capital Bank; Strawn, Billy W; Strawn, Norma LMarlin Rd
View12/04/18David Goodwin Jr Llc; First Alliance Bank 
View12/04/18First Alliance Bank; Gk Group Llc 
View12/04/18Franklin American Mortgage Co; Gilbertson, Mark; Gilbertson, Rebecca 
View12/04/18Community Mortgage Corp; Dalton, Stephanie K 
View12/04/18Tusky, David E; Tusky, Lorraine A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View12/04/18Ditech Financial Llc; Griffin, Cynthia A; Griffin, Kenneth D 
View12/04/18Quicken Loans Inc; Sanders, Susan A 
View12/04/18Quicken Loans Inc; Rodgers Jr, Tommie; Rodgers, Yvette T 
View12/04/18Ameritas Life Insurance Corp; Collier Iii, James D; Collier Jr, John S 
View12/04/18Financial Federal Bank; Lester, Brook H; Lester, Ellen J 
View12/04/18American Mortgage Services Inc; Pulliam, Denton; Pulliam, Jamison W 
View12/04/18Grandy, Lisa L; Ham, Rebecca B; Ham, Robert A; Regions BankWoodcrest Dr
View12/04/18Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems; Smith, Karen M; Smith, Michael DForest Pointe West
View12/04/18Britton, Genoa; Britton, Joanna; Regions BankWest Olive Ave
View12/04/18Fitch, Sarah J; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageOld Ivy Cv
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Spurgeon, Robert D; Spurgeon, SuzanCedar Point Rd
View12/04/18Crisp, Sharon L; Crisp, William H; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageWoodstock Cuba
View12/04/18Mascari, Eleanor A; Mascari, Phil; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Cherry, Maria; Cherry, Wayne; Regions Bank 
View12/04/18Caudill, Karla J; Regions Bank; Ritchey, Gina M; Ritchey, Josephine L; Ritchey, Peter C 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Wade, Leo G; Wade, Myma S 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Wade, Leo G; Wade, Myma S 
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Stafford, Carol; Stafford, Timothy C 
View12/04/18Morton, Mercedes A; Morton, Randal L; Regions BankButternut
View12/04/18Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Robinson, Taretha AIsle Pointe Dr
View12/04/18Booker, Deborah; Booker, John W; Mortgage Investors GroupRiverhead Ave
View12/04/18Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Sterk, Kerry; Sterk, MariusSurrey Oaks Dr
View12/04/18Easy Street Property Investors Llc; FirstbankPeg Ln
View12/04/18Calmet Llc 
View12/04/18First Premier Properties Llc; Moise, James 
View12/04/18Midland Funding Llc; Smith, Marvin