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Monday, November 21, 2022

979 Public Records consisting of 979 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses10
Misc Register Filings28
Other Liens1
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity21
Court Calendars: Circuit1
Court Filings: Chancery73
Court Filings: Circuit68
Court Filings: General Sessions12
FED Warrants50
Power of Attorney & Decrees41
Probate Court7
Tax Liens & Releases1
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications53
Mortgage: Releases124
Mortgage: Trust Deeds32
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building32
Permits: Electrical48
Permits: Mechanical101
Permits: Plumbing73
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds70
Quit Claim34
Rents & Leases9
Trustee Appointments1


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View11/21/22Citizens National Bank Of Meridian; Regency Homebuilders Llc 
View11/21/22Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Pierson, SimonGlenfiddich Ln
View11/21/22Ndo Llc; Rcn Capital LlcDearing Rd
View11/21/22Gerogianna Maule Ffinch 2015 Trust; Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Maule Ffinch Georgianna TrWaring Rd
View11/21/22Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Lamanilao, Edwin; Lamanilao, MariaFrieden Trl
View11/21/22Crowder, John B; Synovus Mortgage CorpAshton Rd No 1
View11/21/22Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association; Maxwell, Joy LMagnolia Grv
View11/21/22Landmark Community Bank; Simmons Bank 
View11/21/22Russell, Michael B; Simmons Bank 
View11/21/22Bank Of England; Blackmon, Stephen C; Blackmon, Victoria E 
View11/21/22Bank Of England; Gentry, Eric E; Gentry, Jennifer S 
View11/21/22Bybee, Laron; Bybee, Lindsey; Community Mortgage Corp 
View11/21/22901 2 0 Llc; Texas Republic Life Insurance CoLockwood St
View11/21/22Mid South Homebuyers Gp; Texas Republic Life Insurance CoOverton Crossing St
View11/21/22Lakeview At Woodland Hills Homeowners Association Inc; Tn Pace Re LlcFarwoods Dr
View11/21/22Bcs Investments Llc; Pinnacle Bank 
View11/21/22Moore, Brian B; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View11/21/22Freedom Mortgage Corp; Mcclendon Iii, Billy V; Mcclendon, Amie D 
View11/21/22Li, Zhenghong; Zhang, Wei; Zillow Home Loans Llc 
View11/21/22Freedom Mortgage Corp; Martin, Andrew T; Martin, Lauren N 
View11/21/22Bartlett Mortgage Inc; Todd, Candace J 
View11/21/22Allison, Dorothy E; Allison, Stephen W; Centurty 21 Mortgage 
View11/21/22Citibank National Association Tr; Conry, Ceil J; Conry, Michael S; Nrz Pass Through Trust Vi 
View11/21/22Namowicz, Clifford D; Namowicz, Colby J; Quicken Loans Llc 
View11/21/22Hill, Latoya E; Zanderfinn Llc 
View11/21/22Quicken Loans Llc; Walls Iii, John R; Walls, Melanie R 
View11/21/22Cochran, John; Parker, Deniece O; United Wholesale Mortgage 
View11/21/22Highlands Residential Mortgage Ltd; Jensen, Arthur A 
View11/21/22Housing And Urban Development; Turner Iii, Grady H 
View11/21/22Cunningham, Kwesi K; Regions Bank; Regions MortgageCrescent Park Dr
View11/21/22Mass Mutual Mortgage; Mitchell, Derek; Mitchell, PeggyCoro Rd
View11/21/22Culley, Gary W; Culley, Tina J; Regions Bank 
View11/21/22Brown, Paul L; Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc 
View11/21/22Alomari, Rashard; Cotton, Tameika 
View11/21/22Community Mortgage Corp; Peursum, Maria L 
View11/21/22Burgess, Leigh A; Simmons Bank 
View11/21/22Regions Bank; Wong, Richard C; Wong, Wendy L 
View11/21/22Five Talent Capital Llc; Watterson, Michael 
View11/21/22Pike, Adam M; Simmons Bank; Walker, Kathryn B 
View11/21/22Bank Of America National Association; Wakefield, James R; Wakefield, Merri T 
View11/21/22Cbc National Bank; Johnson Jr, James E; Johnson, Leah M 
View11/21/22Mayfield, James; Mayfield, Melissa; Montage Mortgage Llc 
View11/21/22Broxterman, Jerry; Broxterman, Sara; Espinoza, Gonzalo; Langeric, Manuela 
View11/21/22Available Capital Llc; Charlton, Brian 
View11/21/22Dukes, Karen; Td Bank Usa National Association 
View11/21/22Bank Of America National Association; Hines, Terrie D 
View11/21/22Edwards, Jeanitta; Velocity Investments Llc 
View11/21/22Banc Of America Merrill Lynch Commercial Mortgage Inc; Hillcrest Memphis Lp; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View11/21/22Health Education And Housing Facility Board City Of Memphis; Hillcrest Memphis Lp 
View11/21/22First Horizon Bank; Perez, Dennis; Perez, Sonya M 
View11/21/22Baez, Argelis; Fay Servicing Llc; Jaquez, Elizabeth 
View11/21/22Fay Servicing Llc; Lockhart, Wanda L 
View11/21/22Howard, Freddie; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Absolute Resolutions Investments Llc; Freeman, Marcus 
View11/21/22Middlebrooks, Joyce T; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View11/21/22Denison, Gregory A; Denison, Kimberly A; Mr Cooper; Nationstar Mortgage Llc 
View11/21/22Bank Of America National Association; Ferry, Cimmone 
View11/21/22Curry, Ouida R; First Tennessee Bank National Association 
View11/21/22Cozzens, Cathy J; Cozzens, Jeffrey A; Hsbc Bank Usa National Association 
View11/21/22Anderson, Susan T; Usaa Federal Savings Bank 
View11/21/22Bonney, Jon; Bonney, Katherine; First Horizon Home Loan Corp; First Tennessee Home Loans 
View11/21/22Iberiabank Mortgage Co; Swaddle, Gary EFairmeadow Rd
View11/21/22Bank Of America National Association; Williams, Londa S 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Winfrey, John T; Winfrey, Lavitta 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Rei Nation Llc 
View11/21/22Grand Pointe Properties Inc; Guaranty Bank And Trust Co 
View11/21/22First Horizon Bank; Helmers, Sue E 
View11/21/22Barclay Bank Delaware; Collins, Felicia L 
View11/21/22Hammond, Michael A; Tennessee Housing Development Agency 
View11/21/22Plunk, Rhonda K; Tennessee Housing Development Agency 
View11/21/22Johnson, Carol D; Tennessee Housing Development Agency 
View11/21/22Cohen, Bennie D; Tennessee Housing Development Agency; Vannieuwenhuyze, Jessica B 
View11/21/22Banktennessee; English Jr, Robert; English, Robert M 
View11/21/22Banktennessee; Rei Nation Llc 
View11/21/22Banktennessee; Crosno Jr, Jesse; Schnetzer, Jamie 
View11/21/22Banktennessee; Daniels, Danny 
View11/21/22Banktennessee; Invest Tn Llc 
View11/21/22Hill, Kimla; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View11/21/22Prosperity Trans 1 Inc; Wildcat Lending 
View11/21/22Barclays Bank Delaware; Hilliard, Eve L 
View11/21/22Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Tucker, Jeanette 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Guaranty Bank And Trust Co; Ithaka Holdings Llc 
View11/21/22Martin, Tameka D; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View11/21/22Franklin, Regina; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View11/21/22Jarred, Melissa A; Jarred, Terry L; Metropolitan Bank 
View11/21/22Gray, Roy; Midland Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Ross, Carmen; Uhg I Llc 
View11/21/22Lavender, Laverne; Midland Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Anthony, Patricia; Midland Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Declue, Donald; Midland Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Alejandre, Victor; Midland Credit Managment Inc 
View11/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Yates, Sedrick 
View11/21/22Cartwright, Earnest; Midland Credit Managment Inc 
View11/21/22Greer, Cynthia; Midland Credit Managment Inc 
View11/21/22Hollingshed, Tommie; Uhg I Llc 
View11/21/22Midland Funding Llc; Turner, Deborah 
View11/21/22Midland Funding Llc; Wolfe, Marsharee 
View11/21/22Jones, John; Midland Crdit Management Inc 
View11/21/22Brown, Joe; Cavalry Spv I Llc 
View11/21/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Scruggs, Chasity 
View11/21/22Midland Funding Llc; Russell, Celia 
View11/21/22Barr, Herbert; Midland Funding Llc 
View11/21/22Johnson, Lashondra; Uhg I Llc 
View11/21/22Cavalry Spv I Llc; Hughes, Derricka L 
View11/21/22Conn Appliances Inc; Shepherd, Latoya 
View11/21/22Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Saunders, Kimberly 
View11/21/22Green, William; Memphis City Employees Credit Union; Pollard, Yvette MStardale
View11/21/22Apfsdemm Inc; Brico Legacy Lp; Jones Iii, Albert OTaylor St
View11/21/22Housing And Community Development; Thompson, Mark D 
View11/21/22Gray, Marcus; Housing And Community Development 
View11/21/22Childs, Jaboa; Childs, Jammie; Housing And Community Development 
View11/21/22Housing And Community Development; United Housing IncAdderley Ln
View11/21/22Akil, Farid; Memphis Investment Properties Iii LlcFairmont Ave
View11/21/22Afton Homes Llc; Southern Bancorp BankEddey Pl
View11/21/22Astoria Partners Gp; Insouth Bank 
View11/21/22Community Mortgage Corp; Pearce, Erin N; Pearce, James A 
View11/21/22American Financing Corp; Reed Jr, John G; Reed, Patricia W 
View11/21/22Regions Bank; Wilbur, Cheryl B; Wilbur, Michael J 
View11/21/22First Horizon Bank; Wolff, Billie J