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Friday, November 17, 2023

899 Public Records consisting of 899 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses4
Misc Register Filings30
Other Liens3
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Circuit48
Court Filings: Chancery6
Court Filings: Circuit11
Court Filings: General Sessions15
FED Warrants38
Power of Attorney & Decrees8
Probate Court10
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications84
Mortgage: Releases137
Mortgage: Trust Deeds66
Permits: Building17
Permits: Electrical60
Permits: Mechanical67
Permits: Plumbing18
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds97
Quit Claim53
Rents & Leases9
Trustee Appointments3


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View11/17/23Arlander Parker; J, Skefos 
View11/17/23Assoc, Poplar; Brett Soefker 
View11/17/23Adventure Holdings I Llc; Paul Krodel 
View11/17/23Bogota Holdings Llc; Tim Mckell 
View11/17/23C Choates; Hernandez, Dominga 
View11/17/23Antonio Johnson; Porter, Letitia 
View11/17/23Chet Kibble Sr; Sails, Verties 
View11/17/23Tyrone Parker; Welch, Morris 
View11/17/23Albert Scarbrough; True Mem2016-1 Llc 
View11/17/23Francisco Mendoza; Mag Miles Design Llc 
View11/17/23Commericial Fire Protection (M000); Johnson, Darrick 
View11/17/23A, Smith; Maxair Heating And Cooling, Llc (M000) 
View11/17/23Melissa Mayfield; Rhodes, Charles 
View11/17/23Homer Sowell; Slocum 
View11/17/23Chris Mccoy; Powers, James 
View11/17/23Robert Nunnally; Top Homes Llc 
View11/17/23Curtis Gelston; Monticello Apartments Llc 
View11/17/23Curtis Gelston; Valley Forge Llc 
View11/17/23Curtis Gelston; Valley Forge Llc 
View11/17/23Bryko Heating And Air Conditioning (M000); Valley Forge Llc 
View11/17/23Curtis Gelston; Valley Forge Llc 
View11/17/23Edwards, Patricia; John Wirt (M053) 
View11/17/23Brandon Long; May, Mayjohn 
View11/17/23Brandon Long; Perry, Cisiro 
View11/17/23Manuel Esquivel; Midsouth Realty Group Llc 
View11/17/23Manuel Esquivel; Midsouth Realty Group Llc 
View11/17/23Hyppolite 43 Trust; Lions Den Air, Llc (M000) Cmc 
View11/17/23Chatham Village Homeowners Association; John Conway 
View11/17/23C, Perry; John Conway 
View11/17/23Harper, Ronnie; John Conway 
View11/17/23El Shabazz, Rayford; John Conway 
View11/17/23Downs, Homeowners; John Conway 
View11/17/23John Conway(P000); Reynolds, Carl 
View11/17/23Hopson, Dorothy; John Conway 
View11/17/23John Conway; Whalum, Kenneth 
View11/17/23Brooks, Corey; Phillip Williams 
View11/17/23Carmichael, Mary; Matthew Terhune 
View11/17/23Johnny Renfrow; Makin, Melvin 
View11/17/23Joyner Heating And Air (M000); Laughlin, Ione 
View11/17/23Kristin Diehl; Miller, Neil 
View11/17/23Dustin Smith; Johnson, Gladys 
View11/17/23E, Byerly; Smith's Plumbing Services (M000) 
View11/17/23Dustin Smith; Fong, Brian 
View11/17/23Els Construction (M000) Cmc-A; Moore, Dwayne 
View11/17/23Jay Crowe; Scruggs, Regina 
View11/17/23Dean/Nelson Llc. (M000); Pigeon Cay Llc 
View11/17/23Ellard, Winfield; Ronald Hamlett 
View11/17/23Mason Izaguirre-Reyes; Owens, Earicia 
View11/17/23Cranford, Mary; Mason Izaguirre-Reyes 
View11/17/23Pierini, Athala; Tim Stewart 
View11/17/23Mike Miller; Wang, Jing 
View11/17/23John Conway; Ransom, Jennifer 
View11/17/23John Conway; Taylor, Sherman 
View11/17/23John Conway; Smith, Shelby 
View11/17/23Henry Miller; Jones, Cathy 
View11/17/23Austin, Julie; Scott Catlett 
View11/17/23S, Jones; Terhune, Glenn Plumbing Co., Inc. (M000) 
View11/17/23Lions Den Air, Llc (M000) Cmc; Rowling Tn Llc 
View11/17/23Duncan-Harrison, Patricia; Sherman Square 
View11/17/23Duane, Ginnangelo; Hunter Larue (Q.A.) 
View11/17/23Johnathon Lawson; Merriweather, Terry 
View11/17/23Johnathon Lawson; R, Russell 
View11/17/23Johnathon Lawson; Matthew, Ledonne 
View11/17/23Dillon, Brandon; Johnathon Lawson 
View11/17/23Cozart, Carrol; Michael Claunch 
View11/17/23T. Rucker Contracting Inc (M000); Thompson, Shandra 
View11/17/23Habashy, Hany; Southern Comfort Air,Heating & Plumb (M000)