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Monday, January 23, 2023

626 Public Records consisting of 626 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses21
Misc Register Filings24
Other Liens6
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity8
Court Calendars: Circuit3
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit8
Power of Attorney & Decrees22
Probate Court8
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications38
Mortgage: Releases88
Mortgage: Trust Deeds51
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building31
Permits: Electrical70
Permits: Mechanical79
Permits: Plumbing37
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds53
Quit Claim27
Rents & Leases5
Trustee Appointments2


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View01/23/23Of Tennessee, State; Slade Martin 
View01/23/23Bluff City Refrigeration, Inc. (M000); Wen Tennessee Llc 
View01/23/23Allen Deck; City Schools Board Of Education, Memphis 
View01/23/23Cantrell, Ronda; Michael Sherrill 
View01/23/23B & L Heating & Beard; Progress Residential Borrower 8 Llc 
View01/23/23Pango Whitney Apartments Llc; Tim Mckell 
View01/23/23Randall Muench; Taylor, Sharon 
View01/23/23Chickasaw Air Conditioning, Inc (M000); Shreve, Amelia 
View01/23/23Antonio Johnson; Willow Hill Group L L C 
View01/23/23Chickasaw Air Conditioning, Inc (M000); David, Cunningham 
View01/23/23Dustin Smith; Mady, Stephen 
View01/23/23Epic Wealth Fund Llc; Otis Shaw 
View01/23/23Rick Farrell; Sowell Michael S & Analice H And 
View01/23/23Phifer, Robert; Victor Russell 
View01/23/23Parker, Sheila; Victor Russell 
View01/23/23Owings, Douglas; Victor Russell 
View01/23/23Koleyni, Shahla; Victor Russell 
View01/23/23Sorsby, Wynn; Victor Russell 
View01/23/23Michael Sherrill; Young, Martha 
View01/23/23Jimenez, Areli; William Jones 
View01/23/23J, Wipfli; Travis Nipp 
View01/23/23Aaron Kizer; Tanzy, Fisher 
View01/23/23Tyrone Parker; Williams, Geraldine 
View01/23/23Aaron Kizer; Heckendorf, Jason 
View01/23/23Aaron Kizer; Raper, David 
View01/23/23Chet Kibble; Sherley, Joyce 
View01/23/23Jeff Britt; Shipley, Joshua 
View01/23/23Belgravia Square Llc; Jeff Britt 
View01/23/23Belgravia Square Llc; Jeff Britt 
View01/23/23Jeff Britt; Kirshner, Alison 
View01/23/23B & L Heating & Beard; Home Sfr Borrower Iv Llc 
View01/23/23B & L Heating & Beard; Progress Memphis Llc 
View01/23/23Allen Lufcy; Boyd, Watson 
View01/23/23Erik Bradford; Ruthland, Andrew 
View01/23/23Donarie, Brown; Heather Landrum 
View01/23/23Climate King Llc (M000); Vb One Llc 
View01/23/23Ali, Akbar; Larry Crum 
View01/23/23Living, Mose; Melissa Mayfield 
View01/23/23Bell, Kristin; Solace Services 
View01/23/23Keith Wright; Seagraves, Joe 
View01/23/23C & K Air And Heating Of The Mid-South, Inc.(M000); Mchaney, Christopher 
View01/23/23C Choate; Mcmullen, Bruce 
View01/23/23David Upchurch; Westwood Manor Inc 
View01/23/23David Cannon; Gray, Sherry 
View01/23/23B & A Hvac (M000); Leach, Preston 
View01/23/23Dustin Wilburn; Wood, Michael 
View01/23/23Bill, Bodie; C Choate 
View01/23/23L, Brooks; Mike Miller 
View01/23/23C Choate; Oldham, Raymond 
View01/23/23Herbert Downing; Lies, Aaron 
View01/23/23Bryce & Brown Home Builders Llc; Harold Smith (M053) 
View01/23/23Ask First Llc; Carla Cannon 
View01/23/23Carla Cannon; Regency Homebuilders Llc 
View01/23/23C Choate; H, Purvis 
View01/23/23Aldinger, James; Jeff Waller 
View01/23/23Dumas, Edward; Ronald Hamlett 
View01/23/23John Conway; Williams, Vanessa 
View01/23/23John Conway; Samuel, Thomas 
View01/23/23John Conway; Williams, Lisabeth 
View01/23/23Askew, Lindbergh; John Conway 
View01/23/23John Conway; Total Living Care Llc 
View01/23/23David Thompson; Oaks Edge Property Llc 
View01/23/23David Thompson; Oaks Edge Property Llc 
View01/23/23Clevell Scott; Feigelman, Doron 
View01/23/23Clevell Scott; Feigelman, Doron 
View01/23/23Herbert Downing; Hodges Darryl & Grace And Irma Hodges 
View01/23/23Educational, Health; Pro Plumbing (M053) 
View01/23/23H & S Heating And Cooling (M000); Rice, Willie 
View01/23/23H & S Heating And Cooling (M000); Williams, Dorothy 
View01/23/23H & S Heating And Cooling (M000); Morlene, James-Howard 
View01/23/23Beulah, Thomas; H & S Heating And Cooling (M000) 
View01/23/23Shavers, John; William Stroud 
View01/23/23B & A Hvac (M000); Moody, Naomi 
View01/23/23Evers, Edith; Mike Miller 
View01/23/23P, Williams; Roy May 
View01/23/23Randal Locke; Summereast Apartments Llc 
View01/23/23Guy, Timothy; Herbert Downing 
View01/23/23Brown, Hardin; Dustin Smith 
View01/23/23Mark Wade; Mccawley, William