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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

3,176 Public Records consisting of 3,176 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses21
Marriage Licenses14
Misc Register Filings25
Newcomers: Utility Connections108
Other Liens2
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Chancery3
Court Calendars: Circuit18
Court Calendars: General Sessions1607
Court Calendars: State Criminal253
Court Filings: Chancery3
Court Filings: Circuit25
Court Filings: General Sessions95
FED Warrants107
Power of Attorney & Decrees72
Probate Court4
Tax Liens & Releases52
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications80
Mortgage: Releases120
Mortgage: Trust Deeds85
Notice of Completion1
Permits: Building13
Permits: Electrical60
Permits: Mechanical68
Permits: Plumbing37
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds70
Quit Claim30
Rents & Leases2
Trustee Appointments4


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View07/08/14Mosley, Leslie 
View07/08/14Bmw, Roadshaw; Montgomery Martin Contractors, Llc (B000) Bc-B, C Unlimi 
View07/08/14Investments, Boyle; Project, Hopi; Traditional Construction Co, Inc (B000) Bc-B 
View07/08/14Bmg; Investments, Boyle; Traditional Construction Co, Inc (B000) Bc-B 
View07/08/14Carlson, Sean 
View07/08/14Henry Turley Company; Malmo, Archer; T A Brown Construction (B000) Bc 
View07/08/14Day, Robinson; T A Brown Construction (B000) Bc 
View07/08/14Hanson, Mike 
View07/08/14Wise, Carl 
View07/08/14A, N; Greene, Toni 
View07/08/14Pearce Mechanical Contractor; Total, Label 
View07/08/14Crosswind Construction Inc (B000); Mavszalek, Chis 
View07/08/14Mermelstein, Tovi