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Monday, July 07, 2014

2,951 Public Records consisting of 2,951 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Business Licenses26
Marriage Licenses24
Misc Register Filings18
Newcomers: Utility Connections133
Other Liens11
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity3
Court Calendars: Chancery27
Court Calendars: Circuit15
Court Calendars: General Sessions1227
Court Calendars: State Criminal316
Court Filings: Chancery7
Court Filings: Circuit23
Court Filings: General Sessions104
FED Warrants65
Power of Attorney & Decrees45
Probate Court6
Easements & Land Related2
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications55
Mortgage: Releases84
Mortgage: Trust Deeds219
Permits: Building21
Permits: Electrical66
Permits: Mechanical85
Permits: Plumbing35
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds118
Quit Claim27
Rents & Leases17
Trustee Appointments6

Property Sales

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View07/07/14Country Oaks Properties Llc; Rose, BobbyCollier St; West Mitchell Rd
View07/07/14Brown, Teresa J; Rose, BobbyCollier St
View07/07/14Dean, Marion J; Jaroto LlcCapri
View07/07/14Combest Jr, Felton E; Combest, Anne S; Dacus, Laura C; Scott, Margaret GAllenby Green Dr; Allenby Green Dr No 6
View07/07/14Garthright, Emily D; Greco LlcNorthwood Dr
View07/07/14Cammarano Jr, Peter N; Wardlaw, Mary LLafayette Cir North
View07/07/14Poplar View Offices Llc; Pro Memphis LlcPoplar View Ln; Poplar View Pkwy; South Poplar View Ln; West Poplar View Ln
View07/07/14Bernard, Shaun; Novak, Daniel AMount Moriah Rd
View07/07/14Mccarver, Aida C; Mccarver, James K; Williamson, Bryant DMt Moriah; Cottage Oaks Dr
View07/07/14Davis, Cynthia K; Davis, E Wright; Lakey Nancy K Tr; Nancy K Lakey Revocable TrustKenwood Ave
View07/07/14Emory, Donald L; Turner, Mary AMickey Dr
View07/07/14Housing And Urban Development; Pruitt, DibrellCreekstone Cir; Cedar Pass
View07/07/14Housing And Urban Development; Memphis Invest GpSummitridge Dr
View07/07/14Bragdon Iii, James L; Bragdon, Lesley D; Puckett, JolynNewfields Rd
View07/07/14Brandon, Carolyn S; Brandon, Charles J; Harvey, James; Harvey, TatianaRicks Rd
View07/07/14Silverman, David; Wright, Randall PKenmont Cv
View07/07/14Baddour, Andrew W; Baddour, Lynda B; Suffel, Jaclyn CHolmes Cir
View07/07/14Boyatt, Emily B; Neale, Priscilla JNorth Avalon St
View07/07/14Day, Kathy J; Day, Rebecca AAshton Rd; Waterdance Dr
View07/07/14Hobbs, Corey; Hobbs, Ragon; Jones, Daniel M; Jones, Erica MSalem Valley Cv; Zachery Run Cv
View07/07/14Bowling, Audrey C; White, Jennifer M; White, Terry LEagle Glade Cv
View07/07/14Al Chokchachi, Amina; Glosson, Elizabeth A; Glosson, John GBerclair Rd; Fairmont Ave
View07/07/14Dixon Jr, James B; Dixon, Camille; Whitehead, Joshua DYoung Ave
View07/07/14Bost, Holly E; Bost, Joshua A; Regency Homebuilders LlcWindy Meadow Ln
View07/07/14Brown Jr, Marvin L; Robertson, Chad A; Robertson, Misty LCharles Bryan Rd
View07/07/14Aust, Kenneth M; Camp Aust, Jerrie; Regency Homebuilders LlcRedmond Dr
View07/07/14Brown, James W; Brown, Margaret B; Johnson, Michael OKeeneland Cv
View07/07/14Gaona, Claudia; Gaona, Eleazar; Maness, Burton; Maness, LouiseGrey Rd
View07/07/14Dlamini, Carrie E; Dlamini, Fikeveni L; Sanford, David S; Sanford, Elizabeth MGallop Cv
View07/07/14Regency Homebuilders Llc; Windsor Farms Llc 
View07/07/14Regency Homebuilders Llc; Wood, Mary W; Wood, Matthew TMagnolia Bend Dr
View07/07/14Cole, Richard G; Cole, William G; Joyce, Christopher; Joyce, Lisa B 
View07/07/14Beasley, Rebecca S; Joyce, Christopher; Joyce, JanetBriergate Dr
View07/07/14Couch, Billy F; Couch, Joyce M; Regency Homebuilders LlcBrunswick Forest Cir South
View07/07/14Anderson, Scott R; Anderson, Tonia S; Bailey, Ashley A; Mccarthy, Patrick LRiverdale Rd
View07/07/14Clark, Carmen D; Stephen Wilson Quinn Sr Vap Trust; Wilson Catherine Q TrFarmington Blvd
View07/07/14Caster, Randall; Tate, James; Tate, LeslieMojave Place Unit 176; Stable Park Ct
View07/07/14Habitat For Humanity Of Greater Memphis Inc; Mcclellan, CherylLands End Dr
View07/07/14Cardiel, Lissett; Memphis Invest GpHardaway Dr; Rhodes Ave
View07/07/14Banks Iii, Richard; Johnson, GrailenCarol Trace Walk; Po Box 753872
View07/07/14Boll, Cheryl; Boll, Kenneth; Clothier, Brett S; Clothier, Christopher D; Clothier, Kent B; Clothier, Sherry B; Memphis Invest GpCamino Del Las Piedras; Sturbridge Ln
View07/07/14Boll, Cheryl; Boll, Kenneth; Clothier, Brett S; Clothier, Christopher D; Clothier, Kent B; Clothier, Sherry B; Memphis Invest GpCamino De Las Piedras; Golden Park Dr
View07/07/14Memphis Cashflow Gp; Tuggle, DemetricusCrossfield Cv; Preston Rd Ste 900
View07/07/14Perry, Ashley S; Perry, Robert A; Steinriede, Anthony; Steinriede, ClaireSouth Angela Rd
View07/07/14Marion, Deanna U; Marion, Frank M; Tennessee State OfDeloach St
View07/07/14Ciaccia, Jane M; Ciaccia, Vito J; Taylor, Bonnie K; Taylor, Loy DLiles Ln
View07/07/14Regency Homebuilders Llc; Williams, Marcia T; Williams, Michael AWoodland Rose Cir
View07/07/14Abbas, Jihad W; Abbas, Waheed F; Burch, Edward A; Burch, Lucy EValley Edge Dr
View07/07/14Malone, Jennifer; Malone, Timothy L; Oubre, Douglas J; Oubre, Mary CNorthcross Place North
View07/07/14Glavas, Catherine A; Van Drimmelen, Claire; Van Drimmelen, EthanStone Creek Dr
View07/07/14Brooks, Brittany; Mcneal, XavianSunstone Ave
View07/07/14Federal National Mortgage Association; Maldini, Ignacio ESundale Way; Trailing Vine
View07/07/14Eulogia Capital Inc; Nelson, Justin; Nelson, VernaEloise Rd
View07/07/14Gaines, David S; Pettis, George BBoothes Ridge Dr
View07/07/14Craddock, Dennis; Craddock, Yvonne; Lofton, Michael; Meeks, Harmon; Meeks, KimbriaSummer Springs Rd
View07/07/14Fultz, Nancy J; Fultz, Paul A; Palmer, JamesIvanhoe Rd
View07/07/14Etheridge, Phyllis; Watts, Christopher LDemo Ave
View07/07/14Gibney, Brenda; Gibney, Christopher; Yow, Asuka T; Yow, Thomas JRoland St
View07/07/14Clark, John P; Clark, Min M; Walter, Sara MLawrence Ave
View07/07/14Shook, Larry P; Shook, Teresa B; Watkins, Cynthia; Watkins, Robert PBohemia Dr
View07/07/14Finerson, Paul E; Finerson, Sandy; Stone, Bennett THolmes Rd
View07/07/14Jones Jr, Evander S; Jones, Ashley C; Orick, James D; Orick, Jan TFox Run Cv
View07/07/14Burris, Sarah K; Johnson, Valerie ESouth Cox St
View07/07/14Cramer, Angela M; Cramer, Steven C; Prudential Relocation IncGreen Moss Dr South
View07/07/14Hardesty, Daniel W; Mann, James SSorghum; Old Mill Stream
View07/07/14Bialy, Katie M; Bialy, Matthew I; Binford Ii, Robert A; Binford, Susan EYorktown Rd
View07/07/14Bragg, Russell; Bragg, Selena; Magnolia Homes IncAdagio Ln
View07/07/14Bain, Donna; Bain, Ronnie; Echols, Sharon JRiverwood Farms Parkway
View07/07/14Burgett, Julia W; Curlee, Patricia V; Tilley, Teresa V; Your Home LlcCarrington Rd; Coleen Rd; North Lloyd Cir; Townes Ave; Valley Blvd
View07/07/14Lacroix, Pamela L; Linder, Elizabeth AOld Mill Stream
View07/07/14Sakhi, Zubier; Wells Fargo Bank National Association TrDevan Woods Cv
View07/07/14Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Smith, Cathy A; Soro, Karen S; Soro, Timothy ENorth Seventh St; Harbor Bend Rd; Running River Pl
View07/07/14Castro, Marina; Richardson, Tammy K; Stewart, Pauline R 
View07/07/14Knox, Marvilene S; Samuels, Flora S; Samuels, HarryCherryhill Pkwy
View07/07/14Hart, Danny L; Hart, Steven R; Nicholson, Jerrad; Recker, Elisa; Twiss, Deborah LNorth Collierville Arlington R
View07/07/14Flynt, Pamela T; Flynt, Richard B; Howell, Lindsey NBristol Dr No 12
View07/07/14Byrd, James I; Byrd, Katherine; Sorrelle, Paul H; Sorrelle, Susan ECenter Dr
View07/07/14Equity Trust Co Custidian Fbo Tony Collins; Round 2 LlcAllison Ave
View07/07/14Keta Holdings Llc; Vaughn Iii, Dennis G; Vaughn, Adana LFalling Leaf Cv
View07/07/14Davenport Niles, Jean M; Dietz, Jaime; Dietz, Jason M; Niles, BruceCross Village Dr
View07/07/14Fannie Mae; Manuel Jr, Robert; Manuel, ConstanceBreezy Ridge Trail; Wickersham Ln
View07/07/14Jones, Darrell J; Jones, Judy; Mahone, Abigail; Wooten, DuaneMeaghan Dr
View07/07/14Deibel, Donna K; Deibel, Robert; Leet, Justin EGeorge Cv
View07/07/14Fristick, Lawrence P; Wood, Rita DCountry Place
View07/07/14Deberry, Taurus; Thompson, Tanisha LFernglen St
View07/07/14Bishop, William P; Krag, Danielle CGoldfinch Cv
View07/07/14Mullen, Sarah C; Rosenblatt, Betty A; Rosenblatt, Stan; Stephens, WandaBerkshire Ave
View07/07/14Garcia, Vanessa; Gomez, Marco; Nixon, RussCurrie Rd; White Station Rd
View07/07/14Brigman, Deborah L; Lambe, Billee A; Washington, VeronicaStarsdale St
View07/07/14Chiang, G A; Ladd, Jessica R; Ladd, Justin DLighthouse Ln
View07/07/14Beatty Sr, Randle T; Beatty, Patricia A; Davenport Jr, Richard L; Davenport, Shawna MSunny Trail Cv
View07/07/14Attia, Ramy R; Ishak, Riham F; Scheinblum, Carissa L; Scheinblum, David JAlmadale Farms Parkway
View07/07/14Clarkson, Derek L; Clarkson, Randy F; Clarkson, Zanya R; Haddad, Lauren; Mcnulty, Mary KIsland Ridge Dr
View07/07/14Hub Properties Trust; Lsref2 Newton LlcPrimacy Parkway
View07/07/14Restoration House; Suncoast Properties Of Jacksonville IncNorth Highway 51
View07/07/14Forster Family Trust; Maxwell, Kenneth L; Maxwell, Lee AWood Shadows Ln
View07/07/14Pope, Laura N; Smith, Michael R; Smith, Patricia GEast Island Pl
View07/07/14Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Fernandez, ClaudioRaleigh Lagrange Rd; Shetland Loop
View07/07/14Chaudhry, Jahanzeb; Chaudhry, Sharmeen; Negrete, Ana LIsland Shore Dr
View07/07/14Lightsey, Audrey D; Lightsey, Daniel D; Ransom, Frederic; Ransom, ShonteSagewood Dr
View07/07/14Kesran Llc; Stanley, Jodi D; Stanley, Richard AShotwell St; Beecham Place
View07/07/14Beryl B Brown Living Trust; Brown Beryl B Tr; Hill, Leo P; Hill, Marcela CGolf Walk Circle East; Grove Brook Court No 104
View07/07/14Fuica, Jordan; Nunnery Douglas E Tr; Nunnery Mary S Tr; Nunnery Revocable Living TrustMirror Lake
View07/07/14Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; Rogers, JamesMacedonia Rd
View07/07/14Reid, Sereda A; Story, Mark AOle Bartlett Court
View07/07/14Lambert, Alicia A; Russell, Emily W; Russell, Larry SSkyline Trail
View07/07/14Meeks, Suzanne S; Muhammad, Gaylon CLygon Cv
View07/07/14Gladney, Brooke J; Gladney, Gennea G; Mccoy, MarvinTimberly Cv
View07/07/14Gerlach, Cherie M; Housing And Urban DevelopmentCaitlyn Geneva; Stratford Rd
View07/07/14Deas, Janice L; Douglas, WilliamStixx Ln
View07/07/14Mathis, Charles; Mathis, William; Superior Property And Management LlcMadison Ave; Winton Place
View07/07/14Ellis, Christopher T; Harrell, LindaAlabaster Cv; Morning Vista Dr
View07/07/14Cummings, Allison E; Cummings, Herbert W; Rutledge, David S; Rutledge, Karen MCypress Wells Dr
View07/07/14Lenderman, Freda; Lenderman, Walker J; Morequity IncSycamore Rd
View07/07/14Brown, Carla M; Butler, Jerome; Mcgough, Harlos M; Skinner, Valerie MFernleaf
View07/07/14Cook, Mary B; White, Amy P; White, William MFaxon Ave
View07/07/14Harvison, Bobby; Richardson, John DBoat Slip E 23 Harbor Town; Highway 70 East
View07/07/14Rnt I Spv Ii Llc; Vargas, HildaMcvay Rd